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oritteropo says...

Oh no! It would have been interesting to know if the Christmas tree person was wearing a mask under the costume... although actually I'm not 100% sure it would have been enough to stop this.

I wouldn't have previously considered these costumes to be a large risk.

SFOGuy said:

I love this. Also--did anyone flash on the inflatable Xmas tree costume at Kaiser Hospital San Jose CA which is now thought to be responsible for over hundred cases and a death? The person WEARING the soon was an asymptomatic superspreader---and as they walked around the ER, they were blowing contaminated air under pressure out every outlet into the rooms...

When your city hasn't seen snow for over a decade

oritteropo says...

The Spanish news has been almost nothing but snow for days... trucks stuck because of the snow, cars and busses trapped on the motorways, but also snowmen and snow angels.

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