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Think "Brainstorm." Listen. Think "Green Needle." Listen.

Austin gets lit

bareboards2 says...

*timeshift then.

nanrod said:

Because that's what lightning usually does. Actually it goes both ways. A weaker charge goes cloud to ground and ionizes a pathway for a much larger charge to go up. Both the up and down stroke happen so fast your eyes usually perceive only the brighter upstroke. This video has been slowed down.

Mordhaus (Member Profile)

God Sent Two Scientists To Cure Cancer But They Were Aborted

mxxcon (Member Profile)

bareboards2 says...

I know you are joking..... but maybe! Maybe!

More likely he is just more fully engorged in hate.

mxxcon said:

Maybe he saw how strong the sign was and it related to the values this sign represents. So he probably realized he should go home, re-examine his values and maybe tomorrow he'll be out holding that very sign and supporting its message.

Didn't see that coming

bareboards2 says...

Local guy has a weird last name. I jokingly asked him if he knows famous actor with same weird last name.

Yep. That is my daughter.


(He is a talented artist in his own right. It runs in the family!)

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No Parent Should Have to Have "The Talk."

BoneRemake (Member Profile)

Conservatives and Liberals Can Laugh | Garfunkel and Oates

Raccoons Really like Cookie Crisps

Conservatives and Liberals Can Laugh | Garfunkel and Oates

BoneRemake (Member Profile)

Dance on spinning floor - Yoann Bourgeois / CCN2

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