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The Cinnamon Challenge

While incredibly cruel, I couldn't help but laugh, then feel bad for laughing, then laugh some more.

I made this bet with my friends Chris and Frank. I actually got it down. But it is NOT worth it, despite winning $50.

The bet was 1Tbs of cinnamon in 1Min. No puking for 5Min.

It is horrible if you do get it down. Your throat burns, it is incredibly dry, and the next day....ohhh the next day, fire poop does not begin to describe it.


I love the question "why are you laughing?"
As if it's not completely obvious. But respect to the's usually the guys that try to wear their balls by doing stupid stunts like that. There's nothing hotter than a girl that's down to be dumb like me.


What's really sad is that after that first painful realization she walked AWAY from the tap to get a bottle of water from the fridge. That's got to be the no. 1 sign you're too invested in bottled water.


Still don't understand how American people associate idiocy -> pain -> comedy... I mean sure, I laughed at MTV's few Jackass tapes. But not when people actually get injured from creating situations beyond their control out from idiocy. Kick someone in the nuts = funny. Both testicles popped, he no longer produces sperms and testosterone = not funny.

Are we Americans THAT bored and dull in life to be amused by only the most ridiculous, dangerous and stimulating things that are always EVER SO CLOSE to actual hazard? Apparently yes...

Where's rembar's Picard facepalm when you need him?


We're not laughing simply because of the pain. We're laughing because of the surprising prevalence of incredibly unbridled idiocy. Note the number of Einsteins (this dumbass included) who do this "challenge" and make no effort to even avoid aspirating huge amounts of the dust. What the fuck did you think would happen!? Morons deserve to be laughed at and I just did until I nearly barfed. teehee


Legacy, I'd like to make a revision to your evaluation of potentially comical situations:

Kick someone in the nuts = funny
Both testicles popped, he no longer produces sperms and testosterone = REALLY f*cking funny

Furthermore why are you tethering only Americans (I'm assuming you meant United States Americans or North Americans) to the reality that somebody else's pain is, in some cases, very funny. ESPECIALLY when they can only blame themselves for their actions.


Yeah, I don't think the stereotype of Americans being ultraviolent is accurate. Just like all humans, I think we find humor in the relatability of human follies. That aside, I had a college buddy that came from Scotland, but before he flew into the States he thought the second he got off the plane there would be gangsters and gunmen running amuck. Imagine his suprise.


@blankfist & gluonium

I've got a bunch of non-American friends, and they didn't think it was that funny. They've chuckled at first and then stopped laughing, same exact reaction I had. To be fair, they were girls.

And you're right about physical comedy being a global thing (i.e. Japanese game shows). But like I said, there's a difference when you're looking at someone who is actually suffering. Not many find it all that humorous, even the Japanese.

Finding humor in someone who is 'suffering' from pain (with tears, etc), is pretty unique to our culture me thinks, unless alcohol is involved.


You need to watch more Japanese game shows. This is definitely not an American thing.

And women are different. Don't use them to judge another culture. They're usually too empathetic to enjoy somebody else's pain.


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