Car Parks on Pedestrian Crossing. Pedestrian Gets Revenge

removing acute subdural hematoma

Rushing or dragging??

billpayer says...

damn, u in a time machine ? this clip has been around for at least 6 months

yes, film looks brutal.... best reason for a DRUM MACHINE ever

mintbbb (Member Profile)

Lorde Royals covered on alto sax and giant contrabass sax

Doubt - How Deniers Win

Three Hours Of Walking In NYC As A Homosexual Man

kceaton1 says...

Sorry to say, but I have to wait too to see what this video really is. It is "homophobic" in it's own way, just by using the entire notion of "dressed like a homosexual". This reeks of someone trying to do the same thing as the women, as mentioned in posts above. But, was it a real attempt to show something or was it a parody. To me, it seemed to be a mixture of the two.

But, when they use the caption that they did at the start and the statistics at the end, they tried to make it I'm really in the mood to just downvote this outright.

removing acute subdural hematoma

Give Me Upvotes! Cats Cough Up Hairballs To Dubstep!

Horse Burlesque

Mac users MUST use hands to communicate!

kceaton1 says...

I thought I'd comment about this extremely old video, in reflection. It's funny how many devices around me and others I know have changed dramatically. The PC AND the MAC are no longer near "the top" or need to be near the top (granted, Windows is still the platform to beat for personal PC's, but when it comes to mobile platforms...something that BARELY registered back when we were throwing insults around when this video was shown, it's amazing; and now it IS the thing to beat). Now it is all about Android, Apple, or Windows, with a few secondary OS "foundations" (sometimes with hardware) thrown in for fun.

I have one of everything now. My phone an Android, my tablet an Apple, and my PC Windows. Though I still have the one major gripe about Windows and Apple as I did back then; for Apple it is it's need to make self-related products that "you need" to make anything work--much like Nintendo's business model. Microsoft is extremely "information grabby" and they love to lock you down into a certain setup, depending on how you buy or bought your computer (for instance, if you put it together yourself, you can get away from most of these issues--which is what I do; but, most people don't have this luxury). To be honest, I find my Android run devices (my cellphone and my Roku--and as I go forward I imagine a few more will go down that road) to be the best of both worlds, and they typically get along with "both worlds" the most.

Not that Android doesn't have it's own (the Borg) problems, especially as we move into the future. But, as these posts show us, within five years something just like Android (Google) can become a powerhouse that has to be reckoned with. I can't wait.

I still hate Macs!

eric3579 (Member Profile)

Doubt - How Deniers Win

Bouncing Baby In The Snow

Karate expert with a difference

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