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How to Pirate | CGP Grey

eric3579 says...

The follow up Quartermasters edition

How to Pirate: Quartermaster Edition | CGP Grey

eric3579 says...

Also watch CGP Greys first video on How to be a pirate.

Russian Hamster Mocks Cop

eric3579 says...

Closed captioning helps although probably not necessary.

What a delightful encounter. Makes me happy.

Also i wonder if this would make me feel less lonely. Wouldn't look as crazy when i'm talking out loud to myself.

Florsheim - One Of The Most Expensive Restorations

eric3579 says...

From yt comment thread..

I'm the owner of these shoes and wanted to add to the overwhelming positive response to the video and restoration. First tho, thank you Steve for dedicating yourself to your craft and being able to make this service available for folks like us. Steve knows my history on these but thought i would share some bits of it as a testament to his skills.

I bought these shoes new in the mid 90's after graduating from college being told from a friend's dad at the time that these would last a career, 25 years later, Steve completed the first resole of them. Ive worn these shoes initially every day to work and eventually reducing the wear to only special occasions knowing that Florsheim didnt make the shoe nor no longer refurbished the V-cleat soles. These shoes have seen every significant event in my career from first days of every new job, job interviews, friends weddings, my own, important meetings, anything that was important these shoes have witnessed it. ive tried to keep the best care of them only hand polishing them myself and having used shoe trees its entire life. i love the finish which is unique to this shoe and can only be had with decades of hand-polishing.

ive kept an eye out for someone that could restore the soles in the way the originals were made for the last 10 years and just recently stumbled across one of Steve's videos and the one that showed his award winning restoration of these shell cordovans down to the nail. from there i watched most of his videos almost like an interview to ensure i was comfortable with letting these shoes be worked on as they are only original from the factory once. we talked over every tiny detail and some months they are. i honestly didnt think i would find anyone that could restore these to original condition.

thank you again Steve...incredible job...and it really didn't matter to me how much it would have cost to restore these. they are priceless....including all the near falls ive had with those nails on slick floors ! i wouldn't have it any other way.

newtboy (Member Profile)

Police fire (paintball?) at residents on their front porch

eric3579 says...

(edit) removed comment regarding finding a embed other than FB

Police or National Guard? I'd assume NG would be in more military dress.

Also probably not paintball as she seemed to wipe it off.

Well this is terrifying

Crew Demo 2- SpaceX Launch Live Stream

How Much Time Do You Want For Your "Progress?"

Police Who Murder Man In Public On Camera Fired

Police Who Murder Man In Public On Camera Fired

eric3579 says...

So this guy who started bustin up the first place that burned down tonight in Minneapolis has some saying he's been identified as a police officer

the guy bustin up the place

Social media post/convo that points to him be identified.

Police say it's not him

no idea if any of this holds water as i just saw most of it quickly and didn't want to take to much time looking into it all. I found much of it in this reddit thread

Testimatic-The Anonymous Testicle Checking Booth

LIVE! SpaceX / Nasa | Crew Demo-2 launch

LIVE! SpaceX / Nasa | Crew Demo-2 launch

Kate Darling: Social Robotics | AI Podcast

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