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"Mostly Fair" Media

StukaFox says...

Hey, remember last year when those Boogs murdered a couple of cops because they were trying to start a race war by getting the killings blamed on BLM?

Pepperidge Farm remembers!

bobknight33 said:

how many shootings and deaths

Birthday Wishes For Trump's 75th Birthday

Lake Mead at the Hoover Dam to reach lowest water level

You're Going To Look Awfully Silly...Clint Eastwood

StukaFox says...

Literally every Western he's in should be called "Clint Eastwood Shows Up And Kills The Entire Town"

The entire town: "Hi, we're the entire town!"
Clint Eastwood: "I'm Clint Eastwood."
The entire town: "FUCK!"

Magnetic Face Mask vs Giant Neodymium Magnet

2020 Politics

Ghomert Asks If Forestry Department Can Change Earth's Orbit

StukaFox says...

Wait -- so Jesus comes down the chimney and Santa gets nailed to the cross? I might have to re-examine my atheism.

newtboy said:

You know Santa comes from the tradition of Kris Kringle, who himself came from early Christianity and was supposed to represent baby Jesus, so....since Jesus was almost certainly black according to sparce biblical descriptions, Santa is black.

So, did I ruin it or make it better now?

Ghomert Asks If Forestry Department Can Change Earth's Orbit

StukaFox says...

Wait -- she has eyebrows?! I guess I never got that far north on her. Also, you have great taste in late-70s TV SciFi babes!

newtboy said:

I always wondered....If she can metamorph into anything, why does she still have lines of warts for eyebrows?

I'm hoping we freeze à la Buck Rogers, then maybe I can have my own Colonel Wilma Deering.

Ghomert Asks If Forestry Department Can Change Earth's Orbit

StukaFox says...

"This is the pinnacle of Republican intelligence. He absolutely doesn't believe in climate change science, but wants to know if going full Space 1999 with the moon and Earth is feasible to mitigate climate change."

If it means I get my own Maya, I'm totally down for that shit!

QAmom - Confronting my mom's conspiracy theories

StukaFox says...

* sigh *

The results were verified repeatedly, the court challenges were shot down like my chances with Judy Hopps, and there's never been a single shred of evidence that anything untoward happened.

Where's your evidence that it wasn't above board?

bobknight33 said:

The only bet I see issue with is the election.

Prove that the election was above board.

Only way is a full forensic audit.

Some states are pursuing this and democrats are trying to block / hinder these attempts.

Welcome to the Internet

Victorian Gents Toilets at Rothesay Isle of Bute Scotland

QAmom - Confronting my mom's conspiracy theories

StukaFox says...


eric3579 said:

I'm not sure what amazes me more...

Real people actually believe these crazy things or she seems to have reasonable relationships in spite of the crazy beliefs which seems to consume her time.

If You Go Away

Rudy Giuliani’s Doing MyPillow Ads Now

StukaFox says...

Maybe Runny Rudy can help Pillowboy pay the enormous settlement he's going to owe from the Dominion lawsuit.

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