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The Dark Crystal Trailer 1982

garmachi says...

I did! And it looks amazing too. I don't have a 4K TV, but the HD rendering was still a million times better than the old VHS version which was the last I'd seen.

ant said:

Did you watch Netflix's version yet? I only saw its previews.

The Dark Crystal Trailer 1982

Metal in Very Inappropriate Places

Houston Cop To Rescuers-"We've Had Enough"

Canada Air Takeoff - Close Call

Automan (1983) Official Intro Sequence

garmachi says...

Automan could turn at 90 degree angles instantly, so whoever was riding inside of him (gross) would get smashed up against the side window for a second and get to make a weird face on the glass.

That happened about six times per episode...

Payback said:

I did, and I cannot, for the life of me, remember one single plot device or story. It was that bad.

Garcon! Toot Sweet!

60 Home Inspection Problems in 3 Minutes

Stephen Tries To Make Sense Of All This

Swimming pool during the 7.8 Nepal earthquake

Behind the scenes with Blue Man Group and Tiesto

Why Australian snakes are so venomous

A Brief History Of Laughing At Trump

garmachi jokingly says...

I wasn't a Trump supporter until I saw Stephen Colbert make fun of him repeatedly...

dag said:

I wonder if civic minded entertainers like Colbert regret all the free air they gave Trump now. I wonder if they feel a little culpable.

They F*ck You at the Drive-Thru!

garmachi says...

I couldn't even get through the whole thing. It was assholes being assholey to assholes. I feel dumber having watched half of it.

Can You Solve the Bridge Riddle?

garmachi says...

It took so long to set up that I didn't try to work it out and simply waited 3 seconds for the answer, which by the way, was very clever!

Anyone try to do the math first?

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