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Opus_Moderandi says...

Honestly, I can't feel bad for people with boats and waterfront property. I know it sounds callous but, I have more concern for the wildlife than I do for damage to peoples $25,000+ leisure vehicles and meticulously groomed lawns. This seems like Rich People Problems. Then again, this is a low income person speaking...

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Will it blend? Large ship versus a docked marina

Opus_Moderandi says...

The crew names were just released. Capt Sum Ting Wong, Wi To Farbak, Ho Lee Fuk, Chu Sum Shitup....


SFOGuy said:

The crew of the ship (and by extension, the harbor pilot) is claiming that a "thruster" failed.
Looks to me more like a brain failure.
And the tug probably wouldn't do anything unless deliberately ordered to do so by the harbor pilot/captain---which, WAY late in the video, belatedly happens.

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