May well be the stupidest thing ever said in a church

Doug Stanhope on The Ridiculous Royal Wedding

FlowersInHisHair says...

I'm no monarchist. But you're tilting at windmills. The symbolism you speak of is dead, because everyone knows how ridiculous they are. The government treats them with disdain and are always cleaning up after one of them goes gobbing off. The constitutional veto that the Queen nominally has, for example, would be impossible for her to exercise.

The British tourism industry is based almost entirely on the history of the Royal family and the USP is that we still have one - they're not just figures from history, we have, as Mr Stanhope points out, the genuine article still in residence. It's a zoo.

Chairman_woo said:

lots of good things

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entr0py says...

I half agree with both points of view. First of all, doing it your own way is fine, it's not doing it 'wrong' or being rude. So long as you're not talking with your mouth full, you're golden.

But if you see it as time honored suggestions for how to enjoy the experience more; that's both useful and interesting. I'd love it if we could have conversations about how to enjoy food without any snobbery.

But honestly for some people the joy of superiority is most of what they get out of it. For them these rituals are not about the food, it's about identifying the lower class who don't know what the tiny fork is for. Or in this case, when to eat the ginger.

ChaosEngine said:

Why are people so against learning how to appreciate food or drink?

In many cases with these things, there are decades or even centuries of tradition and experience that have gone into this little rituals that are part of the theatre of food or wine or whiskey.

Besides, especially in the context of a culture that's not your own, disregarding the cultural norms is just rude and ignorant.

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Sarah help me!

entr0py says...

I really don't think he's the kind of guy who would have a girlfriend. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

AeroMechanical said:

Have mercy. I don't think he's just yucking it up for the camera. I hope Sara isn't his girlfriend. If she is, and she doesn't dump him for such an inglorious display of pansyhood, he should marry her immediately because she must really appreciate whatever his other qualities are. Wailing and falling to pieces over a minor problem such as this doesn't bode well for the future.

Unless, of course, he has some phobia of water or something, in which case I take it back. He did well to be out there to begin with.

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