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Earth at 2° hotter will be horrific. Now here’s 4° +

Stormsinger says...

The reason he doesn't feel ashamed has more to do with his character than with his understanding of science. He's made that clear years ago...he's incapable of feeling shame, empathy, or even something like common decency.

newtboy said:

Just going to search "climate change deniers" and post whatever stupidity you find on YouTube and call it "proof", eh? I know you didn't actually even watch these videos, much less examine their ridiculous claims, you didn't have time.

Too bad you don't understand science a whit, or you would be ashamed of yourself.

Excavator driver decides to take a shortcut

T-34 Tank Battle Scene

Stormsinger says...


spawnflagger said:

I assume this 5 minute video is a supercut of all the battle scenes, spaced out over the length of the actual movie (139 minutes). If that is true, then the amount of slow-motion is acceptable.

The only problem I had with it was that Arnold Schwarzenegger didn't come out and promote World of Tanks (or Mobile Strike or whatever bs video game)

Many will die shortly

Starship Troopers - What's the Difference?

Stormsinger says...

Brilliant? OMG, I want some of what you've been smoking!

That was a piss-poor movie that created supposed links to an amazing classic of science fiction. It was barely watchable, but I wouldn't have felt so cheated had it had the decency to stand on its own and not try to steal an audience based on an unrelated book.

When Mum and Dad go dancing...on ice

Stormsinger says...

He doesn't look familiar, but she sure sounds like the chick who insisted that her pizza only be cut into 8 slices because she couldn't eat 12.

Moose walking down the median

Old Guy Takes Down Two Big Trees

Stormsinger says...

The only time we ever cut a tree, we were shocked at how far it "jumped" with the final cut. The base of the trunk flew at least 12-15 feet, coming -way- too close to the truck supplying the tension. That pulley allowing the truck to supply tension from a different direction is nothing short of brilliant. If only youtube had been available in the 70s, we too could have been smart.

How This Two-Wheeled Car Uses A Disk To Balance

Stormsinger says...

There's an interesting bit of history that was -never- going to be a decent design for a car. Single-person, low speed, and a high-speed heavy-weight gyro just waiting for a collision to turn it into shrapnel. I'm still trying to figure out how anyone could claim that it wouldn't slide...with only two wheels, it's going to get -far- less traction than a four wheeled vehicle.

Deer Park - Nara Japan 奈良鹿公園

Stormsinger says...

I do love the way they've learned to bow. But this isn't really a joke, they are -incredibly- prolific and do a tremendous amount of damage to parks and greenbelts now that they have no predators thinning the herds.

Postal Delivery Truck Off Road While Speeding

Rabbit tries a lemon

True Facts : Dragonflies

Stormsinger says...

Just one? He was probably one of those oddball gamer dragonflies, hoping to snag a few minutes of playtime.

Payback said:

I had a workstation set up in my garage. Every year, about midsummer, a dragonfly would fly up in front of my face, hover, checking out what I was doing onscreen for about 10-15 seconds, then leave. Coolest freaking thing ever. Must have been something about the refresh rate or colours, but still hilarious.

Heat Shrink Self-Solder Butt Splice Connectors

Stormsinger says...

Sure wish these had been around when I spent hours wiring up a new fuse block in my old VW, in 20-something degree temperatures. Could have been done in 20 minutes, rather than 3-4 hours.

Trump On Bullying Ford-"Doesn't Matter, We Won"

Stormsinger says...

It doesn't take a miracle. Someone willing to sacrifice their life to remove Trump from the equation would do it. I'll even donate to their defense fund...which is a much more honest promise than Trump's promise to pay the legal fees for anyone assaulting a protester.

RFlagg said:

.... We really need a miracle turnout to start to change things...

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