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Richard Dawkins - Discusses His New Book

hixsonj says...

I've heard him make some snarky comments (I think?) but I imagine it's probably due to people constantly asking him the same questions on religion, morality, the meaning of life, etc. But in most clips and interviews I've seen he remains pretty calm, direct and well spoken.

Roger Federer backwards no-look between the legs shot

Kanye Insults Taylor Swift at VMAs

hixsonj says...

Kanye is a talented producer and rapper, but he's let his ego get completely out of control. I stuck up for him for the longest time, but this was ridiculous. If you say you don't care about it or it's meaningless, just try to empathize with Taylor and how her moment in the sun was ruined. Maybe she deserved the award, maybe not, maybe it really doesn't matter at all, but it was still a dick move. He lost a lot of fans that night (myself included).

Statistical Probability of This Happening ≈ 0

Futurama: The scary door (all versions)

Eternal Moonwalk (Blog Entry by paul4dirt)

Wrestlers Want A Chair...They Get It

Michael Jackson debuts Moonwalk - 1983 Motown Show

Steven hawkins on his role on the simpsons

R&B BBQ commerical, Mr.Spriggs

Robozzle: The computer game that teaches you programming

Neil Patrick Harris' Magic Trick

Hulu Tube: Phasinig You Out of YouTube

hixsonj says...

This is pretty much the nature of the web. Sites rise and fall and their respective user communities usually respond pretty quickly to changes they don't like. Every few months Facebook decides to implement some new wacky feature and after everyone complains, they switch back or change it. I agree with kronosposeidon in that a change that drastic to youtube would probably cause a mass exodus to the smaller video sites, for better or worse.

New Meme: Auto-Tune the News

masturbation machine made from lego

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