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1916 Owen Magnetic - Jay Leno's Garage

The history and virtues of eating pigeon meat

Bicycle powered car

Cat protects his dog friend

Cat protects his dog friend

BolaWrap: Restraint Tool

geo321 (Member Profile)

The boy kissed me during my street performance

Attempted Cash-In-Transit heist

Buttle says...

Rest assured that neither Democrats nor Republicans are going to outlaw firearms for security guards paid to protect large sums of money and those with the wherewithal to send it. Firearms for little people that might just want to protect themselves are a different thing entirely.

TangledThorns said:

More evidence why Democrats are wrong. This is why you need an AR-15.

Caulking Tally Ho

Buttle says...

Sort of like a lot of OJT, in my experience.

Khufu said:

skip to 10:30 if you want an explanation of wtf is going on, I kept skipping around thinkin I had missed it, then realized... nope. They just show 10 mins of people doing this task before ever explaining the process.

newtboy (Member Profile)

Buttle says...

thanks. I think this is one of the best on youtube.

newtboy said:

I got hooked on this series about 6 months ago and binge watched it from the beginning. It's a great introduction to ship building, and one hell of a project.
It's not exactly right to call it a restoration, there's hardly any of the original wood left in it. I think in the end there's going to be the transom and lead keel left, everything else being replaced including the dozens of huge iron, now polished brass, castings and thousands of custom copper rivets.
*promote a *quality series

IBM Selectric Golf Ball in slow motion

Max Richter - November

Well played anti masker self-own

Ancient cat video

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