Probably the most moving, beautiful PSA I've ever seen

Got some dust in my eye...

gah, almost posted that, but i thought "nah, it's probably just me.. everyone else will think it's cheesy". kudos.


Seriously though, who keeps a bowl of confetti on their coffee table?

Maybe if it was some chips and salsa I could've suspended my disbelief.


Now all we have to do is get people to cruise in the right lane, pass in the left, use turn signals, quit texting, maintain your car, inflate your tires etc.

--Lets get people out of situations where they need seatbelts!!


Seat belts make people drive worse because of a false sense of security, I believe. If you had a large metal spike sticking out from your steering wheel, you'd drive safer.


>> ^blankfist:
Seat belts make people drive worse because of a false sense of security, I believe. If you had a large metal spike sticking out from your steering wheel, you'd drive safer.

Nervous drivers can be just as dangerous as aggressive drivers


>> ^blankfist:
^Very true! I still love the idea of everyone having a large metal spike pointed at their chests while they drive.

It wouldn't be so helpful to the driver who gets speared by someone running a red light. I doubt anyone drives recklessly as a result of wearing a seat belt; it doesn't prevent injury or insurance hikes.


>> ^dag:
Beautiful- and effective. So much better than the shock horror ones they have here is Australia.

We actually watched a bunch of Australian PSA's in my drivers ed course. As realistic as they were it still seemed over the top for the message they were trying to get across. It's like they were appealing more to peoples fears then to their reason.


Embrace Life’s Writer/Director Daniel Cox: “It was central to the development of the project that we root the concept of wearing a seat belt firmly in the family domain, and create the advert so that it could be viewed by anyone of any age. Children are so important as opinion formers within their family that we felt it imperative to have a child take a pivotal role in relaying our message.”
“One key aspect to the storytelling is that we developed Embrace Life to be non-language specific, so that the message wouldn’t become lost when viewed by visitors to, or residents of, the UK where English might not be their first language.”


Embrace life... so some God(tm) created disease, cancer, affliction can take it from you in a far more painful and drawn out way while you deteriorate and your family watches on helplessly.


Very late to the party on this one. I always wear a seat belt, by force of habit it is the first thing I do when I get in a car. I've been in 1 car accident in my life so far - the car I was driving got hit directly on the driver's side door by someone at fairly high speed. It totaled the vehicle I was in (an older Ford pickup) and bent the entire driver's side of the vehicle in like a chevron > shape.

Looking at the car afterward one would have assumed that the driver would have been injured, but I walked away with nothing more than a very slight scratch from a flying piece of glass. I can't say that I'm convinced that wearing the seat belt "saved my life", but I can easily say I'd have been in a hell of a lot worse shape without it.


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