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Viral How Much Did Your Divorce Cost

Viral How Much Did Your Divorce Cost

The Reason I’m Getting A Divorce

My Waffle Wedded Wife

Lamb Truck

Just a taste of his sweet funky tunes and I was transformed

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Alien- Sweeded

An actual smoke screen (smoke curtain)

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Whistleblower’s Damning Testimony on Trump’s failures

Drunk Pig

bareboards2 says...

Posting here with my own drunk piggy.

Milk drunk, but still. Passed out onto its little baby piggy face.

Jefferson County Fair. I can't remember which year.

Shy girl viciously defeats big loud guy in NYC comedy roast

bareboards2 says...

She really was great. And I REALLY enjoyed how his attacks on her body went over like .... nothing.

Cheap jokes vs Brain jokes.

I love the world right now.

Shy girl viciously defeats big loud guy in NYC comedy roast

Ernie Chambers - A Time For Burning Clip

bareboards2 says...

You aren't serious, are you? To compare what a white family might say to their teenager to what is said to a black teenager?

Have you seen or read anything about what it means to be Black While Driving? Seen the statistics?

vil said:

Funny I only had one opportunity to visit an american family (white) with a teenager and got to hear that conversation, obviously it was for my benefit too, but still - white people have to think about what they say to cops too. Not to try to put down the topic of the video.

Also time machine.

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