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lurgee jokingly says...

In a new interview, Grammy Award winner Linda Ronstadt compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler, saying that "if you read the history" it's "exactly the same."

Ronstadt said there are "great parallels" between Trump and Hitler.

"The intelligentsia of Berlin and the literati and all the artists were just busy doing their thing. Hitler rose to power. There were a lot of chances to stop him, and they didn't speak out," she said. "The industrial complex thought they could control him once they got him in office, and of course he was not controllable."

"By the time he got established, he put his own people in place and stacked the courts and did what he had to do to consolidate his power," Ronstadt said, referring to the Nazi leader. "And we got Hitler, and he destroyed Germany. He destroyed centuries of intellectual history forward and backward."

"If you read the history, you won't be surprised. It's exactly the same," Ronstadt replied. "Find a common enemy for everybody to hate. I was sure that Trump was going to get elected the day he announced, and I said it's gonna be like Hitler, and the Mexicans are the new Jews. And sure enough that's what he delivered."

Ronstadt has been a vocal critic of Trump. Earlier this year, she said she didn’t “want to be in the same room with him” when she learned she would be honored at the Kennedy Center.

“I don’t think he would dare show his face. He doesn’t know anything about art. He knows about money,” said Ronstadt, who received the National Medal of Arts in 2014.

Trump ultimately decided not to attend the award ceremony this year, but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did make an appearance. Ronstadt swiped at Pompeo during her speech after he cited her 1975 track “When Will I Be Loved.”

Ronstadt reportedly said after taking the microphone, “I’d like to say to Mr. Pompeo, who wonders when he’ll be loved, it’s when he stops enabling Donald Trump.”

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