Weekly Achievements for 11Nov18 thru 17Nov18

#1 Video

Ma, that's a crazy lokin' cat! by eric3579

Average Pool Player Trying Corey Deuel's Famous Draw Shot by oritteropo

Moo Moo the cat doesn’t understand personal space by RFlagg

Squirrel Obstacle Course by oritteropo

Instant Karma - Dashcam Italy by ant

English is hard by Mordhaus

Deadlocked Bench Vice is Perfectly Restored by Ashenkase

Gay Marriage Proves It is THE BEST by bareboards2

GOP Jesus by newtboy

Top 15 Videos

Why New Yorkers Insisted On a "Worse" Subway Map by Mordhaus reached #2
Rubber Bands and Marbles by ant reached #2
Trump and His Fellow Grifters Lie About "Voter Fraud" by simonm reached #2
Relay runner breaks her leg and crawls to teammate by C-note reached #2
Drain the Swamp: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver by w1ndex reached #2
Popsicle by Nebosuke reached #3
Meanwhile In Russia by newtboy reached #4
Ultimate Montana Truck SUV by newtboy reached #4
Fishing Kittens See Water For the First Time by ant reached #4
Harry Potter: What Magic Sounds Like by Mordhaus reached #4
Folgers Incest Commercial - Extended Cut by Mordhaus reached #4
Two Hundred and Seventy by BSR reached #4
Monsoon V by Buttle reached #4
STAAAAHP! by Mordhaus reached #4
Vanessa JAMES / Morgan CIPRES - Skate Canada 2018 - FS by C-note reached #4
Pokémon Detective Pikachu Trailer by RFlagg reached #4
Teen with tourettes Vs a carton of eggs by noims reached #4
The Best Bouncer Fight Ever by Mordhaus reached #5
The Extinction Omelette by nanrod reached #5
Incredibles 2 Fight Scene in Full: Jack-Jack vs. Raccoon by C-note reached #5
THC vs CBD: What's In Your Weed? by C-note reached #5
Rape charge dropped against USC student after video surfaces by Mordhaus reached #6
Our Planet | Teaser | Netflix by ant reached #6
Das Guillotine by Mordhaus reached #6
Digitizing The New York Times archive with Google Cloud by oritteropo reached #7
Fisherman Gets Inked In The Face By A Squid by BSR reached #7
Hank-san and Bobby-chan vs Shigaretto by Mordhaus reached #7
The Science of Racism by Mordhaus reached #8
WE ARE NASA! by eric3579 reached #9
John Lewis Christmas advert 2018 featuring Elton John by BSR reached #10
Stan Lee On "Late Night With Conan O’Brien” 11/17/95 by ant reached #10
Remembering Stan Lee by Mordhaus reached #10
The Florida Recount Explained | The Daily Show by ChaosEngine reached #12
She turned her back for 5 seconds by C-note reached #12
Vox: Why the Victorian mansion is a horror icon by ant reached #13
Extremely subtle product placement by Mordhaus reached #14
Training to do the Iron Lotus by Mordhaus reached #15

Top Comments

Way to ruin marriage for the rest of us. Sheesh. by Jinx (9 votes)
We'll begin with box, and the plural is boxes; But... by ChaosEngine (9 votes)
And Douglas Adams pointed out that our inability to... by timtoner (8 votes)
- Beta times 5V. And I will solve that to beta. Okay, it is... ... by Gapo (7 votes)
With all the problems in the world today, they have... by BSR (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

GOP Jesus by newtboy (39 votes)
Deadlocked Bench Vice is Perfectly Restored by Ashenkase (32 votes)
Squirrel Obstacle Course by oritteropo (31 votes)
Instant Karma - Dashcam Italy by ant (30 votes)
Ma, that's a crazy lokin' cat! by eric3579 (30 votes)

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