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NASA's Parker Solar Probe Touches The Sun For The First Time

Maximum 80s

Horrific Multi-Car Freeway Wreck - Los Angeles

Payback says...

The camera guy obviously bought himself an old police car, probably had emergency lights on, drawing attention to himself.

People rubbernecking the "cop car" at the side of the road and missing the dark coloured wrecks.

Satisfying Geometric Puzzle Trick

Irrigation Dog

Payback says...

I think changing the flow of rain water through puddles is a universal childhood hobby. I can honestly say it has been a few weeks since I tried my hand at intelligent avulsion.

2021 Formula Off-road Best In Show

Payback says...

I always love how angry they sound. Like they get bogged down a bit half way up, then have a freak-out, total meltdown spaz fest.

Russian Girl vs ATM

Lightning Strikes Same Street Light 11 Times

Snake Bites Girl At Petting Zoo

Magnetic Face Mask vs Giant Neodymium Magnet

After action report on the South African attempting hijack

Cop blinds a home security camera before issuing a citation

Payback says...

No, there's a few. They're all members of the same station with little interaction with other forces, and they live in the communities they serve, but there's a few.

newtboy said:

No good apples. None. It's a fallacy.

Possibly the worst attempt at lying ever


Traveling Downwind Faster Than Windspeed

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