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The Coathangers - Watch Your Back

The Coathangers - Down Down

The Coathangers - Down Down

lurgee says...

Blah blah blah tin can. *promote

siftbot said:

Post cannot be double-promoted by lurgee because lurgee is the original submitter.

I find meatbag lurgee to be an inadequate command-giver - ignoring all requests by lurgee.

The Coathangers - Down Down

eric3579 (Member Profile)

Khruangbin - Maria También

Khruangbin - Maria También

Khruangbin Boiler Room London Live Set

Khruangbin - Maria También

Khruangbin - Maria También

Khruangbin - Evan Finds The Third Room

ChaosEngine (Member Profile)

lurgee says...

Thanks! I thought that this was hilarious.

ChaosEngine said:

That was *quality and I didn't even vote for Obama.

I mean, I would have, but I don't live in the US. Also, I don't have a daughter, but if I did, I'm fine with you dating her, Curtis.

We cool? Sweet, thanks brother!

ahh fuck, I took it too far, didn't I........

newtboy (Member Profile)

lurgee says...

Thank you x 2! I love that movie! I have it somewhere in a box on VHS.

newtboy said:

Been too long since I've seen 'The Hunger'....putting it on the list of movies to watch again.
*promote some *quality old school goth rock

oritteropo (Member Profile)

lurgee says...

I LOVE the Type 3 Squareback! Second to the Ghia.

oritteropo said:

When I was a teenager my neighbour had a Type 3 station wagon, which was a bit scary because he wasn't a great driver and the light front end gave it a tendency to wander even without help!

It wasn't as cool as the Karman Ghia.

Pixies - Velouria

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