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My God, Bones... What Have I Done?

Payback says...

After this movie, they started blowing up all the damn Enterprises. All over the place. All shows, all movies. Sometimes it was left esplodeded, other times time hiccups saved it.

Sleeping Rabbit has Accident

Sleeping Rabbit has Accident

Pigeon protecting it's 'baby'.

man assaults teen in gym

Teen gets pushed off 60ft bridge

Payback says...

See the way Bessie looks at the victim before pushing her?

Damn I hope Kharma is a real thing.

Fearless Photographer Stands Up to Polar Bear

Payback says...

Actually, they've created a testicle sling mount for Nikon cameras.
Part numbers:

Digitalfiend said:

I'm surprised he could get a picture of the polar bear without his giant balls getting in the way. With that said, it seemed like a small/young polar bear - still, I'm not sure if I'd be up to charging at one!

How to remove moles (Possibly a little unethical...)

Payback says...

Sure that's not Bill Murray in Caddyshack you're thinking of?

OMFG, just wiki'd that and you're right.

They have totally plagiarized Ramis. Bastards.

lucky760 said:

This reminds me of the episode of Married with Children where Al Bundy is trying to exterminate a rabbit in his garden. I think he resorts to a shotgun and finally dynamite if memory serves correctly. Anyone else remember this?

He wanted to be a man eating shark

Dolphin enjoying a bow ride

Payback says...

Apparently needs a frickin' laser on it's frickin' head.

lucky760 said:

To follow up, I did show this to my boys and there were totally unimpressed, just asking when the good part was going to start.


What is this miracle device?

Payback says...

Enlightenment, or, "DUDE! IT'S DOING IT TO YOU AS WELL!!!"

I felt sad when I found out non-euclidean geometry was only theoretical too.

toferyu said:

And that moment of enlightenment when he sees the dude in red *also* has a twin on the other side of the portal !

Dolphin enjoying a bow ride

Payback says...

Haven't Googled anything, but I think it's like ground effect in airplanes and helicopters. The dolphin is pushing against a horizontal "column" of water the ship is pushing in front of it. Allows it to move along with little effort.

I would think that, to the dolphin, it feels like how a dog does with it's head out a car window. All the benefits of moving fast, with almost none of the effort.

BSR said:

Can someone Google the physics on how this works? Thanks in advance.

What is this miracle device?

Dude Goes On A Beer Run With An Alligator Under His Arm

He used to be an athlete, but now he's fat

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