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FERAL ANTS LOOSE IN MY HOME! | How to Get Rid of Pest Ants

FERAL ANTS LOOSE IN MY HOME! | How to Get Rid of Pest Ants

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has rachel maddow lost her mind?

00Scud00 says...

My only problem with this statement is that by calling Hedges a Russian propagandist you are implying that Hedges is working with or for Putin in the service of Russia.
While anything I possible I suppose I find it more likely that RT is using Hedges and Hedges is using RT. I believe that Hedges genuinely wants a better United States, while RT is just happy to sow chaos, and at this point chaos is really unavoidable anyhow.

vil said:

If Hedges works for RT then he is a russian propagandist by definition. That does not mean that some of what he says cant be true.

Learning Piano to Get Laid (with Bo Burnham) Vol. 1

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Ellen's Tribute to the Obamas on their last day

bareboards2 says...

@sanderbos For a sitting president to come out in support of same sex marriage, and to direct his Justice Department to NOT argue against the idea at the Supreme Court.... that is what she meant.

We live in a soundbite world, unfortunately. Complex ideas get reduced to soundbites.

Fact free? Yes. Baseless? No.

Super-recognisers: the future of law enforcement?

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