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VLDL: Getting a USB in first time - USB

Khufu says...

It is interesting that it SHOULD be 50% chance but it's more like 1% for some reason. probably because any bit of resistance from a wrong angle, rotation, wrong port, can feel like it's because you have it backwards, so you turn it around, then it IS backward... just a poor design that is enduring.

Bridge collapses live on TV

Trump: Biden Will "listen to the scientists"

Khufu says...

There are always justifications, like god gave man the wisdom to make computers, but it was god that provided the raw elements! praise be to he!

Its only when the science tries to explain something that the bible is contradicted by that the scientist involved become a joke and corrupt.

My favorite though is christian scientists! lol.

newtboy said:

Sure...and those same people drive technologically advanced cars to computer designed buildings to enjoy technology rich events they bought tickets for on the internet....all science based acts...but if science is in conflict with their feelings, it's the devil.

Proof that religion rots your brain.

Trump: Biden Will "listen to the scientists"

Khufu says...

for many evangelical christians, science is seen as a sad secular attempt to make sense of god's creation and is actually viewed as the antithesis of christianity. Sooo, for his base this message made perfect sense. The odd thing is they can be very intelligent and still believe this is the case. It's not bound by logic.

"WTF has Trump done for you,.."

Dog Plays Shell Game

Khufu says...

The 'shell' with the treat might as well be bright red. that dog can smell the treat just as clearly as we could notice one shell was red. Try this with a rock and see how well this little show-off does.

Squadron of Canadair CL-415 fighting fire in high winds

Ticked Off Vic: Hello Always Leads to Goodbye | VicDiBitetto

Khufu says...

what's with the subtitles.. he's speaking English.. the subtitles are English. Is that for the hearing impaired? isn't that what the CC option is for?

Amazing Floating Tensegrity Chair

Khufu says...

a hammock or hammock chair rely on ropes too, probably save enough.. unless someone sneaks up behind you with a pair of scissors

spawnflagger said:

Cool looking chair, but you're just 1 rope-snap away from visiting the proctologist.
"Million to one shot Doc! million to one!"

A stop sign rotates in it's place due to strong wind

Khufu says...

whether it rotates 100 degrees then changes direction, or spins 360, it's still rotating:)

jimnms said:

It looks like it's wobbling back and forth, not rotating.

GHOSTBUSTERS - Real Ghost Hunters React!

Shocked swimmer is attacked by two swans forcing him to hide

Mad World-Pentatonix

Khufu says...

What? the original 'gave it a sad tone', it's a ridiculously sad song in a minor key, there's now way around that:)
The Gary Jules version just slowed the tempo a bit, which this version copied.

spawnflagger said: was the first to give it a sad tone- that I know of

Narcissists and SOCIAL MEDIA

Khufu says...

If you see the behind-the-scene filming of your favourite movie or tv show it looks a bit cringy too. but it's what you see onscreen that is the subject to be judged.. I think these people are trying to do things that mimic what they see pro models/actors/musicians do in videos/photos. and it works, they try all sorts of angles and find a good shot then post it and it makes people think they are awesome and are worth following/listening too.. then they plug products and get paid. no big deal.. just the tech has gotten cheap for consumers and distribution is simple.

The largest number and cDonalds Theorem - Look Around You

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