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Brilliant cover of Tristram from Diablo

I'm a stick! I'm not a bird!

I'm a stick! I'm not a bird!

Beautiful Trigonometry - Numberphile

Little Girl Punches Down Tree ...

What are the most devastating pandemics in human history?

Siberian Methane Bubbles Increasing as Permafrost melts

deathcow says...

You sound like a fatalist.... in reality, fires from nuclear bombs should burn off a lot of the methane some day.

newtboy said:

I said it before and I'll say it again....
Game over, man. Game over!

When the tundra is outgassing faster than grass can release, we're hosed.
When the ocean methane is outgassing enough that it can be seen with the naked eye in open ocean among the waves, we're toast.
That makes us soggy toast.

Every Healthcare Call

YouTubers honest review of a sponsors bad product

Land Rover Defender to tiny house with press of a button

Chimp demonstrates difficulty of instagram

Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

deathcow says...

Or maybe a charity for sexually abused kids

newtboy said:

It's a huge architectural loss, but I wish they would consider taking the insane amount of money it will take to rebuild and spending it on the needy instead of opulent and ostentatious buildings.

Brilliant cover of Tristram from Diablo

4K Timelapse of 87m Feadship Lonian

That's snow Dog

deathcow says...

our st. bernard is quite happy to go to sleep outside and get snowed on like this until he has an inch of accumulation on him

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