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A Con Man Named Trump

Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb

"Why Are There So Few Smartphones In Popular Movies?"

dag says...

It is interesting. Kind of a meta analysis that will be more evident through the lens of time, looking back. Hard to know when you're inside any kind of culture bubble.

Trump to Robert Mueller: 'It Wasn't Me' (w/ Shaggy)

The Baboon That Controlled a Railway for 9 Years

GOP Jesus

RIP | Cyriak

What robbery?

dag says...

Even before the robber came in, that whole place has a super sketchy, don't drop your guard vibe. Would not want to go drink there.

Blue Grass Dog: Dog scratching at glass door...

UpTown Spot

dag says...

Does it show my age that I was expecting the music to be Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" Yes ... I think it does.

Sift of the week!

UpTown Spot

dag says...

Sounds like a minor plotline from the book Robopocalypse. I think they're still making a movie out of it . Book was pretty good.

Edit: oh no ... Michael Bay. Oh well.

DataSchmuck said:

Sometime in the near future, when these things are running around killing us, I will remember this code is buried somewhere deep in their AI Core. As it's standing over me, about to deliver the killing blow, I will hit the play button on my phone, (cued up the uptown funk song earlier just in case). As the death-bot starts to uncontrollably moonwalk, I will slip away to survive another day in this hell on earth, delivered to us by Bostondyne Systems.

It's only a nacho, innit?

Spinning a Lego Wheel FASTER

Helping out a friend

Robot drywall installer

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