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Oregon Woman Finds Letter from Notorious Chinese Labor Camp

oritteropo says...

I don't even remember this discussion!

Anyway, even 5 years ago I did't claim moral authority over anyone, and having re-read the above I don't think I was championing one cause over the other. Events have, in any case, overtaken me. Since the northern Gulags were commissioned I am now the one casting stones, and had my crystal ball been operational I wouldn't have said anything.

bcglorf said:

You may have some valid academic point to be made about American problems.

That is however completely overwhelmed by your callous disregard for the suffering of people in actual slave labour camps, by likening them to American prisoners convicted by a jury of their peers to a standard of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt who are forced to work for their 3 square meals per day. Your not wrong to point out flaws in the American system, just incredible callous to the vastly worse suffering of others.

I would say you are morally wrong to exploit said people(and weakening concern for their suffering) to champion a separate cause that matters to you more.

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