Weekly Achievements for 03Dec17 thru 09Dec17

#1 Video

Jonathan Pie - Enough is Enough by ChaosEngine

What is it, the Alabama of Europe? by Mordhaus

How the Alt-Right Trolls by StukaFox

Mom tries a VR headset at the dogs expense by eric3579

Traffic flow measured on 30 different 4-way junctions by Ashenkase

ISPs can now sell your data without permission. by ant

Republican Tax Scam Is Handwritten Nonsense by newtboy

How Star Wars was saved in the edit. by ant

Russian parents made you learn Piano? Improvise! by Mordhaus

My Wife Knows Everything vs. The Wife Doesn't Know by BSR

Top 15 Videos

The Untold History of EA's Long Pay-2-Win Love Affair by radx reached #2
Least Attractive Hottie - Taylor Tomlinson by Mordhaus reached #2
What is Water Hammer? by Mordhaus reached #2
A Ladder Fire Truck Is Driven Like A Boss! by Mordhaus reached #2
An astonishing old calculator - Numberphile by oritteropo reached #2
Rabbit Rescue-Hare's Hero by newtboy reached #2
Lindsey Graham Fed Up With Same Comments About Donald Trump by C-note reached #2
Matt Lauer Sexual Harassment; Trump's Unhinged Tweets by simonm reached #2
Never leave your little brother behind by Mordhaus reached #2
Deadpool - Brazil Comic Con Tattoos by ant reached #3
Dramatic Rescue of a Fallen Big Wave Surfer by eric3579 reached #3
Taylor Tomlinson - Growing Up Religious & Abstinent by L0cky reached #3
Thomas Train Stunts by Nephelimdream reached #3
I do not fear your barrier! by Mordhaus reached #3
Vox: How Technicolor changed movies. by ant reached #3
Universal Basic Income Explained - Free Money for Everybody? by Mordhaus reached #3
Trump, Flynn and Obstruction of Justice; GOP Tax Plan by simonm reached #4
The Check In: Rick Perry and the Department of Energy by simonm reached #4
Introducing Google Blyat by Nephelimdream reached #4
The rise of bad jobs, explained by notarobot reached #4
BATMAN NINJA - Japanese Trailer English Subs (12/01 release) by ant reached #4
James "Bubba" Stewart is the fastest man ever to ride by bobknight33 reached #4
The Fastest Thing Ever On Earth (Explosion Wednesday?) by oritteropo reached #5
Neil deGrasse Tyson: Don't Trust the Laws of Science by BSR reached #5
Trump vs Talking Heads by lurgee reached #5
Star Wars with Cats by PlayhousePals reached #5
Batman's Village of Fools: Gotham, England by oritteropo reached #5
Portal Bridge Constructor - New Portal Game Just Announced by BSR reached #5
ISS (International Space Station) Lunar Transit by Nephelimdream reached #5
Cop Who Shot Walter Scott Pleads Guilty, Gets 20 Years by newtboy reached #6
What Realistic Film Dialogue Sounds Like by ant reached #7
Boomhauer with dang ol' drums by notarobot reached #7
The Rock Star Artist Carving Portraits Through Time by oritteropo reached #8
Turning Gas Guzzlers Into Clean Cars by oritteropo reached #9
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Trailer by newtboy reached #9
Doctor Strange Goodbye Moonmen by Nephelimdream reached #9
5' 3" and he can DUNK! by Mordhaus reached #9
Albino Owl by Nephelimdream reached #9
Wild Ice-Backcountry Skating Alaska by newtboy reached #9
The Last Jedi: Lightsaber Training Featurette by oritteropo reached #9
Chris Pratt packs a whole variety show into Kimmel monologue by bareboards2 reached #9
Vox Borders: Europe’s most fortified border is in Africa by RedSky reached #10
Al Franken Resigns; Donald Trump Jr. Testifies by simonm reached #10
The First Honest Cable Company | Net Neutrality by ant reached #11
Spaceballs Clip: Merchandising by ant reached #11
Batman | War Child by eric3579 reached #11
What Donald Trump Really Means When He Talks About "Crime" by simonm reached #12
Max Joseph Film about a Film Project - From Dream to Reality by oritteropo reached #14
Lee Mack’s Stuffed Mouse - Would I Lie to You? by Mordhaus reached #14
Hills on fire, 405 in Sepulveda Pass by Mordhaus reached #15
Popcorn : Music with glasses by A Budapest Street performer by oritteropo reached #15

Top Comments

It's almost like there was a bad director and screenwriter...... by Mordhaus (10 votes)
I waited the whole video for her to give it a nice... by newtboy (7 votes)
I am surprised by some of the stupid things he says,... by Fairbs (7 votes)
This is why I've decided Bob is a creation of Putin's... by newtboy (7 votes)
Bob you cant just lie outright, that does not make... by vil (7 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Republican Tax Scam Is Handwritten Nonsense by newtboy (48 votes)
How the Alt-Right Trolls by StukaFox (43 votes)
Mom tries a VR headset at the dogs expense by eric3579 (41 votes)
ISPs can now sell your data without permission. by ant (39 votes)
Traffic flow measured on 30 different 4-way junctions by Ashenkase (36 votes)

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