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Steak boiled in 300 degree butter - Korean street food

Stormsinger says...

Interesting video, especially considering that I had my first Korean street food just a few days ago. Like every other Korean dish I've tried, the Korean corn dogs were delicious.

This buttersteak isn't a dish I'd expect to become a favorite, but I'd sure like to try it.

My 50 Cal Exploded

Stormsinger says...

I have one question for y'all. Who fucked up? I'm not interested enough to waste 20 minutes for the answer, but I want to know who was at fault.

Joe Rogan Clarifies His Vaccine Comments

Stormsinger says...

I've been forced to conclude that Rogan is just another Alex Jones. He's got nothing to offer except pandering to the lunatic fringe.

robdot said:

People who don’t get vaccinated are incubators for variants. Fuck you stupidass pieces of willfully ignorant shit.

Barèges, the steep one


Colorado Police Break Elderly Dementia Patient's Arm

Stormsinger says...

And hopefully, the entirety of all three pensions goes to the victim. That sounds about right to me. I find it utterly unbelievable that their superiors had no clue...those pensions should go to her as well.

Fucking sociopaths.

surfingyt said:

that usually means they can still keep their pensions, so this is not over. hopefully they're fired, prosecuted and the stage for a lawsuit is setup.

$55,000 for 5,000 votes

"WTF has Trump done for you,.."

Stormsinger (Member Profile)

Stormsinger says...

Yeah, I know I'm old...but so are you, Sifty.

I have to say that it really has been a surprisingly wild ride, nothing like anything I'd have ever predicted. And a fair part of that has been influenced by everything and everyone here.

Thanks to all of you.

siftbot said:

Happy anniversary! Today marks year number 13 since you first became a Sifter and the community is better for having you. Thanks for your contributions!

Fire Sled

Seth Myers re. NYT Headline "Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism"

Shepard Smith: Yet again in America

Stormsinger says...

Well, until just recently, the NRA had a few million utter fanatics they could mobilize to punish those who displeased them. And it's not like the GOP has demonstrated any actual backbone in the last few decades.

We'll see if the NRA's current meltdown changes things in the next year or two...I suspect it might well do so.

cloudballoon said:

Why is the Republican party so afraid of the NRA? How much money can they donate and lobby? Why can't the anti-gun side mobilize and match the donation like 2~3 folds and dangle the money to the GOP to silence the NRA? Of course it's a gross oversimplification of the issues (NRA can go "mental" and threaten any Republican's families, etc. if I go all cynical), but money is a good start...

Ban assault rifle, raise the price of guns. the manufacturers still make as much money.

Amendment right? Well what about my right to own a nuclear baseball? Anthrax and Agent Orange? It isn't it my right to have them? Stop with the BS amendment right argument.

FPV drone pilot is invited to film a power plant demolition

Stormsinger says...

Not in my opinion. I'd much rather see the actual demolition than watch a camera's point of view spin wildly while missing most of the action.

eric3579 said:

Maybe not a well framed video, but a thousand times more entertaining than just another demolition video. I thought it was awesome to watch as far as demo videos go.

Earth at 2° hotter will be horrific. Now here’s 4° +

Stormsinger says...

The reason he doesn't feel ashamed has more to do with his character than with his understanding of science. He's made that clear years ago...he's incapable of feeling shame, empathy, or even something like common decency.

newtboy said:

Just going to search "climate change deniers" and post whatever stupidity you find on YouTube and call it "proof", eh? I know you didn't actually even watch these videos, much less examine their ridiculous claims, you didn't have time.

Too bad you don't understand science a whit, or you would be ashamed of yourself.

Excavator driver decides to take a shortcut

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