Darth Vader Being A Smart Arse

Deray McKesson: Eloquent, Focused Smackdown of Wolf Blitzer

bobknight33 says...

I don't think you like me very much.

How do you know that I am not a black person? Hint -Al Sharpton I'm not.

Racist? Disagreement of policies does not infer this .
Bigot? Look in the mirror.

So you are saying only white people are racist?
Chinese, Asian, Spanish peoples and Africans can't be racist?

I get it only White American can be racist.

as you say (I) "... have no idea "what's good for" black people."

Sure I do. It's the same thing we all want. A fair shake in life, to have a decent living and to have you children to do better than you.

Debasing yourself to name calling. Sad, very sad.

GenjiKilpatrick said:

You are not a black person.

You have no idea "what's good for" black people.

You're a racist.

You're a bigot.

You think that Republicans & the "Conservative Agenda" are the answer to EVERY question.

You're such a dolt, you think that just because White Racist of one political affiliation started the KKK..

That somehow White Racists from every other political affiliation are absolved from their bigotry & racism.

Ignorant, Already-Made-up-their-mind people like you and @lantern53 and @quantumushroom are the problem.

Privileged, Foolhardy, Uncultured, Willfully-ignorant, Hypocritical humans..
who will scream murder if the ANYTHING interferes with the pretty picture you have painted in your minds...

.. are the fucking problem that all minorities have to deal with.

Not liberalism or conservatism. Not Democrats or Republicans.

STFU. Go away. Please and thank you.

Deray McKesson: Eloquent, Focused Smackdown of Wolf Blitzer

bobknight33 says...

Oh I under stand - Conservatives understand. Liberals don't .

Both parties have not evolved. Liberals still believe in enslavement. Republicans still believe that enslavement is bad and this idea have not changed since Lincoln.

With respect your silly EPA analogy Yes it was started by Nixon. But today they have too much overreaching power. When you can stop a Highway from starting because of a simply salamander habitat will be lost then Yes their powers do need to be greatly curtailed.

newtboy said:

Then again, Republicans created the EPA in the 1970's, and today they want it eradicated because it's inconvenient to be responsible. Party positions change.

You do understand we aren't in the 1860's (the time period you nostalgically spoke of) anymore, right?
You do understand that BOTH parties have 'evolved' and changed their positions since the 1860's, right?

Actually, I'm not sure you understand either of those points at all.

How to survive in a free falling elevator

dannym3141 says...

I'm guessing purely from a forces standpoint that if you were stood up, you'd be a lot more likely to survive than if you were lying down, like the video says. Mainly because your internal organs and brain are about to be decelerating, and you want to minimise the deceleration as much as possible. Your extremities might get pulverised, but without the organs they're not much use anyway.

There's some historic example about a 1945 bomber crashing into the Empire State Building, severing the ropes and inducing free-fall, but the lift's ropes coiled up and cushioned the occupant's fall and they lived. I just looked it up, and apparently only several times has free fall ever happened, only killing one person. But apparently people die from falling in the shafts, mechanics caught in machinery and strangulation from scarves caught in doors.

Jinx said:

...but you wouldn't be able to stack anything in a falling elevator.

Also, forget internal organs. Well, not completely, but having them mostly intact isn't going to help you much if your the fall has driven your femur up through your pelvis and made a proper mess of some rather important arteries. My procedure for nightmare-falling-in-elevator-scenario is a) protect head with arms - adopt the brace position b) Lie as flat as possible to avoid aforementioned projectile leg bones c) get as close to the floor of the lift as possible.

but yeah, you're probably fucked.

Why can't white people stop the violence?

bobknight33 says...

Are you quoting me ?

"See, I always told you niggers are violent criminals"
"See what happens when you let LIB-TARDS run a city!"

or just making false words up to to hold your self up on the moral pedestal?

YEA - liar
Your are unworthy of using this site for this kind of shenanigans. You should be banned. Shameful.

GenjiKilpatrick said:

So basically you want me to hold hands and sing hymns with a willfully ignorant racist?

Not likely to happen for either party here.

Like many, I'm pissed and angry about this topic
I'm here venting those frustrations.

If Bob wants to continue saying ignorant shit in a public forum..

..you can bet he'll get served when I show up to rebut that nonsense.

Secondly, I have absolutely no problem personally attacking Bob or Lantern or any other unapologetic racist because..

Bob isn't here to add to the discussion.

He's only commenting to gloat and confirm his own bias.

"See, I always told you niggers are violent criminals"

"See what happens when you let LIB-TARDS run a city!"

So yeah for those reasons, I think Palestine and Israel have an equally likely chance of agreeing & making friends.

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Darth Vader Being A Smart Arse

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bobknight33 (Member Profile)

bobknight33 says...

No I don't.

It hypocritically that protest come about the 600 cop killing black and zero protest for the 6000 black killing black.

erikwdavis said:

Uh-Huh. Just because you're not aware that many of these same 'folks' (one suspects you wish you could use another word) do in fact organize and protest against Black on Black crime, constantly, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. It just means you are ignorant.

The fact that you think Black on Black crime is what's holding back 'progress' is ludicrous.

What is this thing and what's it doing?

Making Sand Coffee Looks Like Magic

How to survive in a free falling elevator

The Lego Architect is Awesome-Has Own Lego Room!

Leaf Blower Volcano

What is this thing and what's it doing?

MilkmanDan says...

...Well, technically I suppose it's more of a cloaca-shooting worm.

But yeah. Pretty much.

And it is definitely a sea cucumber species of some kind. I've seen then while snorkeling, and my dad picks them up on dives and intentionally tries to get them to do this. I've seen him do it, and I feel like I've seen them gradually start to suck the guts that get expelled back into their bodies. If they really can't do that, as @atara 's link suggests (but they regenerate in roughly a month or less I guess) I might discourage him from provoking them to do that intentionally in the future.

mxxcon said:

Are you saying it's a butt-shooting worm?

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