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Staff Tackles and Chokes Deaf Shopper suspected of Stealing

Self pouring beer machine

Sagemind says...

In Western Countries, it's the Pop manufacturers like Coke and Pepsi that keep beer out of our fast food restaurants.

Did you know Pizza Hut, KFC and Tacco Bell are all owned by Pepsi, and whose sole purpose is to be vehicles to sell their beverages?

Likewise Coca cola has contracts with most of their users, such as McDonalds to keep out any competitors, and only sell their their products exclusively.

They lobby against selling beer in "Family-oriented" establishments so they can monopolize the drink industry.

70th Emmy Awards: Opening Monologue

Unemployment Fraud

Sagemind says...

Government doesn't act until media holds them accountable.

Which is why Trump is against media - it holds the Government accountable. Trump feels he's accountable to anyone but himself.

USAF Veteran taking a stand against NFL

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6 Months Of Work Farts

6 Months Of Work Farts

The Wallrider

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