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Barney The Dino Gets Deflated - Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Stephen Colbert Dances to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"

Cop Car Runs Over Skateboarder!!!

10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer!

MycroftHomlz says...

With the fruit flies... Another trick is to fill a bottle with apple cider vinegar and then put a little soapy water in there. When the flies land on the surface the fly breaks the surface tension and falls in.

MMA fighter flips out when he sees his EA video game stats

Working Pair of Pliers Carved from Wood

Periodic Videos - Liquid Oxygen - In Slow Motion

Periodic Videos - Liquid Oxygen - In Slow Motion

New York to LA in 45 Minutes!!

Russian Bear Shows Off His Amazing Tricks

MycroftHomlz says...

that was incredible... People get all crazy about training animals tricks. There is no way that bear fears that guy if it does tricks like that.

Japanese Baseball Player Gives the Best Post Interview Ever!

You're not a scientist!

You're not a scientist!

Reckless Woman Throws Her Baby During a Bus Fight

MycroftHomlz says...

The other day my friend almost cut off his middle finger opening a soup can. He had to rush to hospital. At the time, he had his 1 year old in his other hand. She didn't even know he had cut himself.

You're not a scientist!

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