Pornography Myths

I know you all missed me, so I decided to post a little somethin' somethin'. I know that to argue pornography on this website is futile and probably immature, BUT I was referred by a sifter to this website:

I do not think that this girl is a saint, and I don't agree with her about many things. Please don't try to attack me by attacking her. I'm not trying to affiliate myself with her.

That being said, I read a few things on her website that delighted me, one of them being her "porn myths" page. It delighted me not because she made any kind of valid arguments, but the porn myths that she pointed out are the exact ones I have heard over and over again from sifters, and it made me chuckle to read them. The webpage is not an argument against porn myths because she does not offer any support for the assertion that these ideas are indeed myths. (She does that elsewhere on the website, though.) I am not making that argument, either, although I do believe that these myths are in fact erroneous.

Here they are, with a few minor modifications of my own:

1. Porn cultivates good relationships.
2. Porn is for men who sincerely appreciate the beauty of the female body.
3. Porn is harmless and it has no negative effect on the person using it.
4. Strippers and porn stars lead glamorous lives, and men respect them.
5. Men like variety in women so porn use helps a man stay faithful to his woman.
6. Women who get involved in the porn industry choose to do so, and they have valuable careers.
7. Porn is an outlet or safety valve for men who would otherwise do Bad Things.
8. Women who work in porn are empowered and sexually liberated.
9. Porn is just a fantasy and people do not apply it to real life.

Please add your myths to the mix. I decided that if I'm going to talk porn, I might as well abandon the pitiful arguments I have been making. Yes, they have been pitiful and half-hearted. I really ought to start playing the science game with all of you "enlightened thinkers." I'm not making any promises, but if I have another mental lapse and decide to beat my head against the brick wall of your deluded minds (what I say, I say with love.), I'll follow this post up with some support for my assertions.

In the meantime, try not to support the destruction of humanity's moral fabric too much.

EDIT:I apologize for singling straight men out. I wasn't talking about all men. Just porn users. And since 71% of porn-users are straight, adult men, I focused on that group. So sorry.

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