Weekly Achievements for 22Apr18 thru 28Apr18

#1 Video

Cops vindicated by dashcam by ChaosEngine

True Facts: Frog Fish by PlayhousePals

When everyone is offended by everything by Mordhaus

Horrific Tornado, Fort Walton Beach, Florida | Apr 22, 2018 by BSR

Bill Burr - One-Punch Man by Mordhaus

In Nepal, waterfalls are roads by Mordhaus

This Video is About Marijuana | vlogbrothers by eric3579

Laser-etching a copper coin by b4rringt0n

Suit Salesman Pranks Best Man by Mordhaus

Did you peel the bananas? by Mordhaus

Primitive Technology: Round hut by Mordhaus

Ordering 4 flaming Greek cheeses at the same time by b4rringt0n

Top 15 Videos

Young kid builds and flies a magnus effect RC plane by b4rringt0n reached #2
BOOM! Tetris for Jeff by C-note reached #2
The Fine Art of Television Repair by oritteropo reached #2
NVIDIA Research - AI Reconstructs Photos by oritteropo reached #2
John Oliver - Ryan Zinke by PlayhousePals reached #2
A Bad Lip Reading - "INTERROGATING ZUCKERBERG" by PlayhousePals reached #2
Kids learn about roman battlefield tactics by b4rringt0n reached #2
New Rule: Grass Warfare | Real Time with Bill Maher by nanrod reached #2
Things Go Exactly As Planned by newtboy reached #3
The 'Banshee Box' by Mordhaus reached #3
That escalated quickly by Mordhaus reached #3
Nice landing by Mordhaus reached #3
How Seamless Steel Tubing is Made by Mordhaus reached #3
Do You Like Your New Toy? by Mekanikal reached #3
Insta-Justice by ant reached #3
How Mr and Mrs Gock saved the Kumara by Ashenkase reached #3
As Macron Visits, Trump's Foreign Policy Makes No Sense by simonm reached #4
How IBM quietly pushed out 20,000 older workers by b4rringt0n reached #4
The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations by w1ndex reached #4
Syrian War: Truth about US & Saudi Involvement MSNBC by bobknight33 reached #5
Slippery Slope by Mordhaus reached #5
The Check In: The Department of Veterans Affairs by simonm reached #5
Rabbit vs. Dachshund by Mordhaus reached #5
Jordan B. Peterson | Real Time with Bill Maher by nanrod reached #6
Tumbleweeds invade by Mordhaus reached #6
Bears Versus Hammock by Mordhaus reached #6
Devo - Girl U Want by lurgee reached #6
Animated map reveals 550,000 miles of undersea cables by b4rringt0n reached #6
Dog knocks down pedestrian by Mordhaus reached #7
Monologue: Apprentice: White House Edition | Real Time by nanrod reached #7
Trump Goes on Fox & Friends - Freaks Out About Michael Cohen by simonm reached #8
A Perfect Circle -- Disillusioned by MilkmanDan reached #8
Ars Technica confronted children with 1980s technology by SFOGuy reached #8
Running of the Bulldogs by Sarzy reached #8
Monaco Grand Prix 1962 - HQ 70mm footage - Flying Clipper by oritteropo reached #8
Vision framework & CoreML demo identify objects in realtime by b4rringt0n reached #8
A Perfect Circle -- TalkTalk by MilkmanDan reached #8
OK Go - White Knuckles by Zawash reached #8
Stupid Hooman needs hint by PlayhousePals reached #8
Something fell out of the sky by Mordhaus reached #8
nyoooooooooooom by b4rringt0n reached #9
Foo Fighters - Monkey Wrench ft. Kiss Guy (Yayo Sanchez) by Zawash reached #10
Venom - Official Full Trailer by RFlagg reached #10
Lauryn Hill: 20 Years Of Relevance by oritteropo reached #11
Reincarnation? by bjornenlinda reached #11
Trump Allies Worry Cohen Will Flip as Scandals Mount by simonm reached #12
John Oliver - Iran Deal by PlayhousePals reached #12
Star Trek fan rebuilds entire set from original blueprints by oritteropo reached #12
The Fight to Repeal the Irish Abortion Ban - Jim Jefferies by Mordhaus reached #12
How to Design Impenetrable Airport Security by b4rringt0n reached #13

Top Comments

Looks impressive, but i think "horrific" is a bit of... by eric3579 (11 votes)
Yep. One of my fundamental beliefs is that if people... by ChaosEngine (10 votes)
Yeah, I'll be inside as soon as the cool shit is done...... by moonsammy (9 votes)
eia? go ahead and put that great evidence on the web!... by PlayhousePals (9 votes)
God, I love this video... The two officers obviously... by TRRazor (8 votes)

Most Votes Cast

True Facts: Frog Fish by PlayhousePals (43 votes)
In Nepal, waterfalls are roads by Mordhaus (42 votes)
Cops vindicated by dashcam by ChaosEngine (37 votes)
Horrific Tornado, Fort Walton Beach, Florida | Apr 22, 2018 by BSR (34 votes)
When everyone is offended by everything by Mordhaus (34 votes)

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