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Toddler swing analysis at the Houston Open

True Facts: Leafhoppers and Friends

More than a hologram: Star Wars-like tech you can buy now

Wait for it

Payback says...

I'm completely certain there are non-pedophile billionaires willing to purchase his demise.

Hell, I can think of at least one lower-middle-class Western Canadian man who'd chip in a $50.

moonsammy said:

It's certainly one of the easier "conspiracy theories" to believe. There were almost certainly a number of powerful people who wanted what Epstein knew to remain secret, and were thrilled that he died. It's super plausible that someone would arrange for him to be killed. Hell, there could've been competing hit-persons all trying to get the job done first for their particular wealthy child-diddling client.

Compare that to something like flat earth - why the fuck would anyone bother to hide that? Who would actually benefit from conspiring to make people think the earth is round rather than flat?

Spooky Scary Skeletons: NOOB vs PRO vs EPIC

Wait for it

Payback says...

To be fair, child molesters don't last long behind bars, and often not due to suicide. I'm fully capable of believing he was killed, I just don't think you need a conspiracy to complete the task.

Primitive Technology: 4 years of primitive technology

Payback says...

I still want him to make an April 1 video where he takes a bunch of mud, sand, and unsmelted ore, mixes it up, kiln fires it, and smashes apart the outer layer revealing a Nokia 3310.

Action Movie Kids: James’ Ryan Reynolds Costume

Edward Snowden - How your cellphone spies on you

Payback says...

I once was worried I didn't know if the CIA had a file on me.

So I sent them a letter about it, and now I'm not worried anymore.

80s' Toys R Us' TV Ad.

Payback says...

This commercial makes me sad.

I remember being too old for the target demographic.

Later, I was sad to realize the owners of this store never understood this "intertubes" fad, and pissed away their chance to become the Amazon of toys. Rather than... Amazon becoming the Amazon of toys.

lucky760 said:

It comforts me sometimes being reminded I'm not the only one who remembers things like this...

Nowadays I usually feel alone whenever I reference something from the 80s or even 90s.


80s' Toys R Us' TV Ad.

Payback says...

What were you orbiting for the ~ 9 months before those 64?

BSR said:

Pffft. I will be completing my 64th orbit around the sun tomorrow at 3:00 PM. That works out to be 23,376 days. Hard to believe I've breathing this whole time.

I'm not skeerd.

Which Planet is Closest? Spoiler: You're Wrong.

Demonstrating Quantum Supremacy

Payback says...

I want technology that will allow 1G of acceleration constantly for about 3 days. That's all you need to get to Mars.

Spring Break in an electric dunebuggy on Olympic Mons.

Damn straight.

newtboy said:

Next, can they tackle Entangled Quantum Particle computing and communication. If we go to Mars, it would be great to have instantaneous communication instead of a varying delay each way.

Extremely Fast Snowmobile

Whale Fall Actively Devoured by Scavengers

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