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United Steelworkers of Montreal "Shot Tower"

the world is a bit less brighter today (Death Talk Post)

calvados says...

Schmawy was a friend I never met. He suggested it when I lived back east – said if we each drove a few hundred kilometres we could meet in the middle, somewhere in Vermont or like that. We never tried that expedition, probably because I didn't try hard enough, and eventually I moved west, and in emails we still sometimes mentioned the possibility of meeting. I thought we had decades in which to meet and that one day, very naturally, we would. No more.

As I wrote elsewhere, I didn't know that I would have a heavy heart over the loss of somebody I never saw in real life. Much as Dag said, I liked knowing the world had Schmawy in it. He was put there, it seemed to me, to balance out a great many who were indecent and unwise and dull – put there as if by a law of nature. You can see why I thought he'd be around for a long time.

I gather Schmawy wasn't much for talk of the afterlife, but he is one of the people I like to think I may see there. If I do, I'm sure we'll ride motorcycles, just as we would have done, could have done. Goodbye my friend. It's hard to believe you're gone.

Kiwi Pronounces eYes


Avro Vulcan XH558 Arrives at RAF Fairford Air Tattoo 2015

The Office (All Bloopers Supercut)

The 2 Euro T-Shirt - A Social Experiment

Christmas model being ruthlessly Photoshopped...

Flight Attendant's Cute, Funky Dance

Night operations on USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)

Night operations on USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70)

Other companies should shamelessly exploit Xmas this way...

The Very Best Of Stan Rogers (Entire Album)

Other companies should shamelessly exploit Xmas this way...

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