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Ameca and the most realistic AI robots. Beyond Atlas.

spawnflagger says...

I agree with newtboy - Elon has a lot of bad ideas. (most of which are debunked with high school physics - see the many Thunderf00t videos). But there's a lot of smart people working at Tesla and SpaceX who are actually doing a bulk of the work & innovation.

But, this video isn't about Musk, it's about Robots and AI. Many more examples and companies than just Tesla-bot.

Don't worry though, humanity will be 'saved' from the robots by a large coronal mass ejection event that fries the grid and most computers on Earth.

Sailor Rescues Naked Woman 3 Miles Offshore - Dolphin Helped

How to Not Fall Off A Ladder

spawnflagger says...

I knew the 4:1 ratio for proper angle, and he doesn't mention that, but does explain trick to get the same angle using just your foot placement and arms to measure.

Tom Scott trying to deal with his phobia of roller coasters

spawnflagger says...

And probably 3 out of 4 of those was the rider doing something stupid (EIA), where they would still be alive if they weren't effing around and finding out.

surfingyt said:

According to the googles its about 4/year. So you can still confidently ride knowing you're (very very very...) unlikely to die.


Black Adam – Official Trailer 1


Duck Runs Marathon & Wins Medal

Tom Cruise Terrifies James in 'Top Gun' Fighter Jet!

spawnflagger jokingly says...

Probably Tom Cruise prefers James Corden for these because their heights are so similar (5'7" to 5'8"). All the other late night hosts are a few inches taller.

Top Gun: Maverick | The Power of the Naval Aircraft Featuret

Brass Against - Toxicity (System of a Down Cover) ft. Cunio

Amish response to covid

spawnflagger jokingly says...

The Amish must have better immunity because they walk barefoot in cow feces all the time. (speaking for those in northeastern Ohio - maybe Lancaster is different).

And they've been practicing social-distancing from outsiders for decades (hence inbreeding being a real problem).

Excellent work-ethic though. maybe it's "idle hands are the devil's playground" mentality, but I could definitely see why they wouldn't want to shut down during covid.

When massive solar flares kill the grid and fry most computers on Earth, the Amish will be just fine. The rest of us "English" will be in chaos.


Kids In The Hall - Business Opportunity

Moron EXPOSES Chinese Government by Accident

spawnflagger says...

the video content is not pro-Trump, and certainly not pro-China.

it definitely could be shorter though.
TL;DW = CCP pays these "influencer" "whores" to "show" that there's no genocide, and all them have "handlers" constantly following them and just go to 1 "tourist spot" in the province, but the province is so big that it would be a 15+ hour drive to get from this spot to one of the reported forced-labor camps. Also all the friendly "dancing locals" in these influencer videos are in on it, either getting paid or just forced to participate in the videos.

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