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lucky760 says...


He's standing on the thing he's cutting off the wall!

Ready or not, you know that thing's a'coming down, and adding your couple hundred pounds of weight to it isn't going to help slow it down.

That's just sheer stupidity. Heck it's not even sheer, it's pretty damned opaque.

Payback said:

Looks like it merely fell before he was ready, causing him to be off balance.

Very Well Trained Attack Dog.

How to deal with naughty kid

lucky760 says...

That's one of the biggest problems in this country: Parents who love their children so much that they let them do whatever the fuck they want create exactly the same type of monsters as parents, if any, who ignore/neglect/leave their children to do whatever the fuck they want.

I'm sickened by parents who just sit there ignoring their kids or occasionally ask them if they could please find it in themselves to perhaps decide to stop their bad behavior.

Real parenting means teaching your offspring to live in a society and be conscientious and considerate of others, not placating them by feeding their bad behavior with positive reinforcement and hoping desperately they'll parent themselves.

I always think of a kid as starting out as an ugly pile of soft, wet clay. You as a parent must get your hands dirty and form and shape that thing into something beautiful, otherwise it'll just harden into a horrible mess that can never be made right again.


Reefie said:

Never underestimate the power of love to make a parent completely blind and oblivious to the bad things their children do.

Soviet Suprem - Rideau de fer

Very Well Trained Attack Dog.

Zawash (Member Profile)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Supreme Court

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How to deal with naughty kid

Mordhaus says...

If it happened in the US, it's staged. Someone would have gotten sued. If it happened anywhere else in the world, not a problem.


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