poolcleaner (Member Profile)

Only Love - piano

Human Slingshot Fun (again, this time with a guy)

Monsanto's House of The Future

Mattel's Shooten-Shell Rifles Commercial (1959)

Ella Fitzgerald - Georgia On My Mind (Sweden 1963)

The Natural - The Final Homerun

Stone Temple Pilots - Plush

Cato Institute Debate: Property Rights(21st Century America)

ReasonTV - National City: Eminent Domain Gone Wild

ReasonTV - Redevelopment: A Tale Of Two Cities

Burning Man zoetropes (very cool art installations)

You scurvy sailor dog, you're an actual dog...

Brits watch Documentary About An Americans Giant Ball Sack

xxovercastxx says...

Given the constant "fat, lazy Americans" commentary from the British, I couldn't help but notice the number of flabby bumpkins in this video.

Also, I really thought the documentary was a hoax until the end came and I looked Wesley up.

Michelle Obama on race...an opposing view

gorillaman says...

Of all the things you've posted on this site, the grammar of this sentence makes me hate you the most.

bobknight33 said:

As a a President and as the first black president He should be espousing uplifting messaging and not belittling / besmirching and encouraging dividing.

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