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Dawkins on Morality

Abel_Prisc says...

Also, Dawkins expressed his problem with the word choice. Your paraphrase was slightly inaccurate because he was asking "Isn't it a leap of faith that atheists decide "absolute" morality". Well, "absolute morality" is describing a known morality that is simply acknowledged and accepted by everyone. (This is at least how I understand the term, anyway.) I don't recall any atheists stating that they know a morality that is absolute in that regard. So the answer is yes, it *is* a leap of faith. But again, the question is ridiculously flawed, and Dawkins does well breaking down why.

Dawkins on Morality

Abel_Prisc says...

@lampishthing - "I don't think I want an absolute morality. I think I want a morality that is thought out, reasoned, argued, discussed..." And afterwards, as you briefly stated, he then goes on to state that in today's society, we find morality completely outside of religion by simply deciding right and wrong. So ultimately, he is saying religion is irrelevant to how we obtain morality, therefore, he shows the question is moot and doesn't have an answer because the question itself is ridiculous. I think he answered it quite thoroughly.

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Abel_Prisc says...

This makes me realize just how truly consistent the world really is. I mean, wouldn't it be crazy if for just ten minutes, random laws of physics and nature just stopped? And then the world went back to normal as if nothing happened, and nobody knew how to explain what happened.

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Oh wow. New Elder Scrolls AND Mass Effect dated around the same time? Oh my... I'll say goodbye to my loved ones, and reassure them that I'll resurface some day...

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