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Typical Government Worker

psycop says...

Worked for an place I can't discuss trying to make things more efficient. We worked our socks off creating a product which made a small but significant task much faster.

We worked out we could save people 20 mins each per day, ran the numbers across the place and realised it added up to a large number of people freed to do more valuable work.

Then we went to speak to a user at about 1:30pm. "Oh I'm sorry, are you on lunch?". He had his feet up on his desk, reading a book. "No, I'm just done for the day". "You're working a half day?", "No I've finished". "Finished what?" "My 10 widgets for the day".

We realised all we'd done was allow this guy to start reading his book at 1:10pm.

Marcy (Rachel Dratch) Goes to Dominatrix Class

psycop says...

This is super cute: I love how it shows the partnership. It's all requested, it's fun for everyone. What a nice story!

Little Monkey Gets A Drink At The Vending Machine

Astartes - Part Five

psycop says...

I goddam love this. It's be best of the five by a country mile too.

I was quite sad to see they got hacked a few months back, but it look like they got their account back, so yay?

10 year old Japanese drummer, Yoyoka, kills on drums

The Mandalorian – Official Trailer 2

psycop says...

I can't relate to that but then again, nobody messes with me.

WmGn said:

this reminds me a bit of that other film about a solitary, emotionally distant, laconic man who's good at fighting

Rambo-Last Blood

psycop says...

I realised I'd never seen a Rambo film and went back and watched the original and... it's a surprisingly nuanced film. No really!

The Rambo I was know is a classic meat head action hero, but the original is a damaged Vietnam vet who just wants to be left alone. The real villains are the towns folk who demonise and victimise him.

He does everything he can to avoid conflict until he's "pushed too far" and I think that's what everyone remembered. But the core of the story for me was a soldier who came back, that society had didn't want and who had nowhere to go.

If you've not seen the original check it out! You might be surprised.


psycop says...

I have my own view on this but who was the the video creator trying to convince?

I don't really understand the Trump phenomenon but I would like to, and this video makes no point. There's a lot of people with this idea, by the evidence of the video alone. If you care enough to weld a trailer together you really care! I'd be very interested in that persons point of view.

I'd really hope we could get along if we disagreed.

When It Rains In L.A. -- NO ONE GO OUTSIDE.

psycop says...

Eugh... what a horrible tale! Very creative though. A story like that might be enough to scare the wee ones back into the crannog.

Also why was the rain originating from above and then moving downwards towards the ground? Rather than spawning on one side of the horizon and proceeding to the other like it does in real life?

noims said:

OK. Imagine a giant glowing ball of fire suddenly appears floating, unmoving in the sky. The sky itself changes from the normal grey to a weird alien blue. The brightness burns your eyes. The heat thrown off by the orb compels madness - previously normal people start inexplicably removing layers upon layers of clothing.

It's happened here in Ireland, and it could happen to you too. Unless you're in Glasgow.

When It Rains In L.A. -- NO ONE GO OUTSIDE.

Multiple launch rocket system being fired at night

Bunny Yawns with Sound!

When Elephant Gives Birth Da Herd Rush 2 Celebrate With Her

Why Ford And Other American Cars Don’t Sell In Japan

psycop says...

I think we're agreeing here that the reason these don't sell is because of the size and inefficiency. My point was that this isn't an accident.

The suggestion is American cars were designed to be large (and thereby inefficient) because it created a trade barrier to cars produced elsewhere.

The reason they see a trade barrier due to size, is because they created it when it suited.

eric3579 said:

I think poorly made cars that get horrible gas mileage and are not the right size is more than enough reasons why they don't buy American cars. Also Japanese cars ARE fuel efficient, the most reliable cars made, and the right size. I think pay back for American protectionism seems far fetched when all the above reasons are so overwhelming, but just my opinion of course

Why Ford And Other American Cars Don’t Sell In Japan

psycop says...

I just tried to find any source for this and failed, so take the following with a pinch of salt, but...

My understanding was that this is an example of American automotive industry protectionism coming home to roost.

There was a time where the Japanese cars were viewed as more reliable, cheaper and more fuel efficient (as mentioned in the video). American companies became increasingly worried about competition so settled on the plan of changing American consumer preferences for ever larger cars through aggressive advertising.

This gave American companies a price advantage over foreign producers, as larger cars cost much more to transport, and created an unofficial import tariff. Other companies also did not have designs for big cars, as they are domestically unpopular and fuel is usually prohibitively expensive in their regions.

Now the same industries are calling protectionism as their designs don't match the preferences and fuel efficiencies expected by non US consumers.

Like I say, not sure about this, but if anyone knows something about this either way, I'd be interested to hear.

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