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Temper tantrum

skinnydaddy1 says...

my grandmother had a bird that would do that if she bought the wrong brand of food.

BSR said:

HA! I can hear it saying that one word after each throw. LOL

Next (clank) Time (clank) Dont (clank) Buy (clank) The (clank) Cheap (clank) Seed..... (clank)

Temper tantrum

EA - They're not loot boxes, they're surprise mechanics

Prove Apple wrong about data recovery and get banned

skinnydaddy1 says...

as an ex apple iphone support employee your not taught technical issues as much as how to be empathetic which as a very technical person drove me nuts because to be empathetic does not fix the issue your there to sell not support... i did not last long at the job... as such i do not own a single apple product or will ever recommend them..

It's full of...spiders

Ma, that's a crazy lokin' cat!

Adam Savage Incognito at New York Comic Con!

Rick and Morty - The Anime

"joy in the rain"

Wait for it

Who steals a cheese grater?

Justin Roiland's VO Tips

Giant Pacific Octopus totally engulfs scuba diver

Fearless Photographer Stands Up to Polar Bear

BlackFly - Flying Car

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