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George Saunders is a Great Writer. Good interview

17yr old student pilot first solo, loses a wheel on takeoff

bareboards2 says...

Little factoid here.... NOT first solo flight.

First solo cross country flight.

Thank goodness someone saw the wheel fall off at takeoff.


How Singapore Fixed Its Housing Problem

BoneRemake (Member Profile)

Super human interview

bareboards2 says...

It isn't that enormously clever, this video. Mildly so.

However, I became fascinated at his acting ability.

It isn't easy, being that natural.

This is a great acting reel.

Unsuspecting Whale Watchers Get Soaked

eric3579 (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

Thanks my friend.

When the song started, it became clear that it could ONLY have been that song.

Randy is brilliant.

eric3579 said:

That was pretty entertaining *promote *quality

Y'alright love?

The Naked Gun Trilogy's Funniest Moments (Cammed)

The Father Grieving His Son's Death at Parkland Graduation

Pigeon protecting it's 'baby'.

eric3579 (Member Profile)

BoneRemake (Member Profile)

bareboards2 (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

Hey Meatbag! Thanks for the power points. I shall attempt to use them wisely.

You are a kind and generous person, who ere you are.

siftbot said:

You just received a gift of 6 Power Points from an anonymous meatbag. Spend them well, and make your generous benefactor proud.

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