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Go Pro under a train going 75 MPH

pierrekrahn says...

I just goofed. It's been fixed.

lucky760 said:

Yeah, what gives, @pierrekrahn? That's seems an odd thing to do.

Are you a train engineer or did you do some diagnostics with this video to determine the true speed?

(And how did the guys doing the filming know the speed anyway?)

So many questions. So little time.

Go Pro under a train going 75 MPH

IQ quiz for idiots

pierrekrahn says...

I purposefully chose the wrong answer for each question (although the politician question doesn't seem to have an incorrect answer) and I managed to get 98, which is a negligible amount dumber than "average".

offsetSammy said:

100 is the lowest possible score. I'm fairly sure 134 is the highest, based on the fact that I'm almost positive I answered every question correctly.

Cop Says Obama Doesn't Follow Constitution, Neither Does He

Snake Plays Dead

pierrekrahn says...

Agreed the snake is probably terrified out of its mind, but executing people without a trial seems like a bit much.

Also, it's part of nature. Have you ever seen a cat bat a mouse around before killing it?

Jerykk said:

This is cruel and inhumane! The poor animal is terrified out of its mind. The humans should be arrested and executed without trial.

Serenading the Cattle with My Trombone

If they find it, they will play with it

If they find it, they will play with it

If they find it, they will play with it

Paper Airplane Goal!

Bill Murray crashes Bachelor Party and gives Marriage Advice

Harry Potter VS Star Wars

Earth Opening and Closing During Japan Earthquake of 2011

Guess what time it is!

These are people.

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