Weekly Achievements for 30Jun19 thru 06Jul19

#1 Video

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh VS Pulp Fiction's Jules by BSR

Much Trampoline Bounce by eric3579

Perfect Rally Selfie by newtboy

Should We Abolish Billionaires? by lurgee

Tiger chase down bikers by C-note

360 Drone Footage-Alentejo West Coast and Bernese Alps by newtboy

THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON Official Trailer (2019) by Mordhaus

MOUNTAIN OF HELL 2019 - Big CRASH!!! by newtboy

Ice Tsunami Comes Crashing In by Mordhaus

This will end in tears by Mordhaus

The Real Sound of Falcon Heavy STP-2 Launch+Booster Landing by oritteropo

Top 15 Videos

Freak hail storm strikes Mexican city of Guadalajara by Mordhaus reached #2
Finnish Bear fight by Mordhaus reached #2
Cats getting brain freeze. by ant reached #2
That's your opinion by Mordhaus reached #2
Needs More Dog by lurgee reached #2
When you get too Swole by Mordhaus reached #2
The Secret Codes that Printers Put on Every Paper by oritteropo reached #2
The World's Shortcut: How the Panama Canal Works by RFlagg reached #2
Trump Can't Find Actual Supporters For His Reelection Ads by newtboy reached #2
Caterpillar D9G donkey start and unloading by Mordhaus reached #2
Pomplamoose mash up Old Town Road and Pony by noims reached #2
Euro NCAP Crash Test of Tesla Model 3 by Mordhaus reached #3
Guardian cats say "You Shall Not Pass, Dog!" by Mordhaus reached #3
Blues Brothers: Soul Man - SNL by bobknight33 reached #3
President Carter on Trump, Russia, and the Election by newtboy reached #3
CLAIRE, Put the dead squirrel down!!! by Mordhaus reached #3
First Class Bus Stop by eric3579 reached #3
Warehouses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) by w1ndex reached #4
Is this Obelisk Italy's Greatest Shame? by Mordhaus reached #4
Singing every note in the Star Wars theme (Voice Orchestra) by b4rringt0n reached #4
The World's First Solar Powered Train by Fantomas reached #4
A Good Starting Point for Learning to Play the Shenanigan by moonsammy reached #5
Dead Spot on Hisense Arena Explained by BSR reached #5
Nanowar Of Steel - Norwegian Reggaeton by Zawash reached #5
THE CURRENT WAR by Mordhaus reached #6
Stromboli eruption as seen from sailboat by Mordhaus reached #6
The Soviet Superplane That Rattled America by Mordhaus reached #6
Borderlands 3 - Claptrap Presents: Pandora by admiralronton reached #6
You Need to Know About This Ridiculous Fish by oritteropo reached #6
Vox Darkroom S1 E7:These photos ended child labor in the USA by ant reached #7
Mayfly invasion in Northeast Ohio by Mordhaus reached #7
The Loudest Voice - Trailer - Fox News by BSR reached #8
Father Rants Heavily About His Daughter's Eyebrows by Mordhaus reached #8

Top Comments

How many kids did they go through before getting the... by newtboy (7 votes)
Petulance and babyness? What does she think she's... by newtboy (4 votes)
The truth under Trump's administration is he has utterly... by newtboy (3 votes)
It certainly is baffling, I'm sure we can find all... by 00Scud00 (3 votes)
Living in Cape Canaveral during the space shuttle era... by BSR (3 votes)

Most Votes Cast

Tiger chase down bikers by C-note (31 votes)
Much Trampoline Bounce by eric3579 (28 votes)
When you get too Swole by Mordhaus (26 votes)
The Real Sound of Falcon Heavy STP-2 Launch+Booster Landing by oritteropo (25 votes)
Perfect Rally Selfie by newtboy (24 votes)

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