Weekly Achievements for 05Sep10 thru 11Sep10

#1 Video

Inception Cat by EndAll

Face vs. watermelon = BRUTAL by bleedmegood

Zero Punctuation: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days by Zifnab

Beware your roomates by marinara

Fast Hands in Chinese Card Factory by nomino

Why is the Sky Dark at Night by RFlagg

The Most Terrifying Video Game Ever by shagen454

Pacific Sun Cruise Liner in Heavy Seas - CCTV Footage by budzos

David Cross on the Tea Baggers by peggedbea

Tubing Win! by SlipperyPete

Joe Rogan's "You're a Fucking Human Being" by nomino

Fascinating and in-depth Quake 3 analysis by Kerotan

Japanese Precision at it's Best/Weirdest by nomino

Probably Hitchens' best speech - "It does not follow" by gwiz665

Who is this guy, and what lab was he built in?!?! by kasinator

Top 15 Videos

Goalie Fail by Kevlar reached #2
Amazing football goal by Hamit Altintop! by Norsuelefantti reached #2
No One Likes M. Night Shyamalan by Zifnab reached #2
Teenage Girls Go At It On X Factor by bleedmegood reached #3
F-4 vs. Concrete wall by Ti_Moth reached #3
Cheating Death - Near Misses With Trains by mintbbb reached #3
How to win a game of Starcraft 2 in one minute by Zyrxil reached #3
100 Cats take over IKEA by raverman reached #3
"Hobo With A Shotgun" by youdiejoe reached #4
RedLetterMedia's review of Star Trek (2009) by Hybrid reached #4
Worst Cop Ever by brycewi19 reached #4
Python Takes a BubbleBath In a Bathtub by mintbbb reached #4
Minecraft - The Universe's Most Majestic Waterslide by Zyrxil reached #4
Cartoon Bears are Still Bears by brycewi19 reached #4
World Affairs: Ya Don't wanna be a single mother in Japan by marinara reached #5
Dolph Lundgren vs. Unicorn by dingens reached #5
Mitchell and Webb - Jetpacks are on Sale! by brycewi19 reached #5
Patton Oswalt on Religious Billboards by brycewi19 reached #5
Chinese Lady Gets Shocked and Burns Face by kimo9357 reached #5
Bluegrass Cover of "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" by Lann reached #5
Nantucket Seal Attack by nomino reached #5
Portal 2 Co-op Gameplay Walkthrough (from PAX 2010)! by Kevlar reached #5
Police Brutality?: Cops Taser Senior Citizen In Own Home by gwiz665 reached #5
Jimmy Carr's Encore from the Telling Jokes Tour by alien_concept reached #5
Louis CK: Louie...Smoking Pot by MikesHL13 reached #6
Another cat in a dustbin scandal! by Hybrid reached #6
It's true what they say... drugs are bad for you by gwiz665 reached #6
Microsoft Cashes in on Double Rainbow Meme by SlipperyPete reached #6
An Idiot Abroad - Preview Show by BicycleRepairMan reached #7
TDS: Weekend at Burnies by NetRunner reached #7
TDS: Iran's Crisis of Modernity (9/8/10) by brycewi19 reached #8
Star Wars Recut - Luke The Spoiled Brat by demon_ix reached #8
TDS: MSNBC is Not the Fox News of the Left by NetRunner reached #8
QI - What Happens When You Shoot a Bullet Into the Air by alien_concept reached #9
What Happens When You Hang Money From A Tree? by Tymbrwulf reached #9
Starcraft Roomates by ponceleon reached #9
Unreal Engine 3 running on iPhone - Project Sword demo by Hybrid reached #9
Old Spice Guy Is Gay by Mandtis reached #9
Hangover Cat by Stonebreaker reached #9
BBC Newsnight investigates the evil of the Catholic Church by BicycleRepairMan reached #9
Star Trek's Warp Speed Evolution by ant reached #10
Accordion dog plays "I can't give you anything but love". by ant reached #10
Being a Dickhead's Cool! (Ode to London Hipsters) by Kevlar reached #10
Rocking Out Atop a Moving Car by lucky760 reached #10
The Matrix meets The Big Lebowski by EndAll reached #10
Miss Universes are Bad at Sound Effects by mintbbb reached #10
8-bit godzilla squirrel running around with a chainsaw by kulpims reached #11
Inception Vocal Re-Dub by Trancecoach reached #11
Is it safe to leave valuable things in you car? by jan reached #11
Drunk on Religion by BicycleRepairMan reached #11
Prop 8 on Trial: Proponents' Arguments Couldn't Stand by noname reached #11
Classical Conditioning Experiment by EDD reached #12
Overly Realistic Buck Hunter by Zifnab reached #12
Interview With Woman Who Had Cup Of Acid Thrown In Her Face by Duckman33 reached #13
Phil Davison For Stark County Treasurer by dw1117 reached #13
"Jiffy" Crew strips Down and Rebuilds a Jeep - Under 4 Mins! by Unsung_Hero reached #13
Rachel Maddow on Jimmy Fallon: Booze, booze, booze by oxdottir reached #14
How to start a fire using nothing but IKEA merchandise by therealblankman reached #14
Insane European Traffic by Tymbrwulf reached #14
Islam: A black hole of progress. by BicycleRepairMan reached #14
Stephen Hawking - Physics Leaves No Room For God (10:13) by alien_concept reached #15
Major cleavage on French Wheel of Fortune by nanrod reached #15
Have You Ever Seen An Ant HURRICANE? by Tymbrwulf reached #15

Top Comments

I like this guy normally, but this train of thought... by no-really (30 votes)
Best thumbnail ever.... by dag (29 votes)
About five years ago I woke up in the middle of the... by CyberViperDriver (22 votes)
Wow. No crying, no broken nose, no string of angry... by direpickle (21 votes)
Sixth Sense was a very enjoyable movie - as was Unbreakable.... by dag (21 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Probably Hitchens' best speech - "It does not follow" by gwiz665 (114 votes)
David Cross on the Tea Baggers by peggedbea (113 votes)
Pacific Sun Cruise Liner in Heavy Seas - CCTV Footage by budzos (110 votes)
Face vs. watermelon = BRUTAL by bleedmegood (98 votes)
No One Likes M. Night Shyamalan by Zifnab (98 votes)

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