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VLDL: Getting a USB in first time - USB

spawnflagger says...

well, USB1 certainly beat the pants off PS/2 ports and connectors which it replaced.
USB-C was supposed to fix the upside-down problem, but introduced a lot of compatibility confusion (now there's a dozen different cables that all look the same, but aren't compatible)

Khufu said:

It is interesting that it SHOULD be 50% chance but it's more like 1% for some reason. probably because any bit of resistance from a wrong angle, rotation, wrong port, can feel like it's because you have it backwards, so you turn it around, then it IS backward... just a poor design that is enduring.

Florid man rescues puppy from jaws of an alligator

German Governments Commercial Regarding Covid-19

Virgin Hyperloop - First Passenger Test

spawnflagger says... has some more technical details, including that there are airlocks, and it's only a medium vacuum (100 Pa, but still very dangerous).
Their newer maglev tech looks promising though.

Bullet trains are quite convenient, but I wouldn't trust any built/run/maintained by USA passenger train companies - safety record is abysmal.

Virgin Hyperloop - First Passenger Test

spawnflagger says...

So they sat in the test pod for hours while they vacuumed out the air?
I didn't see any hatch on the tube itself... not that they needed a vacuum to get to 100mph... hyperloop such a waste of money.

I'm a big fan of Elon Musk, but this idea is a flop at best, and disaster-waiting-to-happen at worst.

TX 'Ballot Chaser' Illegally Pressures Voters To Change Vote

spawnflagger says...

TX attorney general is now investigating her.

The above news story links to scribd document from Raquel Rodriguez where she said she was playing along with suspicious people (turned out to be Project Veritas). Seems kinda dumb to "play along" and incriminate yourself multiple times saying "this is illegal".

Given Veritas' track record, they aren't credible source, but if this lady did half the things claimed in the video, she's going to jail.

Photoshop AI Filters

Female cruise captain takes down sexist troll in viral video

Amazing Floating Tensegrity Chair

Mad World-Pentatonix

Folded Man Stands Up Straight After 28 Years

The Superman's Return - Michael Guerra is back... Cyclist


spawnflagger says...

These guys pretend like Mythbusters or Punkin' Chunkin' never existed... definitely over-engineered. Cool slow-mo videos though, and gotta support the Rocket City Trash Pandas

Skokomish River salmon cross the road

The Video Store - Last Action Hero

spawnflagger says...

I didn't see it in the theater, but watched it on video and thought it was great. Pokes fun at Hollywood action movies, lot of 4th wall jokes. McTiernan should make an anniversary director's cut.

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