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Explaining Pink Floyd's First Masterpiece

Explaining Pink Floyd's First Masterpiece

eric3579 says...

Thanks Stuka. Here it is for anyone who might be interested as I was.

StukaFox said:

Also, David Gilmour's version of Echoes off "Live in Gdansk" is uplifting, powerful and heart-breaking all at the same time. Richard Wright plays keyboard; he knows he's dying of cancer and he knows this is the very last time he and his friend David will play the song together. Gilmour feels like he's pouring his heart out to Wright and together, they give the song, and the legendary keyboardist, the sendoff they both deserve.

Richard Wright died one week before "Live" was released, passing on too early at 64.

Explaining Pink Floyd's First Masterpiece

Explaining Pink Floyd's First Masterpiece

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eric3579 says...

I loved "Cars" when it came out. I have a vivid memory of hearing it for the first time at a record store in the mall. I think my first New Wave (Synth-Pop) album was Freedom Of Choice from Devo. Early 80's i completely jumped in with many New Wave bands. My enjoyment of the genre faded or actually morphed into other electronic type bands soon after.

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