Indiana Bones and the Raiders of the Lost Bark

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Dancing Plumber

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JLENS Inflation Aberdeen Proving Ground

radx says...

Just to state the obvious: given the number of attacks by drones and cruise missiles on the area between Boston and North Carolina over the last decades, I'd say this pair of blimps is welfare for Raytheon and a means to intensify surveillance on people in the area covered by them.

The Secret to Levitation (Experiment with Water)

Colbert All Star Singing Final

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Colbert All Star Singing Final

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newtboy says...

Oh man. you're putting me on the spot with that question. I traded 1/2 ownership of a 128mac for my brother's old apple 2 and a shoe box of floppy's. I didn't go through 1/2 of them before I got kicked out of the house and he took it all back. I remember a few text games...hitchhikers guide among them. I think also defender, Montezuma's revenge sounds familiar, Wolfenstien, Beyond Wolfenstien, Cannonball Blitz, Centipede, choplifter, crystal castles, frogger, galaxian, joust, kung fu master, leisure suit larry in the land of the lounge lizards, lode runner, missile defense, moon patrol, qix, tapper, ultima (maybe ultima 2), and zork. That's all I recognize from the list.

ant said:

What other Apple 2 games did you played? Here's what I played that I could re(member/call): Wings of Fury, Diamond Mine, Kareteka, Montezuma's Revenge, Aztec, Gemstone Warrior, Conan O'Brien (think I submitted it here), Ancient Art of War (a pastor gave me that game haha), Boulder Dash, Champion Ship Lode Runner (finished and got a paper certificate), etc.

The Search for General Tso (2015) Trailer

nanrod says...

Must be an American thing. I've dined at Chinese restaurants from Halifax to Victoria and never seen General Tso on any menu.

Sagemind said:

Hahaaaa...., I've never heard of General Tso or his chicken...


the making of a Beretta shotgun



chicchorea says...


User's / Member's / Serial Self Linker's Picture half way down the page w/ vid in an April 2011 comment identifies member in member's submissions here @ the Sift in which he himself performed:

Member is showcased in the preponderance of the vids @ YT acct,, the videos of which are heavily represented in members submissions at the Sift as well as at several other sites(eg.,,,,

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