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Why Echidnas Are Evolutionary Misfits

Payback says...

Kept wondering why the thumbnail was making me hungry.

Then I noticed I was reading the title as "Why Enchiladas Are Evolutionary Misfits"

Marvel's Jessica Jones - Season 2 Trailer: Her Way | Netflix

Only in the USA

Payback says...

Probably designed and built outside of Calgary, imho. The Daytona 500 is a Michelin Red Book destination compared to the Stampede.

who says a time lord can't be a woman?

Payback says...

True Whovians don't care who portrays the Doctor as long as copious ass is kicked and names are at least jotted down for future reference if not entirely taken.

The Ones crying about Whitaker have cried about every single other change since Baker.

True story.

PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games - Robot Skiing

Payback says...

I was all ready to put down some snarky comment or drag out a "welcome our overlords" thing, but then I noticed something.

They all ski better than I do.

Changing shifts at a French lighthouse in the Iroise Sea

Ragdoll Man

MasterCard : Priceless

Payback says...

Sorry Newt. 11 Year old sift.

Hehe, "1 Decade, 1 Year, blah blah days" That's cute.


Giant Wolf?!

Payback says...

There's something to be said about attitude. Don't act like prey, don't be treated as prey.

Also, all the cameras and people lead me to believe this is a for-profit area. The wolves are probably well fed.

Surveillance Balls Are Rolling Out

Ladies.. here is why 99% of Guys don't approach you..

Payback says...

Female friend once complained to me that all the guys she dates turn out to be insecure jerks. I asked her what is it about insecure jerks she finds attractive? She immediately got sensitive and said she likes men who know what they want and take control of a situation. I said, the most insecure people are the ones who try to control everything around them. Secure people, by and large, don't care and seem aloof. They lead, they don't dominate.

I was walled into the friend zone by that point so, meh. Whatevs.


Mash Report: Women Have Told Everyone to Just Fuck Off

Amazing Facts You Never Knew about Keanu Reeves

Payback says...

You never saw the Mattrix? With Keenau Raves as the Wan? With his friends Marfeeass? and Trieneety?

spawnflagger said:

interesting facts, but narration was incredibly annoying. "matrix" shouldn't sound like "mattress"...

Casually Explained: Introverts and Extroverts

Payback says...

He gets recognition and justification without actually having to interact with people. You think that would be good enough for an extrovert?

spawnflagger said:

obviously he's biased because he sees himself as an introvert, yet would a true introvert be publishing YouTube videos?

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