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How bridges were built in Medieval times

oritteropo says...

The language is Czech, and more details about the animation are in BSR's post.

Water wheel powered pumps like the one used to empty the dam have been used for 6000 years, and all of the techniques shown here were used in the ancient world.

SFOGuy said:


Also: I guessed that the language is Swedish--will happily accept corrections

Charles Bridge (Karlův most) - Construction

Biggest World War Two bomb found in Poland explodes

oritteropo says...

That's all the details I had. Since it was supposed to burn I assume something like the former only multiple cuts. Obviously success was defined as no casualties and no property damage rather than no explosion.

The Polish MOD described it as deflagration and said: The object can be considered neutralised, it will not pose any more threat to the Szczecin-Swinoujscie shipping channel.

If you look at this video covering the original attack, starting at around the 52s mark there is an explosion free splash which is probably this device

SFOGuy said:

Ah; cutting charge forced a sheet of molten metal through the middle of the thing? Or---charge forcing a slug of water into the middle of bomb to disrupt it?

Biggest World War Two bomb found in Poland explodes

oritteropo says...

The bomb was actually too large for a controlled explosion, with 2,400 kg of explosive, so instead the navy divers used a technique that was supposed to cut open the casing and burn the explosives inside. This was the successful result

newtboy (Member Profile)

oritteropo says...


newtboy said:

Ankylosaurus magniventrishas always been my favorite. Huge (33' and around 8 tons) and one of the spikiest of all ankylosaurs. My favorite dinosaur of all time.
I prefer the theory that it's both false head and weapon. Dinosaurs often didn't have great vision so a false head doesn't have to be very convincing. Getting a predator to attack the club would put it in perfect striking range, the tails weren't as flexible as crocodiles or iguanas, and 8 ton giant bearded dragons don't spin on a dime.
*promote a *quality beast.

Hiding a Nobel Prize From the Nazis

One month of small machines

Dog Plays Shell Game

The Biggest Frog that Ever Lived

Flying Baby Yoda

lucky760 (Member Profile)

oritteropo says...


It took me a minute of looking at it to work it out too. The ropes need to be kept under tension for it to work, and at first glance the four corner pieces are much more obvious than the one doing all the work of holding it up.

lucky760 said:

That's really cool! But help me understand the physics. 🤔

How is the upper half being held up, is it really just the rope attached to the middle lower wood that's supporting all the weight?


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