RFC: VS6 Sidebar Suggestions (Sift Talk Post)

eric3579 says...

I'm pretty much a whore for the the top 15/30 list. Constantly referencing it for one reason or another. Also it changes often enough and happens to be the videos id think first time visitors would find most interesting due to them being quite popular and more chance enjoyable to random viewing. I don't see how you can lose with top 15.

I do see suggested videos also being okay for random newer user or first timers(they are large recent vote getters), but for me and i assume other heavy users i have no interest in them(been there done that).

What colors do YOU see?

spawn-the return of nyx-shortfilm

RFC: VS6 Sidebar Suggestions (Sift Talk Post)

enoch says...

just an idea here @lucky760,which i suspect many long time users may not even consider,because it is old news to them,but is there a way to expose top videos from years ago?

i am not suggesting re-hashing a related/suggested tag but actually making a spot for top voted sifts,which from years ago could hit 300+ votes.

follow my logic here:
IF the purpose of all this time and energy you are putting in to revamp the sift to a more sleek and user-friendly (which means phones and tablets,to the chagrin of us neanderthal PC users) in order to attract new users,doesn't it make sense to reveal the wonderful content that started this site?

the sift has become more than just a voter-based community,categorizing quality videos.
it has become an archive.
so many sifters from years ago submitted some amazing content just when videos were becoming popular.the birth of the youtube generation and we were there,and youtube was not the juggernaut it is now.

you had to really put some time into finding decent videos,using multiple sites.the results from all that time and energy were spectacular though and i think new users would be just as enthralled as we were back then.

so instead of cluttering up the front page with list after list,maybe..possibly..we could add the lists as a single link.

so if someone already familiar with the sift could click the top 15 link and be directed there.
this would satisfy sifters like @dannym3141 and i suspect a majority of others.

you could do the same with related/suggested and more videos from=sifter name here.

this would work on two levels:
1.new users would be exposed to some of the most amazing content that they had never been exposed to before.
2.many of those older videos are now defunct,giving current sifters an opportunity to undead that video,therefore retaining the integrity of the video archive and upholding our *quality status.

all-time sifts
legendary sifts
tales from the archive crypt

just some ideas what to title the link.

what say you?


Flow Hive - Honey directly on tap from your beehive

RFlagg says...

@newtboy, I wonder about foulbrood in this sort of hive. Are you then out the full thing or can it be disenfected since it's plastic? Hive maintenance would still be a thing , people still need to pull the frames on occasion. It won't stop mites. Nosema and other fungai will probably be a bigger issue with this design. Foulbrood and other problems will still be around, as will colony collapse disorder.

Also where are the brood kept since splitting the frame like this seems like it'd kill the brood (okay that one is answered in the KS page and you still have a brood box that you have to supply on your own).

How well does it actually work? Is this all just clever editing and done at peak honey flow season? How well does it work in the fall? Why is Bush shown talking about it, but he himself doesn't mention it on his site? Sure he's selling his own hives and the like, but I'd think if he gave them an actual try I'd think he'd say something, competition or not. It looks

I worry that too many inexperienced people who don't research or care, will try this and perhaps make many bee pests and diseases worse as they won't research things out properly. They'll just buy this and think that's nearly all there is too beekeeping and infect other hives due to their sloppy methods.

RFC: VS6 Sidebar Suggestions (Sift Talk Post)

dannym3141 says...

When i am on just videosift.com, i see the top 15 videos which i really like and have always used.

When i click on one of those top 15 videos, it takes me to ../video/a-video. The top 15 videos are no longer visible, which i find a little disorientating. That top 15 side bar everywhere except profiles kind of gave a common theme regardless of the page - which i liked.. it was an anchor.

I have never clicked one of the suggested videos, because i want to watch the top 15 in a certain order often and the "suggested videos" bit doesn't state where they exist on the top 15.

The "related videos" part seems like it's missing something, they might be related but not in a way you'd expect. For example the very first one i checked - "sportscaster responds to racism" - has as a related video "what what (in the butt)" which is possibly offensive

Also as shepppard said, it looks very very mobile friendly. I don't like the way the videos in "suggested" and "related" appear at all on a pc screen.. they are just floating in nothing, there's no delineations.

the guard-derringer is for killing little protestants

ChaosEngine says...

Other way round... this came out first.

I'd call Calvary a drama with elements of dark comedy, while the Guard is a black comedy with dramatic elements.

Brendan Gleeson is great in both of them, but in honesty, I prefer the Guard.

artician said:

Sheesh, this sounds/looks like Calvary just with a cop instead of a priest. Odd.

Electrical wiring problems

ulysses1904 says...

This just as easily could have ended up a Liveleak video, with him dropping to the floor with sparks and a zzzzzzt sound effect. With her annoying giggling turning into annoying shrieks.

Aral Sea: Man-made environmental disaster - BBC News

Anchorwoman Not Sure If Sphincter Is Word She Is Looking For

Gaza: Why is no-one rebuilding it? BBC News

RFC: VS6 Sidebar Suggestions (Sift Talk Post)

oritteropo says...

I mostly use related for finding dupes, and only occasionally for finding vids to watch. The suggested vids algorithm sounds too much like what I'd normally click to the front page for.

I do have some suggestions though, some of which used to be a thing and one I'd like to see:

  • The 5 newest submissions
  • 5 other vids from this user
  • 5 vids expiring soon
  • 5 vids from beggar's canyon

Actually, I do quite often look at Top New Videos by Vote, even though I could just click through to the front page. I'm not adding it to my list though, because only taking 5 wouldn't be the same, or as good.

p.s. I also have an argument against removing related from the vs6 sidebar: It does have a place, but finding somewhere else for it in the new layout is a challenge.

radx (Member Profile)

oritteropo says...


And yet, it's George Papaconstantinou in court, over that exact Lagarde list, and not Virvidakis.

Something which is often stated as fact is that if you try to tax the rich, they will up and leave. Well, maybe a few would, but most people are more settled than that. I think there is some chance we will get the question answered in Greece some time in the near future. I somehow don't see Varoufakis removing any names from the list... relatives or otherwise.

That video does reflect rather well on the new President of the Greek Parliament, doesn't it

radx said:

Democracy in Greece, post-crisis, pre-Syriza:


The one MP in opposition during this clip is now President of the Greek Parliament. She's also on record about the Lagarde list of 2062 Greek tax dodgers, 6(!) of whom were checked up on. The list was handed over in 2010, and it has been held under wraps at the bidding of the IMF.

DebraMorton (Member Profile)

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