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Deep Dive Dubai - The World's Deepest Pool

bremnet says...

Total N2 build up in the bloodstream is time dependent. If they're flitting about, zooming to the bottom and back to the top with very low Bottom Time, then the risk is (relatively) lower. But (IMO) not worth screwing with, as the downside (getting bent) is no picnic. Whether in a hole in Dubai or out on the reef, plan the dive and dive the plan.

SFOGuy said:

How come they don't get the bends soaring around between deep and shallow?

Never use Wire Nuts Again - Wago is Better Connector

bremnet says...

Hmm... wire nuts not reusable? Well, that's just BS. And you don't cut the wire when you're adding a new junction, you just turn the nut off and re-use it. Decades of electrical code would tend to disagree with pretty much every point made here.

How a Kar98k Works

bremnet says...

It's considered to be a very reliable and long lasting action. The fit and design keep the action "tight" through repeated use and reduces wear on mating surfaces. A larger-than-most extractor claw reduces the possibility of stuck rounds from breaking the claw or slipping out during extraction. A noticeably smoother action when chambering or extracting a round. I don't know that it contributes to the accuracy of the rifle, would say not in my experience, but opinions vary.


Worlds Worst Sheepdog

Mandolorian Season 2 Trailer

bremnet says...

OK, since there's a bunch of experts on this thread, when did the Tie fighters first show that they had folding "wings" (solar array panels) as @ the 1:13 mark. I ain't no Star Wars expert, but this is the first time I've seen this. Help?

Smoke From Forest Fire in Oregon Reduces Visibility

bremnet says...

Kudos to you for keeping up the fight against Bob's crap. You must feel like Sisyphus sometimes.

newtboy said:

No, Bob. The "antifa is setting wildfires" claim is pure bullshit with zero evidence. I bet Trump is repeating it. The fires in Oregon were started by lightning.

The cop who posted that bullshit lie with no evidence whatsoever has been suspended for spreading lies designed to instigate violence.

The fires are started by lightning mostly.

The wildfires are not caused by antifa or spontaneously exploding trees. They are caused by excessive dryness and decades of drought caused by anthropogenic climate change and dry summer thunderstorms that are increasing in number as our climate changes.

One was started by morons doing an explosive baby reveal.....yes, another one.

They are made worse by the criminal mismanagement of federal forest lands, which make up about 57% of the state's forests. Trump likes to blame California government for mismanagement of the forest, but is too ignorant to grasp that California only owns 3% of it's forests, and they're managed far better than the federal lands.

If you watched anything that wasn't pure propaganda, you would know this. Only right wing bat shit crazy propaganda hides those facts and pretends the fires are from liberals....Only fools believe the same people who've lied to them constantly for years.

The Most Popular Programming Languages - 1965/2020

bremnet says...

Wow. Matlab from 2005 to 2013. Never knew it'd be in the top 10. Lovely programming language, easy to compile and loves big data sets.

Naval Assault Suit Trials

bremnet says...

Too bad they called it "Assault" - now folks think warfare. How about dropping in to tight spots in rescue situations? Or getting medical aid to stranded / injured folks in remote or inaccessible by foot locations - don't need to dispatch a helo, drive to the closest spot and fly in, render aid, wait on support/helo to lift you out. If I had one, it'd be for 1) party entrances and 2) scaring kids.

Some dudes nuke a cow. Really.

Fibre. It’s how we internet now.

bremnet says...

Yep. What he said. I lived in Brisbane for 2+ years, 1992. Friendliest, kindest people I've ever seen, they seem to go out of their way to make you feel welcome. That's saying a lot - I'm Canadian. From time to time enjoyed convincing traveling Americans that 'Seppo' was a term of endearment, reserved just for them, and which they quickly adopted, proudly proclaiming to their fellow American travelers that "Yes, I'm a Seppo! We're all Seppo's". Kind of says it all.

newtboy said:

Go there, meet the people, it will all make perfect sense. They aren't crazy or all dicks, that makes a huge difference in their society.

Pipeline Blasting

Time Lapse of Comet Neowise - July 11, 2020

bremnet says...

Great vid & tail points away from the sun, no matter the direction of travel. At first glance, us who learned physics on Bugs Bunny thought it was being played backwards.

Girl Can't Find Fuel Cap At Gas Station

Bill Burr calls out Joe Rogan about wearing masks

bremnet says...

Joe Rogan - of the "fuck everybody else, I only care about me" crowd. No shirt, no shoes , no service went over without a blip, but put on a mask for the sake of other humans in the midst of bugs that can kill you, and meatbags like this lose their shit because someone's telling them to do it. How hard is it?

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