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If Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama

Sagemind says...

... referring specifically to how quick he is at paroting Trumps words, and the words Fox news was quick to repeat - and now bobnight33

When we already know that Trump glazzed over everything and just spurted his version. We all know these things are never black and white, and we all know how much of a lier Trump is.

Not a single word out of Trump's mouth is to be trusted - and anyone who trusts his word needs their head checked.


--finished now - no more words from me

Spontaneous Synchronization

Sagemind says...

Oh, I understand how it works , I was just being snarky

jmd said:

None of them. The floating platform causes a resistance in swings which start slowing them all down. Those that are off rhythm the most get more resistance. Eventually, like an asymptote curve on a graph, they all begin to converge on each other.

Also like a asymptote curve they may never actually achieve a %100 sync because as a metronome begins to match its sync more, the more the resistance against it lessens, but as the resistance lessens the amount of force to correct it is less.

If Fox News Covered Trump the Way It Covered Obama

Sagemind says...

Not trying to be mean - but from way over here, you have no idea how dumb you sound - Please take the time to educate yourself with news other than the propaganda machine.
-for your own benefit. I say this not to make you look bad, but to help you out and make you a little more self-aware.

bobknight33 said:

Muller report is out

Zero. Collusion

obstruction that raises to a nothing burger.


Spontaneous Synchronization

David Spade Hates Coachella

Turkey broke into my truck

They Don't Know What To Say!

Jay Leno Dangerous Toys (December 2000)

Google's breaches of privacy

Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser

Sagemind says...

I absolutely disagree!!!
I was pumped!

RFlagg said:

Beat me by over 34 minutes. *promote Kylo slamming a Knight of Ren. Raises lots of questions. The laugh at the end is perhaps the least exciting part.

Star Wars: Episode IX – Teaser

Sagemind says...

I was so busy re-watching it, that it never occurred to me to post it.

I watched it on the livecast this morning with the panel discussion and announcement.

What made this more amazing - is when the lights came up after they showed it for the first time on the big screen right after the laugh - Standing at center-stage was the Emperor himself Ian McDiarmid!!! Covered in Red SITH lighting..
As he said in the Emperor's voice... "Roll it Again" and they replayed it again as an encore while they showed people's faces as they reacted to it.

I was like OMG!!!!!

Twitter Platform Manipulation (Part 2/3) Smarter Every Day

One Punch Man Challenge

Sagemind says...

Don't be so negative people - Seriously - He did awesome.
Don't get caught up in the negative internet comment diatribe.

He used a program to his advantage, and it worked out great and positive! Awesome Job man.

Joey Diaz Lying to Mom:At Home on Acid This Is Not Happening

Man Tattoos Nipples On His Butt Cheeks

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