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chilaxe says...

ForgedReality: "and I don't like seeing 800lb humans get out of a giant car taking up two handicapped spots that could have been used for normal people"

Haha. How dare you!!

peggedbea says...

28 years of experience.
In reply to this comment by ForgedReality:
>> ^peggedbea:

congratulations on being a protofacist dick bag and thinking if your dick bag comment was not enjoyed, the other person must just not "get it".
also for the rest of you, oh hahaha, this mentally ill mans hypermanic dysphoric/psychotic episode is soooooo fucking funny! i bet his kids are just laughing their fucking ass off right now. other peoples person tragedies and fucking hysterical, but they're wasting too many resources. we really should shoot them all and be done with it. you fucking assholes.
>> ^ForgedReality:
>> ^thinker247:
Yeah, let's just kill all the mentally ill. It's not like they need our help. They're just living high off all the great care we already give them.>> ^ForgedReality:
Oh good! I'm glad to know my taxes are paying for his hospital stay. Just shoot him with fucking bullets. End the cycle. Good lord. Seriously, we're not harsh enough on criminals. At all.

Congratulations on missing the point entirely.

First of all, what makes you guys think he's got a mental disorder? For all you know, he just thinks he's a gangsta thug, stickin it to The Man. Although, temporary insanity will probably be his excuse and he'll get let off during his trial. Then he'll be free to just go off and do some other horrible shit to people. Some of those people cheering him on are probably his homies, knowing full well he's not insane.

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