Oregon Polar Bear Awakes to Snow. BLISS!

bareboards2 says...

@coolhund @JustSaying

Not just CO2 production. Also use of fresh water resources. Polluted water from feces collection (and yes, conventional agriculture is polluting water with chemical runoff.) In places, the cutting down of rain forest to create areas for beef production. The huge overhang of methane over New Zealand from all the farting sheep (that would be part of the CO2 mentioned. But I can't pass up the opportunity to actually type "farting sheep.")

"Beautiful creatures" are in danger. Not just these.

And I do eat meat. And drive my car. And am a hypocrite.

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artician says...

The basis for the talk is good, but... geez. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse: "I felt like an asthmatic. Who had lost his glasses. In a hurricane."

... what??

Oregon Polar Bear Awakes to Snow. BLISS!

coolhund says...

I think he meant climate change. Everyone indoctrinated by Al Gore crap knows they die from it. So if you eat less meat, you will lower CO2 production indirectly and save them!!!!1111eleven

JustSaying said:

I wish I could down-vote your comment.
Who the fuck eats Polar-Bears and Elephants?
I get it, you're a hard-core vegan but this is getting ridiculous. As if anybody eats Otter.
The destruction of our eco-system by humans is a very serious problem. You're not helping with this. And this is coming from a guy who likes sausage. The food where you grind up an animal corpse to a fine paste and stuff it into its own colon for consumption.
Again, I get your point, I just strongly disagree with your method. You're not helping your own cause.

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