STAR TREK BEYOND Official Trailer #2 (2016)

ChaosEngine says...

The other three TNG movies were awful, absolutely, but I think First Contact actually played pretty nicely alongside Roddenberry's vision.

We get to see flawed humans building a warp ship out of an old ICBM, there are questions of humanity (Data) and vengeance (Picard) and on top of that, it still manages to be a fun action spectacle.

Of course, arguing over taste is pretty pointless as it's entirely subjective, so you're perfectly entitled to dislike the movie, but I don't think it's fair to say that First Contact was as dumb as you say it was.

This trailer has none of that. I'm just hoping that Simon Pegg is a good enough writer (and he's a brilliant writer, watch World's End for evidence of that) to write his way out of the complete fucking mess that Lindelof wrote them into.

FlowersInHisHair said:

Well that's pretty patronising. I'll disabuse you of your misapprehension: I'm a lifelong fan. I've seen all of the series and all of the films. I understand Star Trek pretty fucking well. I think that what you don't understand is that these things are subjective.

I think the TNG films are horrid. Tired, clichéd, uninspired revenge plots that don't represent the TNG TV series or Roddenberry's ethos at all, and as you say, with an emphasis on irrelevant space action and some pretty egregious plot holes. And they are boring, which Roddenberry-era Trek never was, even at its most talky. It's not just the writing and production - half the time the actors are basically sleepwalking their way through the films, and are often completely different characterisations from their TV show incarnations (particularly Picard in First Contact).

That I prefer this trailer over the TNG films isn't so much praise for Beyond as disdain for the lazy work presented from Generations onwards.

Calvin & Hobbes - Art before Commerce

True Confessions with Jennifer Lawrence and John Oliver

ChaosEngine says...

Yeah, this is nonsensical fluff of the highest order, but....

it's nonsensical fluff with two of the most likeable people in show business (and Jimmy Fallon).

Damn you, Jennifer Lawrence! Stop being so funny and cool in interviews, it makes it harder to hate your terrible movies.

bareboards2 said:

I know it is lazy television, but I don't care. I mostly enjoy these silly games they play.


How to Catch a Bobbit Worm

Louis CK on Babies and Gay People and other stuff.

The amazing paper Chameleon

newtboy says...

Amazingly *skillful origami modeling. He should have used temperature sensitive inks so it could actually change colors instead of just using different colored lights.
*quality modeling

SNL Dead Poets Society parody

eric3579 (Member Profile)

radx says...

Have you seen the list of Sanders' picks for the DNC platform? Some members of the Black Misleadership Class must be furious to see Cornel West being given another pulpit. And McKibben... some people are going to stroke out for sure.

I see a lot of entertainment on the horizon.

Close Encounters of the Elephant Kind

True Confessions with Jennifer Lawrence and John Oliver

Calvin & Hobbes - Art before Commerce

German Windows Are Amazing

Gratefulmom (Member Profile)

Louis CK Talks To Charlie Rose

Thug Life Weed Jesus To The Rescue!

Nephelimdream says...

Oh, and I'm more than willing to share that last email you sent to me, apologizing profusely.

Nephelimdream said:

Maybe you could go back on your laptop and give me my microsoft account back, eject and return the CD in there and then start rehab. It'd do us both some good.

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