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Cat Caught Cheating

Sagemind says...

Agreed, both point I was I just about to make as well!

Janus said:

Meh, looks simple enough. I'll play the role of buzzkill and Captain Obvious.
The two cats laying together clearly know each other well and trust each other. The third cat they either don't know, or they know that it is not friendly. However, it manages to get quite close in this video without them noticing. The striped cat finally notices it, jumps up and hisses, and runs off. The black cat is confused at first, then looks around and also notices the other cat, and likewise hisses and runs off. Most likely a territorial dispute.

People do like to attribute human behavior and drama to animals.

Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mulley Regrets Trump Photo Op

Funerals in the Age of Coronavirus - Ask A Mortician

Slow Speed Chase

3 Men Help Elderly Couple Into Car in Touching Moment

Sagemind says...

I'm not questioning the young men at all.
What I do question is the Police officer, who felt it was okay for these two elderly people to drive a motor vehicle.

Monkeys Stampede Through Street || ViralHog

How To Stop The Spread Of Misinformation About Coronavirus

Just a reminder about soap, water, and hand washing

Sagemind says...

They never answered the question at all.

The question was "How do air based dryers spread pathogens?"
Not, "How much bacteria grows when don't use soap?"

I'm still left wondering where the bacteria is coming from when I use the dryer, in comparison to the paper.

Neil deGrasse Tyson On Coronavirus: Will People Listen...

Democrats Allow Communists to Infiltrate Their Party Across

More Free Stuff 2020

Sagemind says...

On March 16, 2017 President Trump submitted his request to Congress for $639 billion in military spending—$54 billion—which represents a 10 percent increase—for FY 2018 as well as $30 billion for FY2017 which ends in September.

More Free Stuff 2020

Sagemind says...

This is the dumbest video I've seen. These things aren't about giving "Free"stuff, It's about allocating the revenues back to the people who pay the taxes.

This money is already being taken from the populous in the form of Taxes, It's a matter where the money will be spent.

Currently that money goes to Huge Military contracts and paid to big corporations, and back room deals to Big Business.

Take the highest promise on that list, and it still barely scratches how much money is being funneled into these businesses already owned by the rich as they siphon off every penny they can to the already rich corporations.

helicopter dick

What Was Happening Before the Big Bang?

Everything You've Ever Seen About Cuba Is A Lie

Sagemind says...

This looks a lot like Trump's future goals for the US, as he takes any wealth from the middle class and hands it to the wealthy corporations. There is no mistaking who is really benefiting from Trumps decisions and policies. and it's not you.

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