You're F*ckin' High

MilkmanDan says...

These things seem to continue to ignore Jill Stein.

And in doing so, they miss an important point: Johnson is the "spoiler candidate" for TRUMP. In other words, the chances of votes for Johnson swinging the plurality of votes in a hotly contested state in favor of Clinton are massively higher than swinging such a state into favoring Trump.

Stein is the spoiler candidate for Clinton. But die-hard Democrats should be pleased with her poll numbers being low, which suggests that fewer usually-Democrat voters are looking for an alternative option than usually-Republican voters. In other words, the Democrat party is currently more unified than the Republican party.

...But before patting themselves on the back too hard, they should remember that perhaps the only reason that their historically disliked candidate is more unifying than the GOP option is that he is even MORE historically disliked. A dubious distinction at best.

I think I'll stick with my protest vote (for Stein), thank you very much.

Simon Rex Turns Into The Hulk (Scary Movie 3)

Simon Rex Turns Into The Hulk (Scary Movie 3)

Refraction - Telephoto Timelapse Video

eric3579 says...

Vimeo description:
Atmospheric refraction plays with the light of any object near the horizon. Here stars, startrails and the sun, filmed in timelapse photography from two major observatories in Chile, display immense distortion above inversion layers in the outskirts of the Atacama desert, Chile. The moon scene is filmed near Boston at the Atlantic Ocean shoreline. The mirage is an optical phenomenon in which light rays are refracted and bent in the atmosphere and produce distorted or multiple images of the object.

You're F*ckin' High

You're F*ckin' High

Rigging the Election, Video III, Project Veritas

Video Shows Bumblebee Pulling A String To Get A Treat

Mike Rowe celebrates dirty jobs.

The Strangest Thing Nick Offerman Has Built

Mike Rowe celebrates dirty jobs.

Donald Trump's Closing Argument: A Closer Look

Debate 3: The Good, The Bad, The Nasty (Act 1, Part 1)

First: Do No Harm. Second: Do No Pussy Stuff. | Full Frontal

Pentatonix - Avi's overtone and Kevin's cello/beatboxing

Khufu says...

ya, can't listen to this due to the obnoxious children behind camera who waste their money on live music only to "whoop" constantly and drown it out.

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