Weekly Achievements for 23Sep18 thru 29Sep18

#1 Video

Pizza Delivery Guy Surprises Family With Piano Performance by BSR

The World Is Laughing At Us by BSR

Best use of a car alarm in a song by eric3579

Not Your Usual Political Ad by BSR

It's all fun and games until you get slapped with an octopus by Digitalfiend

The Ocean Cleanup Launches To The Great Pacific Garbage Patc by newtboy

MJ Hegar for Texas by dag

The Muppet of the Deep Sea by SFOGuy

Top 15 Videos

Introducing the Compact Disk by dag reached #2
Mouse fight!! by bjornenlinda reached #2
Stephen Drives NASA's Mars Rover With Neil deGrasse Tyson by BSR reached #2
Bill Cosby's BBQ Sauce by Mekanikal reached #2
Prospect (2018) - Official Trailer by blacklotus90 reached #3
Brilliant Rube Goldberg - Keep the blue marble in play by eric3579 reached #3
Killer whales chase boat by Mordhaus reached #3
Scared Sausages by Mekanikal reached #3
Florida Man Refuses To Be Repoed by BSR reached #3
Never try to out drink this woman by Mordhaus reached #3
Hurricane Slayer back to fight new nemesis by Mordhaus reached #3
Ten Cent Beer Night Was A Total Disaster by StukaFox reached #3
Ex-Drug Cop Explains What Going Undercover is Like by C-note reached #3
Chuck Jones Will Kick Your Ass by ChaosEngine reached #3
Military Helicopters Flyby Under Brooklyn Bridge in NYC by BSR reached #4
Black Fire! The Shadow Fire Experiment by C-note reached #4
Jeep Wrangler Catches Fire & Burns by Mekanikal reached #4
Lucas di Grassi on how quickly Formula E has evolved by b4rringt0n reached #4
Landslide by Mordhaus reached #5
Tequila by Mekanikal reached #5
"Not our fault. It's simply the way the world works." by notarobot reached #5
Welcome home! by Mordhaus reached #5
Colorblind man receives Enchroma glasses by Mordhaus reached #5
Dog gets stuck trying to get to the Ministry of Magic by Mordhaus reached #5
Brass Against - Gasoline (Audioslave Cover) by RFlagg reached #5
How NASA Reinvented The Wheel - Shape Memory Alloys by w1ndex reached #6
Giant Fish Parasite by C-note reached #6
Trump Holds Crazy Press Conference to Defend Brett Kavanaugh by simonm reached #6
Cannon Shock Waves in Ultra Slow Motion by Mordhaus reached #6
Tsunami following 7.7 Earthquake in Indonesia by Ashenkase reached #6
The House Centipede is Fast, Furious, and Just So Extra by oritteropo reached #7
Weird Al Stars in Weezer's Cover of Africa by lucky760 reached #7
Oats Studios - God:City by ChaosEngine reached #7
Dark Phoenix - Official Trailer by Mordhaus reached #8
Who needs a bridge? by Mordhaus reached #8
Flight Of The Conchords Perform 'Father & Son' by Lilithia reached #8
South Park Season 22 Premiere Promo Clip by BSR reached #8
John Oliver - Facebook by PlayhousePals reached #8
LotR - Reenacted by CGI Mice by Mekanikal reached #8
Space Dogfight - Enemy Mine (1986) by C-note reached #10
Brett Kavanaugh Pulp Fiction by RFlagg reached #10
Oroville Spillways Phase 2 Update September 14, 2018 by oritteropo reached #11
Could We Build Indestructible Armor? by Buck reached #11
Bumblebee (2018) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures by ant reached #11
"Censored" sketches from Kids in the Hall by ulysses1904 reached #12
D&D Tyranny of Dragons by C-note reached #15
Bioluminescent algae in Jervis Bay, Australia by b4rringt0n reached #15

Top Comments

They were gone 20 minutes. by CrushBug (9 votes)
Oh man, thanksgiving is gonna be AWKWARD! by ChaosEngine (9 votes)
Delicious, you can really taste the fear. by newtboy (7 votes)
If there's an Academy Awards for political videos -... by dag (7 votes)
Is it just me, or is this almost exactly like in They... by noims (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

MJ Hegar for Texas by dag (38 votes)
Pizza Delivery Guy Surprises Family With Piano Performance by BSR (36 votes)
The World Is Laughing At Us by BSR (33 votes)
Not Your Usual Political Ad by BSR (28 votes)
It's all fun and games until you get slapped with an octopus by Digitalfiend (28 votes)

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