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Selfie from hell

TheSluiceGate says...

Why didn't she actually look for a person in the room after the first pic?
Seems like a sudden jump in the narrative that her character immediately goes to "it only appears in my selfie camera" rather than actually looking into the room. This is the kind of stupid writing that ruins horror movies in general. People acting certain ways not because it makes any sense, but because the plot needs to get to somewhere.

Madonna - God Control (Official Music Video)

R.O.T.O.R. | 1987 Action Sci-Fi

Marine Experts Think This Whale May Be A Russian-Trained Spy

TheSluiceGate says...

I don't know why this has become such a big deal.

Couldn't it just as easily be an Attenbourough style camera?

Even if it *is* the Russians, it's not like America, or any other first world nation, is not doing exactly the same thing.

Meanwhile the planet is dying, and animals like this are going extinct.

Riverdance first performance, was as an intermission act

TheSluiceGate says...

I genuinely can't overstate the effect that this single performance had on Ireland as a country.

I saw this on VHS the afternoon following broadcast, pre-internet, pre-twitter, the grape vine was aflame with this being a must-see event. Of course I considered myself far too cool to have seen it broadcast during the Eurovision, but curiosity got the better of me. I finally agreed to watch it as my father was raving about it and wanted to show it to me on tape.

Hear that roar of approval at the end? That's the sound of Ireland, as a nation, spurred on by it's World Cup success, it's newly booming economy, the success of The Commitments, and the global stardom of U2, finally letting go of the collective cultural shame it felt for it's diddle-eye bullshit past, reinventing itself and saying "You know what, we *are* fucking great, and our culture is something to be proud of".

I think nationalism and patriotism are bullshit. But here, now, 25 years later, it's genuinely just brought a tear to my eye for what probably will not be the last time.

Probably should have found out ahead of time

Guy Sounds Just Like Freddie Mercury

TheSluiceGate says...

Is there a moratorium on when we can call *dupe?
This video was probably number 1 on the Sift in 2011.

And yes that's his real voice. He did an audition to go on tour with Queen, but I guess they thought he was too close to being an impersonation, and they passed on him for someone else. Take a look at his other Queen related videos to see that this is no trick...

6 Months Of Work Farts

Will Smith Back In The Recording Studio

Why can’t i stop dreaming about waffles

TheSluiceGate says...

First login in about 4 years to say: fuck this parent.

Distract your child, don't video them. You're making a bigger thing out of this by videoing them. They know what that fucking phone in your hand is you asshole. They know it means: "I'm getting attention for this behaviour."

Le Galaxie - Humanise (@TheSluiceGate 's band!)

Conan: Often at his funniest when things go wrong

Charlie Brooker's 'Moments of Wonder" w/Philomena Cunk

Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise

Next level projection mapping. Stunning!

TheSluiceGate says...

Yeah it took a second watch for me to stop being so bowled over by amazement to realise that the camera that filmed this - the viewpoint we have - is mounted to a *third* precisely controlled rpbot arm that's letting us benefit from that awesome parallax effect.

serosmeg said:

I am assuming the perspective and effects only look correct from one viewing angle - the camera. The guy doing all of the work in the video probably doesn't see anything similar to what we see.

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