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Berlin tackles American crayfish invasion | DW News

Creepy guy shows how to eat an egg

"It's Raining Again" by Supertramp

makach says...

british? loved their music but always thought they were a sunny california band. go figure. *quality

He just wants to play

Return of the Turkish Ice Cream man

You're gonna need a bigger boat

Neko Case - Curse of the I-5 Corridor

DNA Animations

Plane Crash near Wonderboom, Pretoria, South Africa

Welcome to Marwen - Official Trailer 2

makach says... goes straight for dem feels.. gonna watch it regardless of knowing that I will be sitting there holding back my tears like only a man can hold anything back.

An Exclusive Club

Wicked heat wave in New York

Kimbra x Dawn - Version of Me

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reacts to President Trump and Putin

Inject your way to flavor

makach says...

first I thought I was in a parallel universe ala Rick and Morty style, then I started thinking about walking dead.

mesmerizingly nope, no way, disgusting.

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