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Real Name: Rae
Channel: (oh sh*t, hormones)
Birthdate: February 8th, 1981 (33 years old)

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Comments to alien_concept

chicchorea says...

Happy Thanksgiving.

I know it's the wrong side of the pond but seemed a good excuse as it has been too long.

Please enjoy.

radx says...

The coroner said that when David Clapson died he had no food in his stomach. Clapson’s benefits had been stopped as a result of missing one meeting at the jobcentre. He was diabetic, and without the £71.70 a week from his jobseeker’s allowance he couldn’t afford to eat or put credit on his electricity card to keep the fridge where he kept his insulin working. Three weeks later Clapson died from diabetic ketoacidosis, caused by a severe lack of insulin. A pile of CVs was found next to his body.

Some people -- looking at Iain Duncan Smith here -- are so utterly inhumane that I would consider it animal cruelty to feed their corpses to the pigs.

siftbot says...

Congratulations! Your ability to discover new, unknown videos has earned you your "Talent Scout" Level 22 Badge!

enoch says...

i am usually pretty perceptive and pick up small details that many may deem innocuous and irrelevant,it fuels my intuition.which i have learned to trust over the years.....and it has served me well.

maybe it is the poet in me.i see/absorb everything.

wish i could head to england to hang out with you and your family..that would be a hoot!
have a feeling we would get along fabulously.

stay awesome rae!

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