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rottenseed says...

It's not freedom of speech, chingy my's giving us "just enough rope to hang ourselves"

Oh sure, say what you'd like wherever you'd like. But, if you trip up once...or even if you're just being accused of tripping up. Every key you've ever pressed, every recording you've ever left, will be fair game.

chingalera said:

Here's one for the sift: Because I sent an email from an address I had used as an alias on this site to my ex-wife's mother trying to track down my ex and children who, in violation of divorce decree, left the state without notifying me....
My ex-mother-in-law (crazy, paranoid academic) lied and said she felt threatened by my inquiry, made some shit up in a police report in King County, Washington and slapped me with a restraining order. For a fucking email, in which I neither threatened them or anyone they knew.

I am arrested for something completely unrelated 5 years later, charged with threatening the lives of policemen (fucking rant about how small their dicks were and their mommy-issues form the back of the cop car) the State of Texas is charging me with felony obstruction, and some intern in the DA's office preparing for the state's case, goes online, finds my alias and LOW AND BEHOLD-The state has in their hands my dossier from Videosift from every time the user had typed ANYTHING derogatory concerning police in general.

Big brother is up your ass and you people without balls and more common sense than myself....ain't got a fucking clue.

Thanks again Lucky, for eliminating those comments on said behalf, even though they have the hard-copy, which, I am told by my atty., would be of no effect either way to peruse
.-Freedom of speech is utter fucking bullshit in the United States of Now-Thanks to all the ineffectual pseudo-intellectual ass-sniffers who thinks republicans or democrats are any sort of concern or problem OR that your participation in their government machine can do anything but enslave you further. Play a losing game and you wake up in chains.

I'm kinna with the Dark Knight Joker at this juncture...Surprise me again with some motherfucking "change", eh??
*Freedom in the form of boots stamping on a human face forever, America.

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rottenseed says...


...for next time

Jinx said:

People actually read youtube comments? HAHAHAHA. You post something on a video with 1000+ views and it doesn't matter how insightful or eloquent you are, its already lost in a sea of dribble. At least now if you comment through g+ somebody might actually see it.

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