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When Elephant Gives Birth Da Herd Rush 2 Celebrate With Her

Things about Relationships I wish someone told me about

Payback says...

They way she talks, she comes off like a stereotypical Millennial, the way they yammer about "microaggressions" and shit like that, but the illustrator is focusing on really large "in your face" toxic situations. The ones that make you shake your head and go, "how the Hell did you stay around that person?"

Is incongruous is all.

Mueller Report

How Nestle Makes Billions Bottling Free Water

Love Death and Robots 1x13 - Warship vs Jets

Payback says...

Warship? Those tend to be naval in nature. Gunship or VTOL Transport. Seems more like a continuation of the Sea Stallion / Pave Low, or a blatant rip off of the Marvel Comics Quinjet.

Why They want to REPLACE YOU

Sesame Street: Respect is Coming

Woman perfectly imitates car alarm.

Turkey broke into my truck

Turkey broke into my truck

Payback says...

I feel bad for the person in the compact car.

newtboy said:

Now who's the turkey?
What a dick, he couldn't chase it out the other side? I hope the next turkey chases him into freeway traffic. I promise to feel just as bad about it as he did.

Turkey broke into my truck

Angry Rhino Charges

Gives us the precious

Raunchy Australian real estate promo horrifies

Game of Thrones Hotline for Confused Fans

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