The Flirting Fallacy

kceaton1 jokingly says...

You obviously talk too long (and not necessarily about weather, a HUGE flirting mistake that everyone knows about) to them and also smile while saying it... You're just asking for it!

PlayhousePals said:

Ugg ... I'm going through this with a new resident here at the complex right now. He's actually quite physically attractive but beyond that ... uh, no. sigh

Time to wake up or ... evacuate?

Puppets vs. Shark / Pivot - In The Blood (2008)

The Birth of Helium Atoms

iaui says...

Neat! I remember seeing one of these at a science fair when I was a wee tyke. If he'd put the radioactive metal in line with the plane of the alcohol vapour we'd have seen a full-length supernova of particles in the bubble chamber.

On Point with Sarah Palin 'Interviews' Donald Trump

A10anis says...

Utterly embarrassing, puerile, mutual masturbation. Also, anyone who lists a brain washing work of fiction - the bible - as their favorite book, is delusional and, as such, unfit for high office.

What Men are Really Thinking During the Anthem

Sitting vs. Standing. Is Your Sedentary Life Killing You?

Throat Singing

Guns with History

Shepppard says...

So, basically with the exception of like, two of those, Canadian gun laws.

StukaFox said:

I don't want to ban guns, but I would like to see the following:

1. License gun owners like Germany licenses drivers. Six months of classes, followed by multiple exams.

2. Mandatory psychological examination for any person wanting to purchase a gun.

3. Require that a minimum of $1,000,000 death or dismemberment insurance be carried at all times.

4. Automatic 25-year sentence for ANY crime involving a gun.

Limit guns to:

- Shotguns: Single-barrel breach-load.

- Pistols: 6-shot rotating cylinder; hammer-cocked firing mechanism. No semi-automatic pistols.

- Rifles: Single-shot, bolt-action.

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

On Point with Sarah Palin 'Interviews' Donald Trump

moonsammy says...

Sweet jeebus. She's... words fail. Seriously. It's just rambling nonsense with little punctuation, eventually culminating in a tonal uptick? indicating a question?. He's no better, as it's like a recitation of powerpoint bullet items, strung together with little structure or sense. I can't fathom anyone seriously considering voting for either of these ignorant yokels. Perhaps nihilists. That would actually make sense.

Key & Peele - Fake-Ass Gangster

Key & Peele - Fake-Ass Gangster

T.J. Miller Has a Seizure

T.J. Miller Has a Seizure

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