Skewer Us with your Rapier Wit! Winners!

Final Update: The battle of the Silver Tongues is complete. Here are the top 15 comments for the contest. If you are in the top 5 - please send me (@dag) your tee size and mailing address and we'll get it in the mail. Thanks for playing, congrats to the winners and Sparta forever.

1. 46 votes - @blankfist

2. 45 votes - @Trancecoach

3. 37 votes - @dystopianfuturetoday

4. 36 votes - @JiggaJonson

5. 35 votes - @transporter

6. 35 votes - @DerHasisttot

7. 31 votes - @ChaosEngine

8. 30 votes - @dystopianfuturetoday

9. 29 votes - @hpqp

10. 29 votes - @dystopianfuturetoday

11. 28 votes - @smooman

12. 27 votes - @marinara

13. 26 votes - @hpqp

14. 25 votes - @Skeeve

15. 24 votes - @ChaosEngine


OK, OK, this could be possibly the best contest we've ever done. This is is the one for the Sifters who can't be f'd to actually submit video content but would rather contribute by taking me down a peg or making me spew milk out my nose.

This. is. the. battle of the Silver Tongues (and Sparta).

We're awarding five custom t-shirts over a 2 week period to 5 people who know how turn a phrase. This shirt will not be available among our collection of other fine shirts at the Sift Shop - you can only win it. (but seriously, you should buy a shirt if you haven't). Here's the design after the jump:

Here are the very simple rules in bullets for your reading pleasure:
  • Winners are the top 5 comments by vote over a 2 week period
  • Valid for comments submitted after midnight August 28th and before September 12th US PST
  • VideoSift past or present staff are ineligible (I would totally kill - Level 18 ST here)

    That's about it. We'll update you about a week into the contest to see what the standings are. I'm Really looking forward to this one - it's no secret that I believe the comments in discussions are the very best part of VideoSift.

    Raconteurs and word-smiths of the short form - limber those fingers, grab your thesaurus, bookmark Urban Dictionary and mind the sarcasm button, for TONIGHT - WE DINE in that little deli on the corner where those guys sit in the corner booth, drink coffee all night and make each other laugh - or HELL! I mean HELL!

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