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Mordhaus (Member Profile)

How to Read Barcodes

Baltimore Officers Found Guilty In Police Corruption Case

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule: Hollywood's Grey Area

Read list of corporate donors, get ejected from the chamber

RedSky says...

The corrupting power of money in politics seems to be a bipartisan issue. Why do you think there's a lack of unity and action from people of both left and right wing persuasions to push politicians to act?

bobknight33 said:

How dare she list out who is getting paid off.
Remove her damn it.

If "Pharmaceutical Ads" were Real Life

RedSky says...

Wow that ad really doesn't beat around the bush (or tush) about what it's talking about.

geo321 (Member Profile)

Sprint Customer Service Rep forgets to hang up

Plumbus X

Why these Alabama voters are sticking by Roy Moore (HBO)

RedSky says...

It's funny seeing how some want to have both sides of the argument - (1) the women are lying, but (2) regardless we need someone to push GOP policies.

Buck (Member Profile)

Firebird Transition Startles an Audience Member

eric3579 (Member Profile)

"..I hope we can be one happy family"

Should I Be Concerned?

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