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Couple Searches For Their Missing Daughter

Classical Music for babies brain development #1 - Baby Sleep

Heilung | LIFA - In Maidjan LIVE

Woman suffers accident after discussing scooter regulations

Sagemind says...

This is why Motorized Vehicles should use the bike lanes, and not the sidewalks and crosswalks. They are too fast and will cause accidents mixed in with slower pedestrian traffic.

Boondocks predicted the chicken sandwich wars

Sagemind says...

I don't think it was "predicted"
The world's been burning since the world's been turning!"
"Same as it ever was! Same as it ever was!"

Capitalism Didn’t Make the iPhone, You iMbecile

Pros Only Larb | Matty Matheson | Just A Dash | EP 3

Pros Only Larb | Matty Matheson | Just A Dash | EP 3

Regrets ~ Baroness von Sketch Show

Sagemind says...

I know the sketch is meant as a joke.
But I love anyone who can be confident about making strong decisions and standing by them. Even when you put yourself out on a limb. Have the resolve to put yourself out there, make bold statements and claims, and hold them true for yourself. This is how you win me over.

(as long as it's not something against others like racism - this has the opposite affect) lol

How It's Actually Made - Doughnuts

Dating a Gold Digger | Anwar Jibawi

Judge blasts Adams County Human Services

Is The Government Spying On Me?

New Adventures of He Man | A New Beginning | Full Episode

Believe in yourself

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