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News Anchor Quits on Air to go sell Weed

Naked Ambition on American Ninja Warrior

Israel bombs and kills children on beach, NBC pulls reporter

legacy0100 says...

wow... dangerous stuff being said here...

lantern53 said:

Palestinians fire rockets willy nilly in an attempt to kill any Jew. Jews fire rockets in attempt to kill terrorists firing rockets. Big difference. If Palestinians don't want rockets fired their way, stop firing your rockets.

Also, Turks hate Jews.

Australia in a nutshell.

Girl gets a reality check!

Shiba Inus are hard to train - this guy went over the top!

legacy0100 says...

Having owned a Jindo in my life I know how hard it is to train Asian Spitzes. Akida's, Jindo's and Shiba's are all descendants of Asiatic Spitzes, and they are more Wild dogs than domesticated pets. They are incredibly good at hunting and very energetic like the huskies. They are not apartment pets, meaning they need lots of free space to roam around. They are independent minded and get bored of trainings very easily.

For example, if you want to play fetch with them, they'll most likely get bored of the game after two fetches and start playing their own game, like you chasing after them to get the ball back. Same thing with the leash. Once they've escaped the leash they'll start playing 'catch-me-if-you-can' for as long as they want.

Having said all this, this guy in the video must have been one patient man, who gave the dog lots of love to earn its trust to be able to get this much training in. Respect!

Lily Allen Hits Out At Music Industry With New Song

Nation Throws Giant Temper Tantrum About Syria

How to Coil Cables

FedEx Responds

B.L.T. Pasta Recipe

Thug Notes - Great Expectations

legacy0100 says...

Hell yeah! And I too thought the ending was rather odd. I really couldn't figure out what "I saw no shadow of another parting from her." meant at first. Later I learned Dickens wanted the ending to be somewhat melancholic like his original ending, so people suspect he purposely played with words to suggest 'it's not all sugar hills and rainbow farms down this road'.

Bee and Puppycat Part 1

eye-catching arty techno vid / GESAFFELSTEIN - PURSUIT

Chinese chemist turned political comedian is hilarious

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