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Wrong Way to Bust Down a Door

Window. Owl. Letter. World fame

StukaFox says...

There's a Snowy Owl in my neighborhood that hangs out on the roof of the house down the street. When it's out, half of fucking Seattle shows up to look at it. The street -- which is a car-width wide -- clogs and cars back onto the main thoroughfare, then people who live here get all pissed and start yelling at the people looking at the owl and the owl-watchers yell back at them; cars honk and run into each other.

Meanwhile, the owl just sits there with the troll face on and enjoys the show.

Nina Simone: Mississippi Goddam

StukaFox says...

This song, and Billie Holiday's rendition of 'Strange Fruit' should be required listening in all US elementary schools as well as for anyone applying for US citizenship.

LegalEagle: Can Trump Pardon the Rioters?

StukaFox says...

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we need to send those assholes to GITMO, where we will remove them from the no-fly list and add them to the no-live list instead.

Lawyers Can Remain Silent, Too

Instant Karma

Lawyer trying to defend man who took Speaker's lectern

StukaFox says...

Because we always cut deals with domestic terrorists instead of sending them to supermax where they belong.

moonsammy said:

Methinks they don't expect it to go to trial, and are going to take whatever settlement they can get.

Lawyer trying to defend man who took Speaker's lectern

Pilot Threatens To Land Flight Of Trump Supporters In Kansas

StukaFox says...

I never thought I'd love the No-Fly list until this week. I hope Greyhound has a special Domestic Terrorist rate.

Hey, Republicans Who Supported This President...

StukaFox says...

You'd better hope the fucking fever broke on Wednesday, because if it didn't, we're ALL fucked.

I was supposed to be in fucking Lyon right now.

Giuliani Leaves Voicemail Begging For More Delays

Seattle virtual New Year at the Needle show 2021

Honest Trailers | 2020 (feat. Patton Oswalt)

God tries to create 'Earth'.

Starship | SN8 | High-Altitude Flight Recap

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