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I think my cat is broken

Thousands Of Robots Pack Groceries

Shocking CCTV of man ejected from spinning car after crash

Parrot Vibrates Frantically While Holding a Plastic Cup

Jimmy Kimmel on Santa Fe School Shooting

Pedestrian Question - Do You Have a Black Friend?

Sagemind says...

Personally, I find the question itself offensive.

Now I'm not the type of person who gets offended, but the question is set up in a way that just plain sounds degrading to any friend you may know. It's setting the friend up to be there purely because they are black - the token black friend.

I just think there is a much better way to have phrased the question.

Seagulls Are Dicks.

Everything Wrong With Scooby Doo In 15 Minutes Or Less

Think "Brainstorm," Play. Think "Green Needle," Play. Repeat

Think "Brainstorm," Play. Think "Green Needle," Play. Repeat

Sagemind says...

This is Ben Ten and the Omnitrix.
The Character is Brainstorm.

I really hate these things.
I'm hearing three syllables - so it comes out as something similar to Green needles, but kind of garbled.
More like "Brae-needles" to me

What I don't understand is how it could be Brainstorm which is only two syllables,

The sound that connects Stravinsky to Bruno Mars

This is a giant ball of fire ants

Sagemind says...

Does anyone know the original video these clips were pilfered from? You know, the one that actually talks and give us the real info behind the film clips.
I hate these types of filtered videos.


Robots Are People Too

Melting Spoon in Tea - Periodic Table of Videos

Sagemind says...

All I can think is Wood's Metal.
But I'd think he's know that.

Wood's metal, also known as Lipowitz's alloy or by the commercial names Cerrobend, Bendalloy, Pewtalloy and MCP 158, is a eutectic, fusible alloy with a melting point of approximately 70 °C (158 °F). It is a eutectic alloy of 50% bismuth, 26.7% lead, 13.3% tin, and 10% cadmium by weight.

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