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Paralympian Alana Nichols trolls Conan

OMNIA (Official) - Earth Warrior

makach says...

me too, deserved a post, pity so few find it as hilarious as I do, but probably not PC to laugh at them...?

newtboy said:

Came to see black metal bands eviscerate some hippies....just saw hippies. Disappointing.

OMNIA (Official) - Earth Warrior

David Ehrlich's 25 Best Films of 2018: A Video Countdown

Seth Raphael claims Randi's Million Dollar Challenge

Family slips on ice!

Amiga CD32 - Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 162)

Squirrel Obstacle Course

makach says...

someone link that video of a squirrel that gets its nuts stuck in a fence, or is that ... too soon?

Just because you can go fast, doesn't mean you should

Car attempts to hit motorcycle - bonus ending

MacArthur is credited as reviving the Republican...

What robbery?

Woman walking in front of news camera.

Dry Bar Comedy - this guy is hilarious

On the catwalk yeah

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