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The Ad Trump has Threatened TV Stations Over

Payback says...

This should be referred to as "Trump's virus" from now on. It happened during his presidency, ergo it's his responsibility. Period.

How To Stop The Spread Of Misinformation About Coronavirus

Infectious Disease Expert on the seriousness of Coronavirus

Curiosity Snaps 1.8 Billion Pixel Mars Panorama

You Got Something There

The World's Biggest Gear Reduction

Payback says...

From what I understand, no one will be. Counting from the big bang, the estimated heat death of the universe happens at googol years anyway, so we're a trillion or so years too late to start now.

BSR said:

Guess I won't be around for the celebration.

MSNBC fails at basic math

Payback says...

Where'd Bloomberg get 500 trillion to spend on ads?

Oh, that wasn't the wrong number? My bad.

newtboy said:

See...Bernie is right, we DESPERATELY need a better education system in this country when "educated news people" can't tell the difference between $1.50 and $1000000.00

Uses Rice to Show How Rich Jeff Bezos Is | NowThis

Payback says...

That reminds me, can I borrow a cup of rice from someone? I want to buy an island somewhere.

Uses Rice to Show How Rich Jeff Bezos Is | NowThis

Payback says...

With current property values, a millionaire is a successful small business owner. They really aren't the problem for the most part. In some cases, paying off your mortgage classifies you as a millionaire.

vil said:

Sure, why not.

Millionaires too?

Trump Keeps Lying About the Coronavirus Outbreak

Payback says...

Trump says "so doc, we should just treat it like the flu" she then shakes her head and says no.

How'd Seth miss that?

The World's Biggest Gear Reduction

Payback says...

A billion computers, counting a billion numbers a second, will take 10 to the 74 power years to count to googol. To give you some sense of the ridiculousness of this scale, the current accepted age of the universe is 10 to the 9th years.

Waterseer, Another one bites the dust!!

Natalia shows off her Muff

Payback says...

I like how the blonde trailed off as she was about to list all the things you could keep in your muff.

Missed opportunity.

Waterseer, Another one bites the dust!!

Payback says...

You know, without actually looking at the things he speaks about, I've found thunderfoot to be a downer. I've had acquaintances like him, very toxic.

I'm sure he's following the scientific method, having a critical eye, and exposing charlatans that dearly need the light of day shone on their taints, but imagine him in person.

Are you ready for this? Carolina Reaper Challenge.

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