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Water your Christmas Tree. Really.

WaterDweller says...

I'm baffled that this isn't common knowledge. Not just because dry trees burn easily, but because watering the tree is one of the best ways to keep it looking and smelling fresh. Trees can live a long time after being cut if you give them water, which they'll gobble up like crazy.

If you had a fear of elevators before...

WaterDweller says...

May not be common knowledge, but elevators actually have a counterweight, that weighs as much as the elevator would when it's filled by a certain number of people, to ease the load on the motor. When there's only one person in the elevator, the motor actually has to work harder when the elevator is on the way down than on the way up, as it has to lift the counterweight.

RetroAhoy: Doom

WaterDweller says...

I wish I could watch this video to the end (made it about 15 minutes in), or even play the game, but unlike in my younger years, these days I get cold sweats and nausea from most first person shooters, and sadly, Doom seems to be particularly bad for me. I'll upvote in any case, though, for the nostalgia.

Two Girls, One Bug

If you sneeze, this cute Corgi will fetch a tissue

What Happens If you Boil Coca Cola

The Drones Are Readying For Halloween

Baby Crabs Look Like Sand

WaterDweller says...

This demonstrates why I wouldn't mind picking up little crabs like these, but would run away screaming in horror if faced with the prospect of doing the same with spiders or insects. Crabs don't have any grip, they fall right off your hands. Spiders, however, will stick to your hands, and crawl around and up your sleeve.

GAMER RAGE - DO not MESS with them - FUNNY Video Compilation

WaterDweller says...

These people are most likely suffering from poorly developed / shrunken frontal lobes, leading to diminished impulse control. Possibly the result of a bad social environment during their formative years. Fortunately, the damage is in most cases reversible, with therapy, medication and gradual exposure to offending stimuli.

*This diagnosis has been brought to you by your friendly, neighbourhood sea urchin.

Sage advice from a little one.

That's Close Enough

The World's Fastest Toilet

Fool Us - Nick Einhorn utterly baffles Penn & Teller

WaterDweller says...

@eric3579 Apparently, Penn/Teller confirmed on twitter that she wasn't a plant. (This from an unrelated blog post, I don't know how to find the tweet itself). Also, every participant has to tell a "judge" backstage how the trick is done, to avoid any funny business (for instance, denying that Penn & Teller's explanation is correct, even if it is).

Fool Us - Nick Einhorn utterly baffles Penn & Teller

Man Stuns Family By Shaving Off His Beard After 14 Years

WaterDweller says...

To be honest, though, if I had been married to a woman with beautiful, long hair, for 7 years, and then she decided to shave it all off, I'd be pretty miffed as well. I might not vocalize it, but I'd certainly not feel good about it. Shaving off a beard drastically changes a man's appearence, and when your wife has never seen you without it, I can very well understand a negative reaction.

Edit: just to add, the shaving of the beard/hair being deliberate would play a large role in my reaction being negative. If the hairloss is unintentional, I would react with sympathy.

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