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DC3 stall into a spin w/ bonus skydivers

Sci-Fi story from Many Worlds interpr. of Quantum Mechanics

2020: Zero Thanks Given

A Record Thirty Turtle Terrapins Riding On Hippo's Back

How Large Can a Bacteria Get? Life & Size 3

When Police use "Grappler Bumper" to end a car pursuit

Payback says...

Finally. I saw this tech years ago and wondered why it wasn't being more widely adopted.

My personal thought was cops like chasing people and P.I.T. maneuvers and this isn't as fun.

Customer stated her turn signal is broke

Payback says...

Typically, people like that feel they have a right to hang stuff from their signal levers and its the manufacturers fault for not knowing this. Manufacturers that steal elections.

ant said:

What was the customer's reaction? I wonder how much that easy fix costed.

Vox: The technology that’s replacing the green screen.

Payback says...

To be fair, there's a (Hank) Green screen in there...

moonsammy said:

No, it isn't a green screen. I had thought it was discussed in the first video, but apparently it was actually mid-way through the 2nd one (@9:07, if the embed doesn't start at the right time):

No shame

Payback says...

Destruction of public property charges come to mind. If the certificate of auth came through, I'd charge him with theft of 20,000 pounds.

eric3579 said:

The taking it off a building is one thing. I get that that could be tempting for some, but the willingness to gladly admit it on TV. I mean the amount of flak he's gonna catch from near and far. He obviously didn't think this through.

Guy has a truly horrible airport experience

Payback says...

Isn't the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace doing anything about this? Or does it keep it's focus on union busting and promoting the gig economy?

Motorcyclist makes a nice catch on the freeway

Payback says...

Extra points for putting it in the pocket until he can get to a garbage can.

Hell, to be honest, just extra points for catching it, the pocket is the true heroic act.

Sally Pearson 100m hurdle post interview

Skeletor is not a feminist

2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Finalists

Helicopter Nearly Collides With Drone Off Hollywood Coast

Payback says...

With no aviation experience, I thought flying an aircraft below the roof level of buildings unless landing or taking off was prohibited. Maybe it was far enough away.

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