Weekly Achievements for 10Dec17 thru 16Dec17

#1 Video

What is Water Hammer? by Mordhaus

trump judicial nominee can’t answer any basic questions by C-note

WWII Russian prisoner of war HAD TO tell the world his story by eric3579

An awkward moment for a survivalist by Mordhaus

World's Hardest Game by Mordhaus

Contouring 101 by Mordhaus

A good use for 1 - 2 hour delivery by iaui

Jake tapper schools Ted Crockett by lv_hunter

The moment when you dedicate your life to revenge by Mordhaus

Top 15 Videos

Liberal Redneck - To Hell with Roy Moore by PlayhousePals reached #2
Samantha Bee - Get A Load of This A-hole: Zinke by PlayhousePals reached #2
Put your hands up by Mordhaus reached #2
This has broken me - Smarter Every Day by Mordhaus reached #2
Damn it, Charlie! by Mordhaus reached #2
David Mitchell makes a Feng Shui expert squirm by simonm reached #2
The First Honest Cable Company | Net Neutrality by ant reached #2
The rise of bad jobs, explained by notarobot reached #3
The Hidden History of London Railings by iaui reached #3
Mike Tyson's practice punches were terrifying by SFOGuy reached #3
Portal Bridge Constructor - New Portal Game Just Announced by BSR reached #3
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Trailer by newtboy reached #4
Water your Christmas Tree. Really. by SFOGuy reached #4
Batman | War Child by eric3579 reached #4
Death Stranding new trailer 2018 by lv_hunter reached #4
Joyner Lucas - I'm Not Racist by Mordhaus reached #4
2 Drops Of Spilled Mercury Destroyed This Scientist's Brain by newtboy reached #4
Never offer chips to seagulls by Mordhaus reached #4
Cop Who Shot Walter Scott Pleads Guilty, Gets 20 Years by newtboy reached #4
Did somebody say treats? by PlayhousePals reached #4
This Particle Breaks Time Symmetry - Veritasium by Mordhaus reached #5
Ricky Gervais - The Unbelievers Interview by Buck reached #5
B-Dash & Jaja Vankova - World of Dance Boston 2017 by C-note reached #5
Meteorologist Against Flat Earthers by MrFisk reached #5
Former Facebook exec: I feel tremendous guilt by Mordhaus reached #6
Al Franken Resigns; Donald Trump Jr. Testifies by simonm reached #6
Jupiter Juno fly by by ChaosEngine reached #6
What lies beneath the leaves by Mordhaus reached #6
Lee Mack’s Stuffed Mouse - Would I Lie to You? by Mordhaus reached #6
Tim Minchin: White Wine in the Sun (The Late Late Show) by Lilithia reached #6
It's something special to take this much joy in your job by SFOGuy reached #6
Police K9 attacks innocent woman dumping her garbage by Mordhaus reached #6
Mega storm over the Kimberley West Aust 2017 wet season by oritteropo reached #7
Doug Jones Wins in Alabama; Moore, Bannon and Trump Lose by simonm reached #7
Hills on fire, 405 in Sepulveda Pass by Mordhaus reached #7
Largest Turboprop in the world Antonov AN 22 Manchester by oritteropo reached #7
Do you do magic too? by Mordhaus reached #7
Portugal. The Man - "Feel It Still" (Official Video) by Gratefulmom reached #8
FCC Votes to Repeal Net Neutrality; Omarosa Drama Continues by simonm reached #8
Plumbus X by newtboy reached #8
Transient ~ Beautifully-photographed Lightning by HenningKO reached #8
How to Take Out AT-ATs - EASY METHOD EXPLAINED!! by Buck reached #8
"If he fires one, I'll fire one." "Fire one!" by radx reached #8
The Sound Illusion That Makes Dunkirk So Intense by BSR reached #9
Bad driver gets 'accidentally' PIT-ed by Mordhaus reached #9
Trump Attacks the Press, Goes All-In for Roy Moore by simonm reached #9
Ready Player One trailer 2 by lv_hunter reached #9
DUELING BANJOS ~ Guitar & Banjo Song ~ Deliverance by bobknight33 reached #10
I don't want my past to become Britain's future by Buck reached #10
Fish Think Hand Is Anemone (I Think) by Nephelimdream reached #11
Walk on the Wild Side: The People who Inspired the Song by oritteropo reached #11
Star Wars’ infamous Holiday Special, explained. by ant reached #12
Mexico’s 600-Year-Old Dance of the Flying Men by oritteropo reached #12
The Legend of Roy Moore by Magicpants reached #13
The Virus That Kills Drug-Resistant Superbugs by oritteropo reached #13
Freestyle Dance Teacher by Mordhaus reached #13
Why these Alabama voters are sticking by Roy Moore (HBO) by C-note reached #13
Destroying childhood with Perfection by Mordhaus reached #13
Space Battleship Yamato: The Movie - Trailer by C-note reached #13
ROCKET POWERED LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer! by oritteropo reached #13
The Star Wars: Concept Trailer by ant reached #14
You Probably Don't Want To Microwave A Hard Boiled Egg by oritteropo reached #15

Top Comments

Kind of surprised this made it to the Front page. His... by bobr3940 (10 votes)
Total Twilight Zone in 1 minute. by BSR (10 votes)
"men love pterodactyls" Who told her our secret?!!... by ChaosEngine (8 votes)
Reverse the situation, the dog would definitely be... by newtboy (7 votes)
*quality nutjobs We are talking about the same idiot... by Mordhaus (6 votes)

Most Votes Cast

An awkward moment for a survivalist by Mordhaus (73 votes)
A good use for 1 - 2 hour delivery by iaui (45 votes)
Jake tapper schools Ted Crockett by lv_hunter (43 votes)
Contouring 101 by Mordhaus (42 votes)
This has broken me - Smarter Every Day by Mordhaus (38 votes)

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