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Fever The Ghost - SOURCE

Don't Be A Jerk To Horses

PAgent says...

>>That was actually a very delicate way the horse used to get the girl to stop beating on it. I think >>the girl should be grateful that the horse was so calm and reserved in that situation.

I agree. For a 2,000 lb animal that instinctively kicks when irritated, that was a very gentle bit of correction.

Fan Made Live Action Thundercats Trailer

Street Car Removes the ice from the overhead lines

Amazing Eye Control

Zonbie (Member Profile)

How Not To Shoot A Gun

PORTAL: Chamber 14 in 5 Seconds - With Slo-mo Replay

Shape-shifting robot forms from magnetic swarm

The Cinnamon Challenge

PAgent says...

What's really sad is that after that first painful realization she walked AWAY from the tap to get a bottle of water from the fridge. That's got to be the no. 1 sign you're too invested in bottled water.

Wax and Coke Explosion

PAgent says...

If I had to guess, I'd say that this happens due to the same principle that causes grain elevators to explode from fine dust in the air. Any sufficiently flammable material, if it is in small enough particles and exposed to air, will combust. You can do it yourself by blowing a handful of flour into a candle flame. The only difference is you are generating a spray of droplets of flammable liquid, rather than flammable dust.

Instant "Hot Ice" Experiment

Dead Like Me: Mason's Death

Explosion. Someone PLEASE tell me what kind of gun that is.

Dark Star Trailer

PAgent says...

This is a classic piece of science fiction. If you can suspend disbelief long enough to get past the beach ball alien, and the muffin tin space suits, it's brilliant.

THIS is a movie that ought to be remade with current tech.

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