Weekly Achievements for 17Feb19 thru 23Feb19

#1 Video

A Beautiful Day At Nazare by newtboy

True Facts: The Lemur by w1ndex

I was tired of shoveling my driveway by Mordhaus

Trump publicly blows his cover for national emergency by simonm

Yesterday Trailer #1 (2019) by nanrod

Ain't no wall high enough by Mordhaus

Rapping 1000 Words in 2 Minutes!!! Mac Lethal by newtboy

How Microwaving Grapes Makes Plasma by oritteropo

Icy by Mordhaus

Kitbull | Pixar by eric3579

Top 15 Videos

Jack Black 1982 Atari Pitfall Commercial by newtboy reached #2
Just amazing by Mordhaus reached #2
DONALD TRUMP : The Muppet Show Mah Na Mah Na Mashup by oritteropo reached #2
Oh Canada by Mordhaus reached #2
My 4,566,300,000 Year Old Ring by newtboy reached #2
Delaware State Trooper Pulls Gun on Black Man For Speeding by Mordhaus reached #2
How To Make Diamond Ice Cube by C-note reached #2
Did Manafort Lie to Mueller to Protect Trump?: A Closer Look by simonm reached #2
Circular Saw Kickback Killer-use science to make tools safer by oritteropo reached #2
Eating banana in 1 second... by ant reached #2
Lots of efforts to free up his mate Oh wait, what by BSR reached #2
China's Road Network by Mordhaus reached #2
Trump Undercuts His National Emergency Declaration by simonm reached #3
Super Troopers 2 - Danny Devito by Mordhaus reached #3
Nailed it! by Mordhaus reached #3
Plane Ran Out of Fuel at 41,000 Feet. Here's What Happened. by oritteropo reached #3
George Carlin - Pride by lurgee reached #3
Why Denmark Is .07 Seconds Behind The World by Mordhaus reached #3
Police chase UFO hovering streets. by ant reached #3
Twerking Tarantula by ant reached #4
Feel like making love by Mordhaus reached #4
No Touchie! by Mordhaus reached #4
Loneliness by w1ndex reached #4
The 70% top tax rate, explained with potatoes by C-note reached #4
My Father's Dream: Blind Mechanic Drives For The First Time by newtboy reached #5
Hard brake test! Airbus Beluga XL spectacular short landing by oritteropo reached #5
Brexit III: Last Week Tonight by w1ndex reached #5
Guard The Cookies, Hal by newtboy reached #5
Woman's best friend by Mordhaus reached #5
A perch with a view by eric3579 reached #5
Nobody Dies in Longyearbyen by newtboy reached #6
Introducing Tesla Dog Mode by newtboy reached #6
Inferno: Dust Explosion at Imperial Sugar by Mordhaus reached #6
Pali Highway in Hawaii covered by landslide by Mordhaus reached #8
Ride a Wooden Bike Down the Swiss Alps by oritteropo reached #8
Rare 'lava' waterfall at Yosemite National Park by Mordhaus reached #8
Dog and Deer Make Perfect Playtime Pals by ant reached #8
How Cockroaches Use Karate Kicks ... by C-note reached #9
The Ancient Hawaiian Art of Bark Cloth by oritteropo reached #9
This looks way too painful... by C-note reached #10
The microbial truth of how your cheese gets made by oritteropo reached #10
Full Frontal - The Green New Deal by nanrod reached #10
Basically every car in the North after winter by Mordhaus reached #11
That's the spot by Mordhaus reached #11
The Real National Emergency Is Climate Change: A Closer Look by simonm reached #12
English vs. German vs. Swiss German (Zurich and Valais) by oritteropo reached #12
Trump Prepares for Mueller's Final Report: A Closer Look by simonm reached #14
Fish Heads- Barnes and Barnes by newtboy reached #15

Top Comments

Two studies have found that at least 40% of police... by Sniper007 (12 votes)
Corporal O’Neil of Troop 7 in Lewes, Del., reportedly... by newtboy (11 votes)
the "good cop v. bad cop" argument is always a red... by kir_mokum (9 votes)
Sadly, it's because these "good cops" all but never... by newtboy (8 votes)
WTF, panzies. Covered by landslide?! That's barely... by newtboy (7 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Kitbull | Pixar by eric3579 (34 votes)
Yesterday Trailer #1 (2019) by nanrod (32 votes)
True Facts: The Lemur by w1ndex (32 votes)
Just amazing by Mordhaus (29 votes)
I was tired of shoveling my driveway by Mordhaus (28 votes)

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