Crazy Fox

Why Don't Scavengers Get Sick?

Surfer Jumps Off Boat Getting Hit at Mavericks

Bonding with Baby

eric3579 (Member Profile)

Cop Attacks Uber Driver

Swiss Snowboarder Making Fun Of Americans


Ridiculous amount of WTF

Every Economy TV-Report EVER

poolcleaner says...

Dang it, now the masses know how it all works. It really is the numbers though. Never pause on a 2 or 4. Always count 5000 times whilst pretending to hail mary and fool God into a false sense of faith, but only if standing on 17, 23, and 29. If you think or say or see the word 20, step backwards three times, pull down your pants, and then defecate all over the ground.

Porsche 944 driver fail

ChaosEngine (Member Profile)

Martha Stewart sure knows how to roast!

Iron Body Technique

Mystic95Z says...

Bahahahah yeah the drill bit part was fake as hell. I guarantee in the time that drill was spinning I could have split his skull....

Ridiculous amount of WTF

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