Canadian PSA about domestic violence.

that's all fine and good, but the problem is that it is a public service announcement...
the people who it needs to affect won't give a shit about this clip.
I am one of the lucky ones who actually got out of an abusive marriage, and I can tell you that to anyone else besides you and your kids, the man is such a loveable guy all the is hard for them to believe this shit actually happens. Most of the time they actually don't believe it.
All this clip does is either amuse those who can't imagine it, or shock those who didn't know that kind of behavior existed.
Either way, its interesting and well done!
(I am offended, however, that it is in the comedy channel and I can't do anything about it.)


I agree re this not being comedy, even though it could be seen that way in a Robot Chicken sort of sense.

*nochannel *canada *commercial *wtf


yeah Blankfist, it's funny until you see it actually happen and see how other people turn a blind eye. It's fucking hilarious when other people, in fact, try to blame the victim - yeah that's a real hoot and a hollar.


^Domestic violence isn't funny, but this PSA is because it's ridiculously over the top. Therefore, it deserves more time on the front page. *promote!

[edit]Please don't think I'm making light of DV. It's a monstrous act.


What the video doesn't show you:

1. The coffee was decaf, the man asked for regular
2. The childrens' food is undercooked
3. Service was slow and unenthusiastic
4. The man is bipolar
5. The man's wife recently left him
6. The man's wife left him for the waitress

Clearly, this clip was taken entirely out of context.



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I'm not sure where this came from, but to set the record straight, This ad would never run in Canadian media, we have content rules too and this is way over the line... (F***** B***)!

Must be a made for the internet ad (which is not regulated - anywhere)!


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Although now that I have read all the comments, maybe this isn't a cool move, @blankfist.

I don't think this is over the top. Not that I know for sure, thank god. But I have read a lot of memoirs and this seems quite likely within the range of possible behavior.

Re-read peggedbea's comment at

and laugh at that, why doncha.

Or is that comment what prompted you to doublepromote, blankfist? I am so confused by you.....


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