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Maps reveal hidden truths of the world's cities - BBC News

Hubless Wheels + Aircraft Motor = Awesome

Sagemind says...

I just kept thinking to make this street legal, it needs plates, signal lights, brake lights, head lights... etc. But with those wheels on both front and back, where do you put everything else?

And that's beside the point of having fenders. which a bike legally needs, but imagine hitting water on the street or rain, the spray off that thing would be crazy.

Groundhog Day For A Black Man

Sagemind says...

I don't mind the videos, It's just gotten to the point that if it's a racial post against the black community, I already know who has posted it. I just feel a little flooded, like flogging a dead horse.

Some of the videos are good. That's not even my point.
But if you concentrate on one thing hard enough, it becomes more true for you. I'd love to see C-note prosper and grow as a person, like any of us. And it's hard when he can't get past hyper focusing on negative engagements of the my life is so bad because I'm Black stereotype.
C-Note - I don't know your life, so I'm sorry if I seem judgy. I'm sure you're a great guy, but invite some positive energy into your life and let the negatives go. I mean that with love man.

Groundhog Day For A Black Man

Sagemind says...


Do you only post racial videos which features injustice?
Because if you spend your life looking for something, that's all you'll ever see.

You need to broaden your prospects. I understand there are racial bias and prejudice people out there but you seem to hyper-focus on it. You invite your life to be surrounded by these bad energies.

I'd love to see you more positive. I don't know what wrongs this world has served you personally, or if you just surround yourself in these issues, but sometimes, the best way to free yourself from these issues is to not see them in everything you see and do.

Practicing "The Neymar"

Sagemind says...

Not just funny, but scary that this should even exist - In my opinion, anyone caught faking and injury should be banned from the game without pay for each infraction on an unsportsmanlike call.

And you know it's the adult coaches that demand the players do these things.

It's the worst job and no-one cares - BBC Stories

Sagemind says...

Yeah, it's one thing to delete or block, but what kind of follow-up is going on to stop these things from happening repeatedly.
How are some of these uploads allowed to happen when in fact they are actually crimes being committed?

Inject your way to flavor

Sagemind says...

Time stamp 1:25
The meat label
Weight: 2.1 lbs X Unit price: 7.99 = Total price: $37.78
That's not how you math.

Inject your way to flavor

World Cup Magic Trick: How Zach King would win the FIFA WC.

The Day Jesus Returns

Sagemind says...

Well, in the first few seconds, although this all sounds very poetic...

The moon does not "give light" it reflects light, so if there was an eclipse, then this would mean there would be no sun to reflect, so although partially true. these are both the same point.

And I can assure you the stars will not fall from the sky. You can tell this was written before we knew that stars were actually just distant suns. So written out of ignorance.

So this prophesy immediately looses credibility.

After that it just falls to creative writing all based on the natural occurrence of a solar eclipse. That's it. An eclipse. Someone in ancient times used a natural occurrence to evoke fear and sow seeds of of a story because people were uneducated and didn't know what it was.

Today we know what an eclipse is. We're educated, so why do people still fall for these stories. they're obviously written out of ignorance (unknowing) of what is now common knowledge.

@shinyblurry, I respect your personal religion. I endorse your need to believe in something to give you strength where you are weak. But educate yourself. Don't listen to this rhetoric and outdated nonsense. Be smart. I know you're an educated man. Don't hide behind this obvious and poorly written prose.
And definitely, don't sow this stuff to others. It just makes you look ignorant to educated people. You have a brain, and if you believe in a god, then you need to believe you were given a brain to use it. So do some thinking for yourself. You and your family will benefit from the use of a little intelligence.

I'm not saying you can't believe in your God. I'm just saying don't forsake intelligence. And if you can't engage in intelligent conversation, then don't preach using rhetoric created by people who where uneducated.

(EDIT: Sorry to be blunt. Sometimes we need blunt. I'm not trying to be mean. I've been learning that sometimes blunt is the only way to get through to stubborn people. I myself am stubborn - but smart enough to see, when pointed out, my errors in what I may think of this world - we are here to live and to learn, lets engage our brains).

New Rule: Suckers | Real Time with Bill Maher

Sagemind says...

it's unfortunate, I agree.
We need government to set laws and restrictions because humans are shitty, and big companies will always make decisions based on money and short term solutions. Big business and corporations will cut corners on anything environment because it's not in their interest. their only interest is paying back the biggest dollar to their shareholders.

The funny thing is, the shareholders are people like you and me, and we don't have a say on how these companies are run. Our Retirement funds are invested in them, and our savings accounts are being used by the banks to invest in them. That's why our money grows over time.

So big corporate interests are our interests. It's a vicious circle, If we want our investments to be responsible, we're going to also need our governments to impose those rules on corporations so we can have a future for our children and live on a clean earth.

transmorpher said:

Oops,I must have missed the start of the video somehow lol.

But if that was his reasoning, he's still passing the buck. Why do we have to wait for the government to tell us on to throw plastic into the ocean or not to buy beef because it causes more emissions than all transport. For a person who constantly wants to keep government out of our lives, he seems to want them to also solve his problems.

Anyway I don't like the guy, but thanks for the follow up, I really did miss the message. Thx.

Former ICE Spokesman Who Resigned Alleges "intimidation"

Former ICE Spokesman Who Resigned Alleges "intimidation"

New Rule: Suckers | Real Time with Bill Maher

Sagemind says...

Um, you completely missed his point. Didn't you listen to him?

He's saying it doesn't matter what you do of what rules you use personally, it will make no difference if we don't have the proper leadership in government to make the right decisions in leadership is setting standards and solid decisions on how to clean our environment.

This video is about how, really, only government can effect the change needed to curb global warming.
Unfortunately the current US government is dismantling all those rulings and safe-gaurds, in the name of corporate money and greed over environment and the people affected by those decisions.

(His point was NOT that people trying to be healthy were dying young anyway. He was using them as examples to the fact that, no matter how hard you try on a personal level, it takes laws to make the bigger decisions to affect change)

transmorpher said:

I can play that game too Bill.

Dr. Elsworth Wareham, alive and literally kicking at 103.
Just another vegan heart-surgeon.......

What you eat really does matter. You don't get to choose your genetics, but eating unhealthy won't make it better. Duh.

Undeniable Miracle

Sagemind says...

Miracle DENIED.
WFT, are they serious, we've been pulling that trick since kindergarten.... it works with legs too - so funny.

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