'Silenced' Shotgun - Testing A Suppressor

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I don't need no stinkin' crutches

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Rula Jebreal discusses the Gaza ‘media war’ (All In)

radx says...

While I applaud his decision to have her on the show immediatly after the-powers-that-be gave her the boot, Hayes does come off as an apologist for the network in particular and the media as a whole.

Who Are The Kurds?

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Prison (HBO)

RedSky says...


I'll address by paragraph.


Wait, so I'm confused. Not enough research on my claim yet the death penalty apparently offers guaranteed results despite evidence to the contrary that I suggested?

Firstly I think you might be trying to make a bit of a straw man. I'm not saying that there should be no penalty. Some penalty obviously discourages some crime. But the argument is more over whether harsher sentences and mandatory minimums as this video discusses are helping, which I would argue they are not for the reasons outlined previously.

As for evidence of rehabilitation reducing recidivism, take for example:

http://ijo.sagepub.com/content/12/1/9.refs (see PDF)

Page 1
Finland, Norway and Sweden all have ~50-70 locked up per 100K, among the lowest. US has 716.

Page 2-3
Norway recidivism - 20%
US recidivism - 52%

I await your evidence to the contrary.


I'm talking per capita. Per capita the US certainly does have the highest among first world countries.


Sort by per capita and find me a developed country higher than the US please.

Russia is not a first-world country (that's actually a Cold War term, more correctly not a a developed country). I'm Russian, I assure you, I would know

Russia's GDP/capita is $14K USD, versus the US's $52K. Not even a close comparison.


But do criminals proportionalise justice? Like I asked, do you think anything but a small minority (likely white collar criminals) accurately know the likely sentence of a crime before they commit it? If they don't what's the purpose of making them more severe?

Nobody is proposing there be no penalty. Even Scandanavian prisons are a penalty. The question is, does the threat of 30 over 15 years locked up (should they even be able to decipher legal code to know this) actually make a difference? I would argue not, hence the argument for harsher sentences is illogical.

People are generally good at gauging the likelihood of being caught (ie your pirating example) but that's not what I was talking about (the scale of punishment being a deterrent).


I don't think what you're proposing is practical or logical. No society is going to accept the death penalty as a punishment for speeding. It's an irrelevant argument to make.

Again, why the need for elaborate ideas never before attempted? Why not just adopt a model that has already worked, such as the Scandinavian one? It seems like you're trying to wrap your mind around a solution that fits your preconceived notion of incentives and no government assistance like I suggested in my first post.


Venezuela is a developing country. Crime is largely a result of economic mismanagement by Chavez leading to joblessness and civil unrest.

There are plenty of countries with which to compare the US with. Obvious choices would be Australia or the UK. Anglo-Saxon countries, similar culture, comparative income/capita. Or really any European country. Your comparison would suggest tp me you're trying to stretch your argument to fit.

The Middle East problem "explained"

theali says...

The video starts with showing stacks of papers and implying that understanding the root of the issue is unnecessary and will take a long time to digest. This is a messaging that resonates with the Conservative mindset. The same technique was used to bash Obamacare, "the bill is too long to read" http://nation.foxnews.com/obamacare/2012/02/29/obamacare-regulations-two-and-half-times-long-bible

If you care to learn the real history of the conflict, I suggest this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wb6IiSUxpgw

Daily Show - Hilary Clinton on Hamas / Gaza (14/07/201)

CS:GO player raided in real life while streaming online

restocking a lake with fish from a plane

'Silenced' Shotgun - Testing A Suppressor

EvilDeathBee says...

Would he be firing slugs? I mean if you fired buckshot or something, wouldn't you run the risk of the pellets getting caught in the suppressor?

Lil Kim

Lil Kim

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