Weekly Achievements for 20Aug17 thru 26Aug17

#1 Video

How a recording-studio mishap shaped '80s music by oritteropo

Why do these confederate monuments fall apart so easily? by eric3579

Space Station Transit 2017 ECLIPSE, My Brain Stopped Working by nanrod

Boat Crossing Stops Ladies Tour of Norway With 5km To Go by Spacey

Puddles - Losing My Religion by PlayhousePals

Yes, they can be poorly trained but they can also help by SFOGuy

An Impressive Japanese Rube Goldberg Machine by Mekanikal

Man films lightning that strikes 5 metres away by oritteropo

Bigman | Asia Beatbox Championship 2017 by WKB

John Oliver - Condemning Trump by PlayhousePals

Inside the mind of white America by Mordhaus

Katrina Kaif Doing Single Hand Push-ups Something Wrong by BSR

Top 15 Videos

When You Finally Find A Quiet Spot For Fishing by Mordhaus reached #2
Star Trek Tech Support by Ashenkase reached #2
Blue Angels Sneak Pass Reaction by Mordhaus reached #3
Fastest trycicle by bjornenlinda reached #3
Deep Look - Daddy Longlegs by PlayhousePals reached #3
Going Down! by newtboy reached #3
Inside The Giant American Freezer by Mekanikal reached #3
A comedian raises a pot for a waitstaff lottery by SFOGuy reached #3
BUG PUPPET by Mekanikal reached #3
Eddy does not know how to slide by Spacey reached #3
Ballsieist first pitch ever by eric3579 reached #3
Americans of Chinese heritage with Southern Accents by Ashenkase reached #3
Secret Studio Built Under a Bridge by Spacey reached #4
John Oliver - Nuclear Waste by PlayhousePals reached #4
Christopher Columbus Was a Murderous Moron by Mordhaus reached #4
Orca swimming under paddleboard by Mordhaus reached #4
Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 31 Actors Idiolects by Mordhaus reached #4
Photo realism in video games by ChaosEngine reached #4
You're Using Rotten Tomatoes Wrong! by RFlagg reached #4
la la la, i'm dead inside, dead inside, oh i'm dead inside by eric3579 reached #5
Steve Bannon to Trump's Defense: A Closer Look by simonm reached #5
DJ Bonebrake imitates coffee percolator rhythm by ulysses1904 reached #5
4K 60fps Photo Realism With Unreal 4 Engine by newtboy reached #5
The Battle Over Confederate Monuments by lurgee reached #5
Review Shut Down an Entire Company - KANOA Review by Mordhaus reached #5
Why Black Holes Could Delete The Universe - The Information by oritteropo reached #5
Bill Maher - Penn Jillette on Libertarianism by PlayhousePals reached #6
White Privilege Glasses by Mordhaus reached #6
Dog Advertising Burger Bar In China by newtboy reached #6
Foo Fighters & Rick Astley - Smells Like Teen Spirit by Zawash reached #6
Why Switzerland is the Safest Place if WW3 Ever Begins by oritteropo reached #6
a black man undercover in the alt-right-theo wilson by enoch reached #7
Trump Is Under Spiritual Attack Because from Demons by lurgee reached #7
Mixing Up Aladdin | Pogo by Zawash reached #7
Bill Maher - Liberal Monuments by PlayhousePals reached #7
Man on a scooter plunges into sinkhole by Mordhaus reached #7
An eclipse stops the monorail on The Simpsons. by ant reached #7
Secret Service Bankrupt Due To Constant Trump Family Travel by newtboy reached #7
Spinout Close Call At Kaitoke Intersection by oritteropo reached #8
Berlin is Becoming a Sponge City by oritteropo reached #8
Close call by Mordhaus reached #8
Foo Fighters - The Sky Is A Neighborhood by Zawash reached #9
Overwatch - Mei Animated Short by admiralronton reached #9
Woodturning Big Cherry Burl / Epoxy by Mordhaus reached #10
Spectacular landing at Frankfurt Airport by ant reached #11
"All white people are racist" by bobknight33 reached #11
Sweet - Fox On The Run by lurgee reached #11
New Rule: When Bipartisanship Goes Wrong by PlayhousePals reached #11
Monkey cc by bjornenlinda reached #11
Dad vs. Moth....moth wins by Mordhaus reached #12
Smarter Every Day - TOP 10 ECLIPSE DAY Things to know by PlayhousePals reached #13
Casually Explained: The Solar System by Mordhaus reached #13
Dimetrodon: Our Most Unlikely Ancestor by oritteropo reached #13
The Sweeping Shadow - Total Solar Eclipse, Nov 14 2012, by nanrod reached #13
CNN:"Use Glasses To View Eclipse" - Trump:"That's Fake News" by newtboy reached #14

Top Comments

Seriously folks, don't judge the driver here like you... by CrushBug (12 votes)
Only $125 for 6-28oz. water bottles?!? How can you... by newtboy (8 votes)
You know, they're probably selling those at a loss. ... by Drachen_Jager (8 votes)
This is a really good example of showing what video... by ChaosEngine (6 votes)
"Trump is a Christian" Really? By what metric? ... by ChaosEngine (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

An Impressive Japanese Rube Goldberg Machine by Mekanikal (36 votes)
Why do these confederate monuments fall apart so easily? by eric3579 (35 votes)
John Oliver - Condemning Trump by PlayhousePals (34 votes)
Man films lightning that strikes 5 metres away by oritteropo (34 votes)
Space Station Transit 2017 ECLIPSE, My Brain Stopped Working by nanrod (34 votes)

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