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Rick and Morty S5:E1

spawnflagger says...

I wouldn't judge it based on this new episode, but previous seasons (especially 2 & 3) were entertaining. It's formulaic, so lost it's shock-factor, but there are some long-term character development as well.

ant said:

I couldn't get into the series in the past like its first episode. Would I like it now?

Space Sweepers | Official Trailer | Netflix

Underground Monster Hunting Eelfish

Bicycle powered car

spawnflagger says...

hilarious. They should remove the passenger & rear seat to cut weight. maybe keep a 12V battery just to power the rear hazard lights. Perhaps add one of those orange triangles to the back like Amish horse-n-buggies have...

What Really Happened at the Hernando de Soto Bridge?

spawnflagger says...

Yeah, he did touch on the need for multi-person team to do all critical inspections, and a culture/policy failure that led to this physical failure. At least no one was hurt (yet), and hopefully that culture will change as a result of the massive effects of closure and cost to repair.

"Those responsible have been sacked." was just a Monty Python reference- I didn't mean to imply more than 1 person was fired (but probably should be more)

elrondhubbard said:

From what the video says, just one person responsible for inspection has been sacked. They always go after the lowest-ranking person, don't they?

When in fact, if it's possible for one person's mistake, laziness or incompetence to destroy your bridge and kill members of the public, your entire organization is at fault. You have to wonder if it's one of those "so to save money, they fired the night watchman" situations.

Shortest Landing!!! Severe Headwind! Aircraft.

Magnetic Face Mask vs Giant Neodymium Magnet

Prison Heat: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

spawnflagger says...

So do these same prisons not have heat in the winter?

it's not like they have to set the thermostat to 72F... even set to 85F will prevent people from heat stroke.

at a bare minimum, should be at least 1 housing section that has AC for any of those prisoners who have the mentioned high-risk medical conditions.

Mom arrested after posing as 7th grade daughter in school

spawnflagger says...

I think it also helped that this mom is petite (4'11" 105 lbs) and wearing a hoodie and a mask. During non-pandemic without mask, I suspect she would have been caught 1st period.

LPL - Testing the “Ultra Slash Resistant” FlexSafe

This Electrician rigged his van to stop tool thieves

spawnflagger says...

just to clarify, I wouldn't support the shocker if it kills or permanently injures the would-be thieves. He did put a warning sticker on the back door too.

This Electrician rigged his van to stop tool thieves

spawnflagger says...

hope this guy gets to keep his shocker installed (assume UK). In USA that's a lawsuit waiting to happen... sadly the thief could sue the vehicle owner for their injuries, even if they admit they were trying to break in and steal stuff.

How Road Barriers Stopped Killing Drivers

spawnflagger jokingly says...

I just had an idea - instead of storing crashed cars in junkyards, use them as highway dividers. They are already tested for head-on collisions, and when someone crashes into it, can just leave the freshly-crashed car there as more filler (drain the fluids).

Why There are Now So Many Shortages (It's Not COVID)

spawnflagger says...

I agree with his points about shipping containers and Toyota, but gotta call BS about lumber - the warehouse is the forest, and those trees don't grow from nothing in 1 year, and not all lumber is treated, so why would a chlorine plant outage explain it?

Perhaps the weakest link in the US electrical system

spawnflagger says...

this guy covers interesting topics, but is really longwinded. I wish someone would make a "digest" version of his videos... I bet this 25 minutes video could be cut into 5 minutes.

also for near the end (not sure which prior video he was defending) - it's not the voltage that kills, it's the current. And is why GFCI trips on a few mA.

UK and EU also have power strips, but 220+ Volt systems need half the current to get same power, so overloading those wires is less likely.

I've seen a UK power strip that failed and actually shorted hot to ground/earth (fuse didn't help), and a TV was plugged into it, so energized the satellite TV coax cable's ground, which fried the expensive distribution equipment in the wiring closet (which must not have been properly grounded either).

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