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Lets play... WIll. THIS. BURN?!

We almost died…

A nest of eagles moments before their tree is cut down.

Jet Fighter coming in hot

San Francisco 1906 (New Version) in Color [60fps, Remastered

Humble man claims police brutality during arrest ...

Hunter Biden Crack song

StukaFox says...

You've shown no small lack of that yourself, Kettle.

bobknight33 said:

Go ahead down vote

Thats how leftest roll . Down vote and discard truth.

You just live in fake truth.

Behind The Voices - Celebrities Collection

StukaFox says...

You're a good person and all good things should come to you!

noims said:

Man, you're obsessed, but you're never going to get people to agree with you. Life isn't some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and your insipid dreams magically come true, so let it go.

Behind The Voices - Celebrities Collection

Behind The Voices - Celebrities Collection

StukaFox says...

I have a complaint to register here, gentlemen, about a CERTAIN LACK of recognition for the single greatest accomplishment of mankind since the invention of language; the very reason carbon self-assembled; the reason a tiny speck of nothing exploded into a universe simply waiting for that golden moment on March 4 2016 when the fruition of all that is good and hopeful in the human -- nay, UNIVERSAL -- race was unveiled! How soon they forget! How soon do they receive their salvation than they turn their backs on it, forgetting the hypernova of joy and laughter that burst upon the world on that Day of Days! Such woe to thee, oh Babylon, for turning your back on the 1 hour and 48 minutes that banished all doubt of man's reason for existence! DAMNATION ON TO YOU WHO HAVE FORGOTTEN THE GREATNESS YOU SHOULD FALL TO YOUR KNEES AND BLIND YOURSELF LEST TO SEEK TO BEHOLD SOMETHING GREATER! ALL HELL AND TORMENT! ALL EVIL AND VILENESS FOR THOSE HORRID, HORRID SOULS WHO HAVE LEFT THIS SO-CALLED "VIDEO" INCOMPLETE! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!

Look, I just like Zootopia a lot, alright?


New York Nuclear PSA what to do in case of an attack

StukaFox says...

A car would be a perfect place to shelter:

1. The windscreen blocks UV light.
2. A car isn't going to collapse on you.
3. The car has actual shock absorbers to absorb the ground shock.
4. The car isn't innately flammable and even has a thermal barrier in the paint, metal and insulation.
5. The car has a radio.
6. The car is mobile and can (to whatever degree roads are passable) get you out of danger.
7. The car has a trunk to hold containers of water safely (double-safely if they're inside an ice chest inside the trunk)
8. You can sleep in a car.
9. In any circumstance in which a car was destroyed by the blast/heat, you were fucked anyway.

Overtaking With A Steam Engine

Best fireworks finale ever

Even The Wildlife Is Polite Down Under

The moment the rocket hit Kremenchuk

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