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VideoSift 5.0 Launch! (Sift Talk Post)

westy says...

Why not just copy Reddit's way of doing things for the most part but then make the community aspect better?

In the end video sift is shit compared to Reddit when it comes to how much content you can brows quickly and how tidy it is organized.

What video sift does have over Reddit is a more focused community and more focused videos/grouping of videos and persistence of themed organisation , so that's what the new design should most focus on fostering.

I think its also better to have things on separate pages well designed pages , rather than have windows load within windows its a total mess writing this comment I have a comment scroll bar + a comment section scroll bar + the main webpage scroll bar.
Also Gray txt on greyish background ?

Not that it matters I'm not paying for video sift

Harry Potter Theme - Incredible Piano Solo

Sasha Obama's Reminder To Her Dad On Election Night

High School Girl Spanked By Principal

westy says...

>> ^Stu:

You know why kids didn't used to act up in school when I was younger? We got hit. Kids today have no fear of authority. They used to send us to the teacher with a paddle and if she wasn't there, we went to the one with the meter stick. Fuck it. Hit your kids. That's what is wrong with this country. No one has respect anymore.

Ah yes socity is so much better when people fear authority , rather than being motivated by intellectual persute.

If kids are acting up in school its time to put more money into social programs ,schooling and to re-evaluate how education is undertook.

Lindsey Sterling plays a song with her shadow

westy says...

Very good video , grate editing and corigraphy worked well with it.

but at the same time I find her so annoying , the exspersions she makes and the same movements she does in every video ( mind you this video was far far better) granted moving around with a violin is going to be pretty limiting.

Still what she and the people she works with are doing is way more creative than allot of the shit on you tube or at large so have to give them credit for that.

First tent in Space

Still using video sift ? (Cute Talk Post)

westy says...

I still check sift every now and again but tend to use reddit more

reddit , live leak , break , and video sift.

I think video sift would be better suited to long videos only or just documentaries and science videos reddit is more suited to short clips and random internet content.

How To Become a Professor

westy says...

>> ^deathcow:

They talk a lot about building reputations nationally and internationally as they climb the professor ladder. Do you think these hundreds of videos and thousands of people who recognize Pete for example help that?

No they will go to meetings , lectures and general networking events or know people from when there papers are peer reviewed obvously people that have published recent papers that have impacts on other people become well known. or if sumone makes a discovery or does some particualy intresting research.

Its unlikely that any of there peers will watch these videos they might not even know about them , other than from the people in the video saying its a good way to educate the general public.

There are some wories about modern science though in that it rewards results rather than raw science , in the end good research is good research regardless of if anything of use comes from it.

Allot of the time it might take years before a specific bit of research is actually of any use , or it turns out that the results are of big impact to other sciences or that specific science.

Weeden takes out clay pigeons

westy says...

Tis video / show is retarded.

the clay pigoin is shot at the same trajectory each time so the guy just has to launch the ball at a certain time interval after launch into the same position.

obviously that's still hard but you would hope that sumone that throws balls all day for a living could do this.

the program makes out that he is working out where to throw the ball and aiming at the target when in reality he could be blind folded and told to throw the ball at a spot a certain amount of time after a noise and you would get the same result.

The Future of Travel

westy says...

>> ^cracanata:

Getting tired of this trend of overacting-facial expression-gestures-emphasizing... thing. Or maybe is just me, getting older, but the more I see, the more I tend to think there's less and less real personality in this world. Everyone is hiding behind the same mask?
As a result I couldn't enjoy what it seems to be a nice piece of our future.
Both where equally annoying.
>> ^EvilDeathBee:
That blonde made me want to smash a chair over her head

Its just shity presenting its just as lacking as other types of presenting the only difference is its pretending to have personality so comes across as retarded lol.

lol both this women are totally sole-less the video is redundant the humour is obvious and badly delivered and to try and hide all the shit aspects of the video its edited quickly.

Occupy Wall Street: the story behind seven months of protest

westy says...

Protesting on the street doesn't really do much to achieve anything , If you want to make actual change in america you have to be very wealthy.

hundreds of thousands of protesters simply cannot compete with tvs in every home and propoganda channels owned by billoinairs.

If using the internet employees can some how do a global strike that would have a big effect , but I'm sure the billoinairs would change the laws or use propaganda to make it near imposable for people to do that.
You will only ever see full on strikes when people cannot afford food or basic things so long as we have them most people will alow themselfs to be opressed/exploited.

Heavily-Modified Japanese Cars!

How To Insult on Youtube (or Why "Your Gay" Fails)

westy says...

can't be bother to watch this guy his presentation is really forced , he is not particularly witty just annoying.

Every now and again he makes good videos probably 5 good ones out of the 500 posted.

Assassin's Creed for Kinect Announced!

A Technology Trap

westy says...

lol fuck the farm I'd be off to deep countryside and find a good lake or river where its unlikely desperate people would find me and I can live of wild life and general plant life. The sea is another option so much easy to find food on the coast line. Probably be the case in this scanroe that small coastal communities would be the strongest as they would already have the community , food and resources to sustain themselves with virtually no change.

this documentary is really cool as well !

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