Bears Fighting in New Jersey Suburb

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Ex Machina Trailer

Tony Stark & Steve Rogers arguing in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Workout Motivation ( Ryan Terry & Michal Kowalski )

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Funniest divorce song ever! Hannah is a Horrible Person

Colbert interviews Antia Sarkeesian

Stormsinger says...

Yep. I am still amazed that people think being on the side that perceives "Social Justice Warrior" as an insult says something good about them.

Jinx said:

Gamergate is a fucking farce. The relationship happened, the review did not. It is entirely a backlash against "Social Justice Warriors", who are perceived as wanting to soil this pastime with their "Political Correctness" or something.

I can't quite believe it is making mainstream news, I don't understand why it hasn't died yet. It makes me sad to think there are apparently enough idiots shouting loud enough to make this anywhere close to a big deal.

Ex Machina Trailer

Stormsinger says...

Because the internet (and everything else) is for porn. Sex drives most everything about the human race, one way or another.

Reefie said:

Why do female robots always sound like naïve curious children?

Dude catches Kangaroo by hand while dressed as an Emu

College Student Hit 4 Basketball Shots For $10,000

Bag Snatcher Gets Trapped On Bus - Driver Gets Revenge

The Antares rocket exploding at liftoff

Ickster says...

Ya know, the use of the term "rocket science" as a euphemism for something really complicated and hard isn't a coincidence. Read up on it sometime; it's not nearly as simple as it seems.

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