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Voting Machines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Casually Explained: The English Language

Kelp Forest Decimation Ends Abalone Fishing

Who is Naming Daddy Long Legs?

Darkest Car in the World - BMW Covered in Vantablack

ForgedReality says...

Heard about this at least 2 years ago, and it was already put on a different car for "fun." And yes, carbon nanotubes are nasty, ultra-dangerous stuff.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Deep Dive Video

ForgedReality says...

This is CDPR, not EA. You can relax.

StukaFox said:

Please tell me I won't need to map 50 different keys for 50 different in-game functions that each only do a single thing you use only one time in the entire game. I'm looking at you, Assassin's Creed!

Entertainment and frustration can be intertwined

Scene from the shining replaced with Jim Carrey - deepfake

Tailgater Climbs The Ladder Of Success

ForgedReality says...

Tailgating is illegal af anyway. Every single one of them needs to be taken out into the street and executed in front of their families to prevent the plague from spreading.

This Presidential Seal Does Not Look Like The Others

Adventures of Superboy (UNSOLD) Pilot 1961

Right Wing Fakes Pelosi Videos To Make Her Sound Drunk

Timelapse of a giant excavator moving to a parking site

Multiple launch rocket system being fired at night

ForgedReality says...

Then clearly you're not polluting enough. You need to run long-tube headers and straight pipes.

Payback said:

Yeesh, and people bitch about my Mustang polluting the planet. Those just put more crap in the air for no good reason than my car would being run 24/7 for the next 20 years.

Infinite Tucker Takes a Dive in a televised race.

ForgedReality says...


Due to software glitches? Are you sure it's not mechanical issues due to the fact that batteries in general still fking SUUUUCK after centuries of remaining fundamentally unchanged?

Until we can come up with a method of storing energy in a safer and more ecologically responsible manner than batteries in their current form, making everything electric can never fully take off.

But I digress.

Payback said:

Nicola would be named for a person, Tesla is a family name, a company, and a car that spontaneously combusts due to software glitches.


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